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Video: Johnson skips shaking black hands at Tory conference

Could scarcely be more obvious…

Boris Johnson celebrated his speech at the Tories’ conference today by shaking every hand as he moved along the rows of party faithful.

Well, almost every hand – with just two conspicuous omissions:


Johnson has provoked outrage with pejorative comments about black people and African societies. In Black History Month, it seems the veneer hiding his racism is extremely thin and patchy.

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  1. It could possibly be coincidental as the two were clapping and made no effort to put their hand out. The people he shook hands with did stick out their hands.

    However, it does look suspicious as Johnson could have initiated instead.

    “… and there he is embracing his girlfriend Carrie Simmonds – not erm bothering [to shake the hands of the two black members he just walked right past]”
    If the MSM ignores that they all need sacking.

  3. The excuse will be that ‘The black chaps didn’t offer their hands but carried on clapping.’

    I remember the piss-poor excuses when ratbiter sewerez tried to dodge evra’s handshake a few years back.

    Boris is just as obvious here and the excuses will be as risible

  4. That’ll win him a load of votes in our “heartlands” from the people who claim to have been lifelong Labour voters but are now going to vote for fucking De Piffle (soz Toffee!).

    1. Harris Magusha charambeni.enjoyed reading about the school in Zimbabwe and day to day life.I have only visited once from the border town in the old Transvall,on route from Pretoria to Harare Zimbabwe .along what used to be called bomb alley…and in the early 80S it still was..lovley people who bravely fought to rid Afrika of white elitism andunbelievable cruelty.We all remember the support for white fascism from Margaret Thatcher and the Tory party.never forget!

  5. I think you misread what happened. Those two guys would never want to shake Johnson’s hand, so they keep clapping and look somewhere in the distance…

  6. They are paid employees to show a representative BAME contingent at the Conference ,, its obvious isn’t it or am I being a little too cynical …. nahh not at all

  7. Does a dog bark?..Boris piffel Johnson,was behaving true to his elitist background….simple as that for me and I would not expect anything else!.

  8. On ‘A Bit of Fry and Laurie’ from quite a few years ago:

    “If you ask me, they’ll be calling Hitler a racist next”

  9. And you wonder why there is so much racism in Britain when that TWAT OF A PRIME MINISTER WON’T SHAKE HANDS WITH THOSE TWO BLACK MEN IN THE FRONT ROW. People voted for this TORY TWAT and the rest of the cronies making other TORY TWATS all the richer.

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