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Now longer video: GE19 sees its ‘Tranmere moment’ as huge crowd gathers to welcome Labour to BBCQT debate

Corbyn’s reception at Tranmere Rovers’ ground in 2017 fired rocket boosters under Labour’s campaign. Tonight’s BBC Question Time leaders’ special saw another Tranmere moment – as huge crowd gathered outside venue to welcome Labour leader
Corbyn speaks to Sheffield crowd

The defining moment and probably the turning point of the 2017 general election was Jeremy Corbyn’s appearance at a music event at Tranmere Rovers FC’s ground. Over twenty thousand young people roared for the Labour leader and the ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ chant was born.

Tonight saw what insiders and activists believe was the ‘Tranmere moment’ of the 2019 campaign – as a large crowd gathered on a cold, wet November evening outside the venue of this evening’s BBC Question Time leaders’ special to welcome Corbyn and responded in huge fashion as he spoke to them before going in:

Corbyn went on to win the Question Time programme by a distance, just as he did on ITV on Tuesday.

Dynamism, authenticity, excitement, vision and policies – the Labour general election campaign is sparking a groundswell of passion for change just as great as in 2017 and potentially greater.

And it is already being seen in the latest polls.

Game on. Change is coming. Vote Labour.

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  1. This is for White Flag Man: There are times when neutrality is the last position a Leader should adopt. One of them is when one of your most loyal MPs i.e. Chris Williamson is under attack from your enemies and another is when the country is being threatened with self harm through Brexit.

    1. And their are times when leadership and the neutral stance is the only way for a leader to do on a very divisive subject.Jeremy learns and follows the great Labour priminister Harold Wilson when he ramained neutral on the common market.Sometimes we can all learn to step back.

      1. In a referendum everybody gets one vote whether they are PM or servant. Tories complain the Nation needs to know how Corbyn will vote while at the same time saying his opinion is valueless.

    2. Paul it’s not about Corbyn’s vote in the referendum it’s about his influence on others in said referendum & his credibility to enact the result that is why he’s neutral,on top if that who says he’ll vote in the referendum anyway he may keep totally neutral & not vote at all.

  2. Forgive me if I post the following, but it’s just too absurd for words. I haven’t checked yet to see how much media coverage it got – and I actually first came across it either yesterday, or the day before, and then forgot about it – but I just came across it on the Daily Mail’s website whilst doing a search for something else. I mean if you haven’t heard about this, you just won’t believe it’s for real. But it is! Here’s the headline, and then the three sub-headlines, and then the first paragraph:

    Jewish campaigners accuse Jeremy Corbyn of ‘trying to underscore’ dead paedophile ‘Jeffrey Epstein’s Jewishness’ as Labour leader’s pronunciation of ‘Epschteen’ blows up into ANOTHER full-blown anti-Semitism row

    Corbyn accused of trying to make Epstein sound ‘more Jewish’ in TV debate
    He called the convicted sex offender ‘Epschteen’, sparking fury on social media
    Campaign Against Antisemitism attacked ‘bizarre … inconsistent pronunciation’

    Jewish campaigners tore into Jeremy Corbyn today after he mis-pronounced the name of notorious society paedophile Jeffrey Epstein in front of millions of people on live television.


    And who WERE these so-called ‘Jewish Campaigners’. Why, it was our good friends at the Campaign Against Antisemitism, and THIS is what is says in relation to THEM:

    A spokesman for Campaign Against Antisemitism said: ‘Jeremy Corbyn’s risible attempt to deceive viewers about his handling of Labour’s anti-Semitism crisis was compounded by his bizarre and inconsistent pronunciation of the Jewish surname of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, referring to him at one point as ”Epschteen”.

    ‘Mr Corbyn’s abhorrent record on Jews certainly raises questions as to whether the Labour leader was attempting to underscore Mr Epstein’s Jewishness.’


    And the DM have very kindly included a separate section entitled ‘Why are people saying ‘Epschteen’ is anti-Semitic?’ so as to help us all understand. How very very thoughtful of them! Oh, right, and they’ve got a video clip of it, but the sound appears to have been disabled!!

    PS It was probably just a simple case of Jeremy having not put his teeth in properly!

    1. No Allan like me Jeremy is of the Beatles generation . Their manager was the late Brian Epstein. His surname was pronounced by everybody at the time including the BBC exactly the way Jeremy pronounced Jeffrey Epstein’s surname – i.e. Epp – Stine.
      This complaint clearly has no foundation and trivialises antisemitism.
      I put this example of trivialising the scourge of Jew hate on a par with Margaret Hodges statement which trivialised the extreme suffering of Jews in the Nazi era by comparing the Labour party’s investigation into her unseemly conduct to the unspeakable horrors those tragic people endured in the 1930s and 40s. If anyone else had made such an unreasoned comparison they would have been rightly accused of holocaust denial,
      Shame on her and all those who trivialise antisemitism.It is so disrespectful of the victims of antisemitism over the centuries. Utterly disgusting

      1. Er, ‘no Allan’ what, Smartboy? What was there to disagree with?

      2. I just did a search to ascertain how much coverage the so-called mispronunciation of ‘epstein’ received, and ended up checking out what it said in a Sun article, and low-and-behold, they tell a Big Whopper in relation to Jeremy. And what they say is this:

        Corbyn was booed by the audience when he said the monarchy “needs a bit of improvement”.

        Needless to say, the Sun didn’t include a video clip of the bit in question, and for the obvious reason…… It didn’t happen like that at all, and in fact the audience laughed and clapped when Jeremy said it (or a large proportion of them did anyway), and then about five seconds later, when the audience is still clapping, you hear a couple of people boo, as if there was anything to boo about anyway!. And it’s odd how they waited for about five or six seconds before they did so, just as the clapping was starting to die down. Hmm……

        And needless to say, the Sun propagandists know that most Sun readers wouldn’t have watched the debate, and that they could get away with such a falsehood/fabrication AND deceiving their readers.

        Anyway, that particular bit starts at 46 mins 30 secs if you want to check it out for yourself:

      3. And Jeremy DIDN’T pronounce it as ‘Ep – Stine’, as you state in your post smartboy, he pronounced it ‘Ep – Steen’ (or Epschteen, as the DM would have it), and THAT was the whole point of the completely bogus and totally contrived accusations. I mean you couldn’t have got it more wrong if you’d tried!

    2. I seem to remember in the film Young Frankenstein, a whole variety of pronunciations of the Baron’s name were uttered, Frank-en-schteen being one of them.

      But then I guess the CAA would denounce Mel Brooks as a “bad” Jew!

    3. Well…misprunciation of a name is Anti semitic,it really is getting absurd On that warped lodgic Jeremy must be anti Catholic and anti Irish when he mispronounced my name at a CLP 1995.These crazey accusations only go to show the AS scam as what it is ,A big fraud.

      1. How did Jeremy mispronounce your name, just out of interest?

  3. It was front page ‘news’ in the Jerusalem Post and the impression was it originated there. They referred to making a Jewish person ‘other’. Currently there are questions on door step about racism and people want to hear of specific offences before they judge. A lot of it seems a bit OTT, even hysterical and yet still there is nothing specific.

    1. These questions undoubtedly originate in the Israeli Embassy and are given to plants in the BBC. I noticed that Alison Pedley Fuller is still the audience producer!

    2. Can you say Paul what making a Jewish person “other” means? I have never heard it before in my life.

      1. It simply means ‘foreign’ or ‘different’ I imagine. ‘The Other’ is the expression the Post uses. I thought the ‘angry man’ worried about his daughter in a Labour run UK was way OTT. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say that but it is my opinion. It was hard to imagine exactly how his daughter would be at ‘risk’ unless he was thinking if the supposed ‘camps being planned in the St. Albans area’ which I don’t think are true. A pity we didn’t hear from any Muslim women who might be afraid of Johnson as PM; that would have balanced the debate a little.

      2. Thanks Paul . It just doesn’t make sense to me. A criminal is a criminal and his or her ethnic origin is irrelevant.

  4. I think it’s a unhealthy obsession with sex, “the other” smartboy which is as accurate and truthful as the Anti semitic scam and should be treated as such.More importantly ,When does this crook Benny the dip whos probably behind much of the AS scam get his rightfull place in History as the first isreali PM to do time for fraud and taking bribes..

  5. They obviously hate Corbyn more than they hate nonces.

    Fuckin wrong’uns

  6. Then again…


    Sir Jimmy Savile (dec’d), linked to organised paedophilia & trafficking, ‘Friend of Israel’

    Edwina Currie, linked to organised paedophilia/trafficking & cover-up, ‘Friend of Israel’

    Dame Esther Rantzen, linked to organised paedophilia/trafficking cover-up, ‘Friend of Israel’

    Sarah Caplin, (Rantzen’s cousin), linked to organised paedophilia/trafficking cover-up, ‘Friend of Israel’

    Nick Ross, linked to organised paedophilia/trafficking cover-up, ‘Friend of Israel’

    Sir Leon Brittan, linked to organised paedophilia/trafficking & cover-up, ‘Friend of Israel’

    Lord William Hague, linked to organised paedophilia/trafficking cover-up, ‘Conservative Friends of Israel’

    Louis Minster, linked to organised paedophilia & trafficking, ‘Friend of Israel’

    Wilfred Krichefski (dec’d), linked to organised paedophilia & trafficking, ‘Friend of Israel’

    Max Clifford (dec’d), linked to organised paedophilia cover-up, ‘Friend of Israel’

    Dame Shirley Porter, linked to organised paedophilia/trafficking cover-up, ‘Friend of Israel’

    Westminster Cllr Robert Davis, linked to organised paedophilia, ‘Friend of Israel’

    Westminster Cllr Sir Simon Milton (dec’d), linked to organised paedophilia, ‘Friend of Israel’

    Dr Julian Lewis MP, linked to organised paedophilia & cover-up, ‘Friend of Israel’

    Lady Gillian Shephard, linked to paedophilia cover-up, ‘Conservative Friends of Israel’

    Dame Margaret Hodge MP, linked to organised paedophilia/trafficking cover-up, ‘Friend of Israel’

    Sir Henry Hodge (dec’d), linked to organised paedophilia facilitation, ‘Friend of Israel’

    Jeffrey Epstein, linked to organised paedophilia/trafficking, ‘Friend of Israel’

    Lord Paul Boateng, linked to organised paedophilia/trafficking cover-up, ‘Labour Friends of Israel’

    Ghislaine Maxwell, linked to organised paedophilia/trafficking conspiracy, ‘Friend of Israel’

    Sir Clement Freud (dec’d), linked to organised paedophilia & trafficking, ‘Friend of Israel’

    Sir Malcolm Rifkind QC, linked to organised paedophilia/trafficking cover-up, ‘Conservative Friends of Israel’

    Lord Greville Janner (dec’d), linked to serial paedophilia, ‘Friend of Israel’

    Lord Alexander Carlile, linked to paedophilia cover-up, ‘Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel’

    Alison Levitt QC, linked to paedophilia cover-up, married to ‘Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel’ Lord Alexander Carlile

    Lord Daniel Finkelstein, linked to paedophilia denial, ‘Friend of Israel’

    Daniel Janner QC (son), linked to paedophilia denial, ‘Friend of Israel’

    Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner (daughter), linked to paedophilia denial, ‘Friend of Israel’

    Lord Michael Howard QC, linked to organised paedophilia cover-up, ‘Friend of Israel’

    John Bercow MP, linked to organised paedophilia/trafficking cover-up, ‘Conservative Friends of Israel’

    Leo Abse MP (dec’d), linked to paedophilia, ‘Friend of Israel


    I don’t suppose that’s an exhaustive list, neither.

    1. But as MOST politicians and journalists are committed to Israel and promoting its lobby its not surprising that a % are sex offenders; a % are also fraudsters and crooks?

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