Video: Jeremy Corbyn’s manifesto launch speech in full

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s powerful speech to introduce Labour’s manifesto to transform a nation:

Jeremy Corbyn’s manifestor launch speech in full (picture quality improves as speech starts)

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  1. Great speech & he dealt with media questions brilliantly!
    Tonight on the BBC QT they will go for Jeremy for not saying if he supports Leave or Remain?
    JC just needs to say he is trying to UNITE Leave & Remain citizens and some social media posts by citizens on both sides are tragic – they seem to hate each other!
    If JC takes one side he at a stroke instantly DISUNITES citizens.
    Be proud to do a Harold Wilson JC, keep out of the campaign after negotiating a Better Brexit then carry out the result!
    Say it simple & Labour will win!
    They will also go for JC on the extra £83b borrowing annually up to 2024 but this will be met by taxes on the rich & big business corporations who get £121b in tax cuts so cost neutral.
    As the BBC economics editor said this is at the same levels as Germany and the European average!
    There will be an extra £57b of borrowing (at record low interest rates) for things like Labour’s council housing programme which up to 2024 will be £285b to stimulate the economy.
    But to put this into perspective since 2010 the Tories have spent £435b on quantitative easing -THE TORY ELECTRONIC MAGIC MONEY TREE which has only kept the economy static!
    Go for it JC!

    1. I don’t see what he has to lose by saying “I won’t take sides. I’m staying neutral”. As is often the case (eg the failure to stand his ground on the AS rubbish), I’m mystified by his reticence. Or is there some cunning strategy at work?

      Beats the fuck out of me!

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