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Video: Johnson’s Disaster Roadshow continues with excruciating inability to perform children’s song

‘Wheels on the Bus’ clearly not on Eton playlist in spite of Johnson’s 6 or 7 children

Boris Johnson’s ‘Disaster Roadshow’ around Britain has continued with a visit to a school in the south-west at which he failed dismally to sing along to the well-known children’s staple ‘The Wheels on the Bus’.

In spite of having an indeterminate number of children, Johnson seemed not to know the words, failed to mimic the actions – and looked excruciatingly uncomfortable as the West Monkton children sang:

Chased from town and village by angry residents, humiliated by happy children – it seems the wheels on Johnson’s bus are wobbling and ready to detach.

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  1. Perhaps this is more indicative of his disconnect from ” normal ordinary ” people and their interactions with each other due to his closeted and privileged upbringing , rather than not knowing the words to the song .
    It is illustrative somewhat of the remoteness of his class from our realities as he so well demonstrated in the Spec Savers shop pissing around with a mop and bucket when some poor woman had just died in the very same water he was sloshing around on his photo opportunity.
    A complete arsehole as one northern “granny” on TV recently so well described him as .

  2. Bojo the clown is an arsehole is well known but what any politico would do with the floods is problematic (unless your middle name is Canute).

    1. flood defence and investment perhaps ? rather than decades of cuts , that might be a good start.
      Proper local planning rules to prevent building on flood plains , proper teeth for local Planing Authorities to prevent the concreting over of everyone’s front gardens for car parking , which funnily enough we had until Camamoron burned them all on a bonfire of “red Tape”
      So it’s not really problematical at all , just political ideology , and that’s just for starters before we even get to the root cause of the floods and not just dealing with the symptoms , and that of course is the Climate Crisis.

    2. It used to be called civil defence and our boys and girls in the armed forces are pretty good at it,
      This was also a clear cut case of the environment commission pushing the problem downstream, they knew this was coming
      Is Cummings glove puppet officially worse than Mayhem

  3. They should have got him to do…… “There’s a one-eyed yellow idol to the north of Khatmandu”. I believe that he knows all the words and the kids would have loved it.

  4. Seen the video ,saw the Jack in the box clown,and wonder do the public realise that this hooray Henry will ruin the lives of their children \grandchildren..and many will be denied medical treatment because they can’t afford to be treated under the americanized new NHS PLC

  5. He looked confused, scared those infants had set him up and they were going to sing “lies” instead of “wheels,” the cunning little bastards.
    Thick as he is even BloJob’d realise every witty remark he’s ever rehearsed would be jaw-droppingly inappropriate for an audience of highly-politicised four-year-olds.

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