Johnson refuses to take ANY televised questions from Welsh journalists as woeful start continues. #MayBot2?

New PM continues dire start to tenure as tour continues to misfire
Why would anyone want to keep this off camera…?

Boris Johnson’s woeful start to his tenure has continued, with the new PM attracting heavy criticism for refusing to answer any televised questions from journalists. Johnson has met with boos in England and Scotland, trended number one on Twitter yesterday after sneaking out of the back door from a meeting with Nicola Sturgeon in Edinburgh and was ‘welcomed’ to Wales by a pithy message in a South Wales supermarket.

Journalists noted Johnson’s cowardice on Twitter:

Johnson is now on his way to the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff for 6pm. It will be interesting to see how he is ‘greeted’ there by public and politicians.

Keeping Johnson away from microphones and cameras may have worked during his campaign to persuade a handful of Tory party members to vote for him as their new leader, but it will quickly backfire on him as PM, as Theresa May discovered to her cost.

Johnson is quickly becoming ‘MayBot2’

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  1. Tv’s up & down the nation will be grateful for the day off when they don’t have to show the imbecile exaggeratedly gesticulating & spouting his usual crap.

    He can stay off the telly for me. Saves me launching stuff at the screen.

  2. Boris strutting around the UK where he’s not welcome reminds me of the Orange order and Johnson’s DUP unionist supporters strutting around the Catholic streets banging drums and marching to the flute and pipes shouting no surrender!..Basically a group of racist bigots trying to show they are not frightened of the natives..just like the DUP unionist supporters,trapped in a time warp……and time running out for Johnson and the unionist supporters…Boris will soon be history just like the DUP and unionism

    1. I do not really believe that you are suggesting that Catholic Irish are ‘natives’ in some way that members of the Orange order aren’t.

    1. They are terrified,of the unknown the alian,and fear makes like a rabbid dog they are sorounded by us and they no nothing about our lives or our people and that’s Boris Johnson’s weaknesses.We shall exploit this and send him off to the US were all second rate actor’s find a home

  3. To quote Alphonse Karr the French journalist and writer – the more things change the more they stay the same.
    Borisbot has replaced Maybot Lol!

  4. Anyone who watches any london mayor footage of him at Mayors question time will see he is a complete affront to democracy. He not only refuses to answer any questions he brazenly patronises and belittles his questioners. We have reached another low

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