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Video: Johnson shredded by flooded residents as real leader Corbyn wipes floor with him

Tory leader called liar by plain-speaking Yorkshire folk during belated appearance in flooded area – and met with cries of ‘Where ya been? You took your time!’

Boris Johnson eventually made his way to flood-ravaged South Yorkshire today, only to be met by accusations of dragging his feet, derision for his claim to have been ‘on it round the clock’ (apart from being pictured pulling pints at PR stunts, of course) – and accused directly of lying in his promises to the area.

Johnson was shredded by straight-talking residents – including one woman who refused even to pause to speak to him and made her feelings abundantly plain – with one group hammering the squirming Tory about the 50% cuts that have crippled the ability of Doncaster council to help in the crisis:

Jeremy Corbyn, by contrast, was in the area twice before Johnson got there the first time, meeting local people and being warmly welcomed.

The flooding is a tragedy for the South Yorkshire folk affected. The drastically different responses of the two party leaders showed who is really fit to be leading a country in crisis.

So great was the contrast – both in the measure of the men and their statesmanship and in the response of residents to them – that the Independent‘s cartoonist Dave Brown showed Corbyn literally mopping the floor with him in a biting, brilliant take:

The flooding is a tragedy for the South Yorkshire folk affected. The drastically different responses of the two party leaders showed who is really fit to be leading a country in crisis.

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  1. We can continue sniping at the ‘Dangerous Clown’ as much as we want and we can try and divert attention from Brexit all day long but our fortunes are still being hampered by our crazy policy on Brexit. I keep hearing the comment ‘that’s what we decided’ WELL DAM WELL UNDECIDE IT.

    Voters want simple, straight forward policies which they can understand and accept or reject. They don’t want…. if this, if that, if the other.

    Voters are not thick, as Leavers often try imply is the view of Remainers. They want clear cut policies by which they can hold Parties to account.

    By no metric will any form of Brexit be good for Britain and that knowledge should be and should have always been the touchstone upon which we make our Brexit decision. The Lexiters in our Party could cost us the election.

      1. SteveH, two points, you only get that choice if Labour win but there are many voters who say they don’t understand Labour’s position, thereby damaging Labour’s chances.

        Point two: 80% of Labour members support Remain.

      2. Interesting analysis by John Curtice :

        “Where they [Labour] have demonstrated Blairite moderation is the one issue on which you shouldn’t demonstrate Blairite moderation, as it won’t get you anywhere.”

    1. It must be bloody awful to be an aware Labour Party member in Derby North – hung out to dry by the NEC in an election where we need every possible constituency.

      The parachuting in of a tourist candidate adds insult to injury – but, let’s face it, they wouldn’t find a decent local candidate. By definition.

    2. SteveH. ‘Not understanding Labour’s Brexit policy’ has two connotations. Either not understanding the actual policy as many on the vox pops have said or it can mean not understanding WHY Labour has produced such a hairbrained policy.

      The reason WHY is obvious to some. They have done it to pacify the Lexiters and MPs who would rather capitulate to Farage and the right wing than take the time to explain to their constituents why Brexit is going to leave the country worse off. Leaving the EU at the moment in any circumstances is crazy and Labour should have the courage to tell it like it is to voters, rather than be hobbled by Lexiter little Englanders.

      If we lose this election, it will be mainly this single policy and those who forced it’s adoption to blame.

  2. Owen smith….who?I thought that looser had gone to the big pharma in the sky……didn’t realise he had a fan base ….any fan must have a credibility problem alone being a mythical last Owen smith supporter

  3. Jack T 13/11/2019 at 11:09 pm

    “you only get that choice if Labour win”
    That’s sort of obvious really. All the more reason to vote Labour then.

    “there are many voters who say they don’t understand Labour’s position, thereby damaging Labour’s chances.”
    The policy is simple enough for a child to understand. As for all the false consternation about whether Labour will back their negotiated deal for a soft Brexit or Remain, it doesn’t really matter one way or t’other does it. It is not Labour MPs who will be voting on behalf of their constituents is it. It will be up-to each individual voter to make up their own mind, it’s their decision that will count not their Labour MP’s opinion. An MPs vote in a referendum has exactly the same value as every other citizen, no more and no less.

    Labour will simply be saying to the electorate – It really is your choice, you decide. I can’t see why anyone should find this difficult to explain 😊.

    1. SteveH, if voters say they cannot understand Labour’s Brexit policy’, you cannot turn to each and every one of them and say “well you should, it’s simple”. They have already said they don’t understand it, therefore they are not even going to go to the next stage of voting Labour!

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