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8 out of 10 from 30,000 ITV viewers said Corbyn won Leaders’ Debate

Massive sample size – and overwhelming verdict

ITV viewers have responded en masse when the station asked who they thought had won the televised leaders’ debate this evening.

And their decision was emphatic.

Of just under 30,000 respondents – a massive sample – 78%, a shade under eight out of ten, made Corbyn their clear winner:

The verdict could hardly be clearer – from a group of respondents that dwarfed the 1200 or so used by YouGov and Sky News. Of course, that isn’t stopping the Establishment media from trying to claim it was a draw.

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  1. Absolutely correct – Jeremy won by a country mile! That hasn’t stopped the BBC and others saying he didn’t.
    I remember something similar happened last time but people know what the saw and listened to and all the spin in the world won’t alter that.

  2. Pulling out the almost wholly redacted, so-called, ‘Freedom of Information’ (!) document on prime time TV was a masterstroke. As was the quick fire retort about ‘coalition of chaos’.

    Good job JC.

    1. Masterpiece!!! That bit. BRILLIANT!!! But needed repetition / reiteration. May feel strange to some speakers like Jeremy, but is vital for traction on the widest audience possible. When some feel they’ve said something once or repeated too much (not BloJo), to many listners (not political followers like us) some multitasking listeners, preoccupied by a crumbling NHS, outsourced DWP, outsourced probation service, army recruitment, hospital cleaning, school meals, Branson’s Virgin Health suing the already flogged off NHS, and like Carillion, diverse CRUCIAL state services managed by ONE company‼️‼️‼️ They are raking it in while delivering death and destruction eg DWP’s Universal Credit, Body Parts Scandal, Unbuilt Hospitals, Waterways NOT dredged, Auditors NOT auditing properly, hence the collapsing big businesses while directors walk away with multi millions… YES a LONG list MUCH shortened. The scandals are many. They need to be highlighted at EVERY opportunity, repeated until even those asleep can know them.

  3. BBC pushing the line of ‘both did badly’. Which is what they do when they can’t promote Johnson.

    1. precisely! you’ve got it. So expect to hear Prof SIR John Curtis everywhere, TOTALLY at odds with the views of the public like the LBC twitter poll that woke Iain Dale up to a prickly state. BRILLIANT!!!

  4. What a biased studio setup – given two names it is usual to place them in alphabetical order and alongside each other- Corbyn’s ‘back of audience’ camera lined up to have rear revolving glass plates as a distraction – side camera only on Corbyn with long shot to make him look at a distance – also turns the floor square into an oblong with same effect – the dual portraits not quite the same size – well of course it was ITV

  5. Johnson came across as unhinged, Corbyn wasn’t perfect but much the best of the two, I do wish Jeremy would now and again be more forceful, he tends to not react to insults or smears which left unchallenge tend to stick.

    1. I think its Jeremy’s refusal to retaliate and engage in the exchange of personal insults that endears him to many people.
      In relation to mud sticking he’s been called a communist a Stalinist, a Marxist, a Trot, an antisemite, a terrorist supporter, a pacifist , a threat at to the security of the nation ,and spy. He also finds time to make jam. I wonder how he fits it all in LOL

    2. Agreed. A bit more anger/passion when relating the tale of the poor woman what died of breast cancer wouldn’t have gone amiss.

      Also on the Brexit question that the gobshite insisted Corbyn answer should’ve been met with Corbyn reminding everyone that de piffle only made up it’s mind when it could see a way to become pm.

    3. Exactly why the AS and other lies run on and on. They are never dealt with straight up. WHERE’s the evidence⁉️ Exactly: who what when where why who else present, context, etc etc, First hand accounts not hackneyed emotional anecdote. Go to the police‼️ Did you go to the police??? What exactly was the outcome? How many found innocent? ARE THE GUILTY TORIES?

      Historically the Tories were, and still ARE the gross repositories of racist. EVERYONE knows that. Yet JC and team give wet wet WET silence then repeat turgid supine mush without establishing facts. That feeds liars to continue DELIBERATELY stirring worry in a few while trampling on the memory of ALL who suffered before.

      Tiresome apologies for unproved allegations and words, WORDS and pronunciations YES PRONUNCIATIONS, just heard a chap in Talkradio whining accusation JC AS because of the way he said EPSTEIN‼️ I kid you not. Chap said Johnson pronounced Epstein properly…the way Americans do. Seriously. Funny that. Chap said as JC used original pronunciation of EPSTEIN, JC was trolling Jews. SO, how are the spirit sapping apologies doing?

      Still JC’s team persist in pandering to one aimed shameless reckless hypocrites who police words, while ignoring physical assaults, death and destruction, seizing of lands abroad, subjugation of hosts. Heartless ingratitude that shames in the extreme. Yet the pathetic apologies persist, for words and hysterical disingenuous interpretations which trump facts.

      We will win this GE but it is unbearable to imagine the tiresome lack of clear reasoned and reasonable robustness to these vile slanders, will go on and on.

      1. Epstīne like skid-marked underwear… NOT clean… like dirty Calvin Kleīn , like twīne, crīme slīme … you do say latrine … so can see the nano tiny whiney desperation of the usual slanderers.

        What straws will they next desperately clutch before 12 December??? They have NO sense of proportion. NO sense of natural justice. ZERO‼️ ZILCH‼️‼️Peddling their inflated nothingness to their ever receptive MSM clique.
        They are base petty foggers‼️‼️‼️

        With all the homelessness and exploitation of the many, the few snakes scream and cry about words, interpretations and now PRONUNCIATIONS. Not how awful the plight of the victims. No. judge them by their burning concerns, how JC pronounced the name of a convicted child sex trafficker. Think about it. It shows all you need to know of how low they are happy to go.

        Their new obsession: Demands and instructions re: Pronunciation of EPSTEIN a child trafficker CLOSE friend for at least THIRTY YEARS-of TORY PRINCE ANDREW. EPSTEIN a guest at Buckingham Palace, Windsor, Sandringham, Balmoral etc etc.
        EPSTEIN whom TORY de PiffleJohn neither demands “stiff sentences” nor “increased stop and search” to find evidence of “crime by association” dealt out to the poor, especially ethnic minorities. Why does the Tory false image of “Law and Order” not extend to associates, firm friends, “guests of honour” at Epstein’ parties as Prince Andrew was??? Why not??? Because they are all of a type. Above the law, they think. Dirty DIRTY dodgers of justice.

        So i say, when the embarrassingly desperate usual suspects, dredge their cesspits to moan about the pronunciation of the TORY loving paedophile INTERNATIONAL child trafficker Epstein, ask them, how do you think his patents would have pronounced it? Would they have cared? Entombed between them now, he is rotting … or is that rutting? Such is his proclivity, possibly both.

  6. If, as the establishment claims, JC is so deeply unpopular compared with Doris, then a draw must mean a landslide win for JC.

  7. I think the only report I read supporting Corbyn was in the Huffington post…..Great 👍 I thought then the BUT and it went downhill from there To sum up because Johnson’s performance was Johnson,and corbyn was Corbyn then neither were fit for the office of PM.The fact that we are not electing a president did not seem to penetrate the minds of the journalists and to expect a balanced report on a Socialistl leader of the
    Labour party in a socialist revival to be given any chance of getting elected is stretching the bias of our wonderful MSM.I hope that this idea of debates of judging the partys on the ability to perform a good act on any individual personal performance is contained to the American presidential elections were it came from.Policy please not personalitys.!

    1. Dear Joseph, what timing! deleted my huffington post app yesterday. Needed space, Almost 6yr old phone’s 128GB memory only has 9 GB free. Had not opened Huff post for about 5 years. Redundant unused FAILED stuff must go. So must failed timid approach re sorting out of vexatious foul accusers of interpretations of WORDS. Their use and hot off the press this AM on Talkradio, and possibly every other MSM the use pf original pronunciations are AS. We must pronounce EPSTEIN as BloJo properly does… like the Americans.

      Would would LOVE to hear what Epstein’s parents think of that! He was buried between them. Just what are they prioritising for their chats in the tomb? That they want their name to fit The American Dream? OR: son, do tell us more about ALL the passengers on your “LOLITA EXPRESS”. What was your “paedo island” really like? And your CONVICTION for SEX TRAFFICKING. UNDERAGE CHILDREN TRAFFICKED INTERNATIONALLY for the use of Randy Sweat-free Andy S-C-Gotha. Tell us my son Epstein how did you get friends “too honourable”… like your Prince Andrew❓❓❓ And isn’t it lovely to hear that Boris Johnson pronounce our name in the new American way❓

    2. “I think the only report I read supporting Corbyn was in the Huffington post”

      Uh? I went through the headlines and leaders. Apart from the usual suspects of the Daily Bile & Bum etc., although not necessarily wildly cheering Corbyn, they tended to be even less complimentary towards Johnson. Compared to some of the stuff thrown at Corbyn in the past, this was nothing, even though his performance wasn’t stellar.

      What did you expect?

      1. RH …I live in hope….and realise that many ordinary people are.relying on a Labour party to Win…that’s what I expect and hope that some news outlets might realise how dangerous for the people mr Johnson is and print the truth….thats hope,some cynic might say stupid.. but I would say hope is just a common desire to see the best in people and to be inspired to change.!

  8. Ps the above we are electing a PM not a President….I would dearly love to elect a president of a Republic in Britain.!

  9. I wish Jeremy would get a pair of glasses that fit properly – on previous occasions they’ve been constantly slipping down his nose – last night at least they stayed put, but they were lopsided.
    Crooked glasses make people look a bit Benny Hill. It’s a simple thing but impressions count.
    Doris on ‘truth’ was more than a bit Benny Hill.
    This morning the BBC is calling it a draw. Pffft.
    If Doris came second in a gunfight they’d still call it a draw in his eulogy.

    They at least called out CCHQ’s Twitter account this morning for calling itself Fact Check yesterday.
    They’re still calling their own propaganda department BBC Reality Check – which is obviously where the Tories got the idea in the first place.

  10. Very sad 😢 but we do our best to educate the public,but somtimes I wonder how long before the penny drops?

  11. This isn’t a ‘sample’ – it’s a self-selection. Which is why the result is even less credible than the YouGov one.

    1. Everyone who participates in polls self-selects. The vast majority don’t respond therefore polls are only representative of the fucking weirdos who’ve got nothing better to do than tell anyone who’ll listen what they think.
      Hang on a second…

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