Video: Boris Johnson booed out of Addenbrooke’s hospital

Agitated PM flees angry NHS staff, patients and supporters. Establishment media reports visit as if it didn’t happen

Boris Johnson fled after a visit to Addenbrooke’s hospital today as angry staff, patients and NHS supporters booed.

One staff member asked, “What the **** did he think was going to happen?!”

The BBC and other media reported the visit, but ignored the booing.

Related: see a brave young medical student describe why Johnson was booed and how she was physically pushed away for trying to ask him a question here.


The country is telling Boris Johnson what it thinks. No efforts of the complicit Establishment media can hide it.

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  1. Johnson advocates jumping out of the EU pan into the fire lit by his friend Trump. No thanks!

  2. The BBC has jumped on the Daily Mail narrative and accuses Corbyn of “starting a Class War”. This was such a terrible thing the woman presenter was almost incoherent with rage. She justified her attack on the basis “Corbyn advocates higher taxes on the rich”. It’s hard to win against this lot!

    1. Yeah, I listened to that too, and they dredged up some tabloid reading hag in Harrow to call JC a communist to boot. Something must be done about the fake news bbc

    2. the Irony here is the estabishment are class warriors par excellence, what is austerity?politics of envy is another MSM favourite when someone threatens elite interests

  3. What a ridiculous situation we are in, the very people who would most benefit from a Labour government just don’t seem to realise they are brainwashed into not voting them into government.
    Despicable that biased twisted reporting from the BBC re-inforces this.

  4. This toxic and rotten charlatan will accuse Corbyn and everyone else who disagrees with him and his disgusting government of everything that he is himself. It is the Tories that started the class war, and if they get back in they have every intention of continuing it and making it even worse.

  5. I live two miles from Addenbrookes – a hospital that has saved my life more than once and delivered my children. I hate what this government is doing to it and others, and I am very glad to see that staff showed their most appropriate contempt for this utter charlatan who would privatise all health care and hand it over to US corporations. I only hope that some contempt is held in Cambridge for their enablers, the Lib Dems.

  6. Corbyns not popular and BloJob is way ahead in the “polls” so we’re told as crowds sing Oh Jeremy Corbyn and Boo BloJob lol if you ever needed proof polls are there to influence not inform

    1. Polls aren’t the problem. The inherent ownership and biases of the media is – coupled with the gullibility and compliant cluelessness of a significant proportion of the population. Nobody forces the purchase of the bog paper press and the patent propaganda they contain.

      1. Precisely why we should declare now that we intend to enact retrospective legislation imposing truth and impartiality on all the MSM – and fight it out with them now, as the election approaches.
        The argument that democracy is too important for such a powerful propaganda machine to be in the hands of so wealthy and so few is easy to make – but it’s almost impossible to have it heard any time but now.

  7. Remind the fuckers what Cummings glove puppet thinks of business when it suits his naked ambition and that of his disaster master supporters

  8. Really simple. If this loser visits a place near you just start singing “Oh Jeremy Corbyn!” It is really hard to block out that distinctive tune and it will drive blow hard Blowjo insane. This total humiliation would be far better than booing!

  9. just read VAZ SUSPENDED , what a great day Halloween is turning out to be , Johnson dead in a ditch , and booed out of NHS , great speech from Corbyn and all we now need is Chris Williamson reinstated

  10. Need to challenge party on Universal Credit
    It’s a perfectly good system in the wrong hands, another hostile environment created by cheap and nasty Tory party
    It answers the biggest challenge in Welfare Benefits by making work pay, including voluntary work
    In the right hands it reinforces the safety net
    Whereas Universal Income is the latest fashionable catch all solution to all our problems, that will bankrupt us

    1. Doug, it’s not so much our present, more our future problems that universal income might help to solve, despite trials having had limited success.
      AI/robotics is coming and the ‘unemployed’ will no longer be able to be blamed for their own unemployment as has always been done by the establishment.
      It doesn’t take much intellect to understand that the jobs available are far fewer than the jobless despite the figures being massaged.
      It never was reasonable to blame the unemployed for unemployment – no society that fails to provide for all its members has the moral right to impose poverty on those excluded from the benefits of the unequal system it enforces, in the final analysis, at the point of a gun.

      1. AI/robotics is coming and the ‘unemployed’ will no longer be able to be blamed for their own unemployment as has always been done by the establishment.

        BUT…they still will be…

      2. marty, “But they still will be”
        Agreed, but there will come a time when the sheer numbers of increasingly-resentful unemployed will make democracy an unacceptable risk to the privileged few.
        Police and military personnel are selected largely for their unquestioning acceptance of the establishment view of society.
        Taking steps to influence those personnel toward a more egalitarian view before the time comes that our masters desire the suppression of our protests would seem a sensible precaution.

    1. Doug, I suspect I may not be the only old fart unaware of the meaning or the point of your various single-letter comments.
      I may have missed the memo about the 26 standard brilliant responses reduced to single letters – if so I wonder if you’d be kind enough to update me since you appear to be the only person here fully up to speed?
      My response to them so far is mild irritation. If you’re the inventor of this sensational new internet code and excluding the incognoscenti was your intent then well done, good job.
      However many others understand them perfectly I’d still argue that we have an excellent means of communication in English and on a forum where messages are not priced by the letter there seems little point in depriving anyone of the benefit of your wisdom by the use of such B.

  11. Trump just weighing in attacking Corbyn but also saying Johnson’s Brexit Deal not good for USA trade deal!
    Oh well this is a USA President who used political blackmail against the Ukraine President unless he tried to find some dirt which could help Trump against Joe Biden a potential Democrat Presidential Rival – so perhaps re Trump it is “Lock him up! Lock him up!”
    Tories are right is a class war BY THEM and has been for 9 years when they and Lib Dems brought in austerity but both first gave tax cuts to the rich and big business TO PROTECT THEM FROM AUSTERITY so austerity was and is only for working people!
    Then Osborne to make up for loss tax revenue from big business increased VAT to make working people pay!
    Tories and Lib Dems gave £145m tax cuts to hedge funds then hedge funds donated £50m to the Tories!
    A late socialist Labour MP (Joan Maynard) in the 1980’s used to say the Tories don’t preach class politics they are too busy practising them!
    ‘Not for sale! Not for sale!”

  12. Solidarity forever!
    Solidarity forever!
    Solidarity forever!
    And we want our NHS back!

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