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‘Alexa, write me a manifesto’: GMB’s brilliant new video nails Johnson’s political and moral vacuum

Superb general election video by Labour union exposes Johnson ahead of Tory manifesto publication

A brilliant campaign video just issued by the GMB union paints to perfection the walking moral and political vacuum that is Boris Johnson.

In the video, a rambling Johnson turns to a home smart device for help with the Tories’ general election manifesto – but when the smart(er than him) device asks for input so it can help, Johnson has little to offer but the price of a bottle of champagne and some ‘inaudible waffle’ – so Alexa suggests the idea of doing ‘more of the same’.

More cuts, more insecurity, more low wages, more callousness – more tax cuts for the rich and more evasiveness, concealment and dishonesty:

This is a masterpiece in political campaigning – because it’s so true. Not a bit of it would surprise anyone – and it deserves to be watched by every UK voter. Bravo GMB.

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  1. Excellent video – just added a link with accreditation to the post I am about to publish on my own blog.

  2. ” the walking moral and political vacuum that is Boris Johnson”

    The problem, however, is getting that perception to cut through. At the moment, not enough people are listening, and are bound up in the idea of Johnson – despite that vacuity – being ‘more of a leader’ than Corbyn.

    The twattery of Toad has been explicitly factored in by a lot of people – even by those who recognise Corbyn as the more decent human being.

    Never take statements about wanting ‘better’ politicians etc. at face value. It’s often just an excuse for letting the brain go walkabout and pretending to have an organ of thought.

  3. Have just turned off ‘Question Time’ after 3 minutes – out of respect for my blood pressure.

    What is the point of collecting a large proportion of fuckwits together to parade their fuckwittery as a pretence for political debate?

    1. Update : I was told to turn QT back on and not be an irritable dictator.

      As a consequence, I caught a fair bit of Nicola Sturgeon’s questions, and the input of Scots in the audience somewhat modified my assessment of the proportion of fuckwits present. There is certainly a change in many ways when you cross the border – even allowing for the fact that the SNP gets an easy ride in this electoral scenario, and that Sturgeon is a very good performer.

      Now – the blood pressure goes up with Swinson and her inability to handle Brexit, and also playing the card of fake ‘antisemitism’ that is the mark of political scum.

      Do I find something else to do before Mr Toad appears?

  4. AT LAST
    Jeremy Corbin clearly states that if there is a Labour government he will adopt a neutral stance on the referendum (aka the Wilson Doctrine).

    1. Great (You’ll gather that I didn’t have the endurance to find it out for myself). I reckon he’s had some crap media advice – it was obviously the stance to take in the circumstances, and should have been nailed from the start. Not rocket science.

      1. You really should take the time to watch it Richard, Corbyn’s section was the first 30 minutes.

        Corbyn also reconfirmed without any ifs or buts that he would adopt a neutral stance at the end of his allotted time. His statement was absolutely unambiguous with zero wriggle room.

        Boris won’t be on until 20:30, he must be shitting himself after Jeremy’s performance. (Swinson is on at 20:00)

      2. I am recovering my equanimity somewhat by watching Swinson getting the bird that she truly deserves : a picture of disintegrating political incoherence.

        I will try to catch up on the Corbyn slot when I am feeling benevolent enough towards the format of QT …

        … and now Johnson pfiffling …

    2. Consistently and pointedly refusing to answer the MSM’s questions itself seemed to me a pretty clear statement that he intended to remain neutral.
      I was never in doubt and I don’t imagine you were either.
      Was he perhaps guilty of crediting the public with more intelligence than the evidence supported – or may he just have felt letting the media focus on that was the least of a number of evils?

      1. It *may* have been a conclusion to be drawn – but it would never have been drawn by the MSM.

        My point is that an earlier, unambiguous clarification of the ‘Wilson position’ would have kicked the ambiguity allegation into touch.

  5. Smartboy
    You were right i was wrong
    Magic Grandad smashed it out of the park
    Im a happy lad

    1. The Lad done well. (Thanks, Steve, for recommending perseverance)

      There were only two adults in the cast : Corbyn and Sturgeon.

      Johnson wasn’t anywhere near. You’d have to be stupid to vote for him (if you weren’t a plutocrat). But – beware – there are plenty of the irremediably stupid around. They can decide elections.

      1. The program’s format led to a much more informative experience than the CH4 format did.

  6. Haven’t recorded QT so can’t prove anything – did it seem to anyone else that Jeremy covered about three times more information than the others? I thought he was relentless, always on point and a fount of encyclopaedic knowledge.

    Sturgeon & Mrs. Wiggum – meh.

    Doris on the other hand is having a bad night – there are maybe 200 people in the audience and half of them are poking him with sticks.
    Mostly deafening silences – virtually the only applause was for the audience members ripping him to bits.

    The BBC seems to have added some canned applause for the replay and they’re now trying to spin it as a less decisive Corbyn win than anyone with eyes and a brain could see it was.

  7. Admittedly I am biased but listening to the radio phone in after QT I was amazed how many people said either they didn’t trust Mr Corbyn or didn’t believe any politician,”they are all the same,just in it for themselves”. Having watched the debate I fail to understand how that charge can be levelled at either Mr Corbyn or Ms. Sturgeon on last nights evidence( or indeed their track record). I would suggest those comments either reflect the effect of the brainwashing the MSM has undertaken or that people don’t like their lot in life but are only prepared to moan and blame but unwilling to trust those that sincerely want to make life better for them. Those cynical careerists with a Labour background,Austin,Woodcock,Umunna et al have a lot to answer for. See Hoeys article in Today’s Times for further evidence.

  8. Is this the same GMB who spent years and many £millions preventing Glasgow City Council’s female workers from getting on a par with male colleagues as regards equal pay? And did the Scottish GMB leader at the time go on to become Labour’s top man in Scotland?

    And was his name Richard Leonard?

    Why, I do believe it was.

    1. And the same GMB that supports nuclear weapons that threaten our very survival. And the GMB also demanded that the police crack down on anti-fracking demonstrators.

      1. Inconvenient facts are always the most telling. They can be juxtaposed alongside the outlandish hypocrisy seen during any election campaign. Caveat: I am a Socialist who felt there was a choice and who felt represented once, as a 20-year-old voter in 1979.

        But that was 40 years ago.

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