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Yorks MP Trickett re Peston: “not once asked re floods, gets his info same place as Johnson, where floods haven’t happened”

Angry Labour front-bencher: “not once despite large parts of country in distress”

Labour front-bencher Jon Trickett has denounced ITV politics pundit Robert Peston for completely ignoring the massive Yorkshire floods during his interview of the Labour man this evening.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been praised for his leadership and his prompt and repeated visits to flood-ravaged areas to meet residents and offer help – while Boris Johnson denied the floods were even a national emergency.

“No wonder the PM faced hostility in Yorkshire today when he finally turned up
Jon Trickett, Labour

Johnson was heckled and called a liar when, days late, he eventually got around to visiting today – in spite of finding time sooner for a pint-pulling PR stunt – and looked completely out of his depth as residents told him what they thought of him.

And Trickett asked publicly whether Peston got his info from the same sources as Johnson – a bubble where ‘the floods haven’t happened’ – after Peston failed to ask a single question about the floods of the Yorkshire parliamentary candidate:

Cuts in north, raises in south

Trickett told the SKWAWKBOX:

In the north, we’ve had cuts to the Environment Agency of thirteen percent – but in the south it has seen an increase of fourteen percent.

In West Yorkshire we’ve suffered the worst cuts to fire services of anywhere in the whole country at 34% – with the loss of over 550 firefighters in West Yorkshire alone.

No wonder the PM faced hostility in Yorkshire today when he finally turned up.

Watch the flood-hit Yorkshire folks’ hostile reaction to Boris Johnson here.

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  1. I noticed Peston talked over Jon quite a bit .Our representatives should do a ” Barry Gardiner”when this happens and not put up with it.
    Jon also should have introduced the issue of flooding himself when he saw Peston wasn;t going to do so. There is no use complaining about it afterwards on a pro Labour site, Pestons omission should have been pointed out at the time and comment made on Johnson’s lamentable response to the crisis.

    1. Absolutely agree. Some of the Labour Ministers/MPs need media/ interview training and a ‘ book of facts/ responses to topical questions. Often pundits/commentators spout utter rubbish and the Labour interviewee has no comeback !! Whereas I’m shouting at the TV !!
      If I know the true facts why don’t they ?
      Very frustrating.

    2. You’re right. Too many spokespeople seem flummoxed by what is entirely an predictable questioning routine. As has been said, this has, before the election , been most noticeable in the failure to emphasize the scam nature of the ‘antisemitism’ accusations.

      I reckon that there needs to be a combative mindset – calmly done, but putting yourself in the driving seat by questioning the questioner about where there assumptions come from.

      1. RH said:

        ‘You’re right. Too many spokespeople seem flummoxed by what is entirely an predictable questioning routine. As has been said, this has, before the election , been most noticeable in the failure to emphasize the scam nature of the ‘antisemitism’ accusations.’

        “As has been said”! Yeah, by RH himself again and again! Would be interesting to check back and see how many times he’s ‘brought it up’ since the GE was called!

        With ‘supporters’ like RH who needs enemies. And needless to say, any Labour Party MP maintaining and claiming that the anti-semitism thing is all a scam – or words to that effect – would be headline news in a matter of hours with bucket-loads of condemnation from the usual suspects, and RH knows it!

        Right, now let’s check back……..

      2. Allan – Don’t be so dim. It is indeed my view, and also the view of innumerable others.

        Just as one contemporary example from the insightful JVL website makes the indisputable point :

        “The strategy of not giving more oxygen to the allegations through direct engagement turned out to be wrong. It just encouraged more vilification.”

        The full article by Robert Cohen is worth reading :

        The point he makes is simple and indisputable : IT DOESN’T WORK!

        Why you should find this so hard to grasp, given the mountain of evidence, is beyond rational analysis. It’s *your* peculiar and obsessional opposition to a reality obvious to most sentient beings that is out of kilter – not my assertion of the bleedin’ obvious.

      3. I was just checking back through recent SB articles for similar such comments by RH, and I came across one from earlier today, which I hadn’t seen before (I don’t monitor the Comments section every day, all day long, like some on here obviously do!), and I then found ANOTHER one from yesterday (which I hadn’t seen before either), but THEN I came across one from a couple of days ago, in which HE – RH – is responding to a post by Ultraviolet, who was responding to a previous comment by RH. So here’s the comment by Ultraviolet, followed by RH’s response:

        Oh, come on. Can you really not imagine why people might be reluctant to say they are voting for the incompetent, anti-Semitic terrorist-sympathising communist who will bankrupt the country (as we are supposed to believe Corbyn is)?

        And RH responded thus:

        I take your point, UV – but I’ve not come across any. Most of those for whom ‘antisemitism’ might be expected to have an effect actually discount it as the RW scam it is, and those who don’t much rate Corbyn for other reasons would still vote Labour.

        Ah, so all the thousands and thousands of articles about the LP being institutionally rascist and teeming with, and infested with anti-semites hasn’t had much of an impact/effect on the general public – or potential Labour voters anyway – and according to RH most people (that he knows) see it as a right-wing scam etc. And the fact that a poll conducted for the authors of Bad News for Labour found that on average those who participated guessed/believed that 34% of LP members had been reported for anti-semitism is neither here nor there, because even though they think this (on average), most of them realise it’s all a right-wing scam AND that hardly any of the 34% of members actually said anything anti-semitic AND that they were reported maliciously.

        And of course if the vast majority of people – potential Labour voters, anyway – think it’s all a right-wing scam, then they MUST know that all the thousands and thousands of newspaper articles in the MSM and the Jewish newspapers during the past four years, and all the thousands of hours of TV and radio news coverage of the issue, has all been part of a conspiracy to sabotage Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and his chances of winning a GE and forming a government, and that all the claims made by Hodge and Mann and Smeeth and Austin and Co, and by the JLM and the CAA and LAA and LFI and the CST have been mainly false and vexatious, and that the investigation by the EHRC is all part of the scam. Well, according to RH, anyway. Oh, right, and they realise that the Tory leadership – ie Theresa May, when she was PM, and Boris “bank robbers” Johnson and Jeremy Hunt etc are all in on it, as is Jo Swinson!

        And needless to say, if the vast majority of potential Labour voters (not left-wing members) know it’s all a right-wing scam, then there’s no need for JC and Co to ‘fight back’ against the false claims, because the vast majority of people (potential LP voters, anyway) KNOW the claims are mostly bogus and false AND that the whole A/S thing has been manufactured and grossly exaggerated. According to RH anyway.

        Phew, well it’s a relief to hear that THAT’s the case! So thanks for letting us know Richard. It’s much appreciated.

      4. Jeez! That was a long-winded chase of your obsession, Allan. I’m at a loss to fathom why you expend so much effort disputing the bleedin’ obvious.

        … and in which you completely missed the point of the response to Ultraviolet – which was solely about the specific issue of keeping voting intentions secret.

        I’m afraid that your obsessive detective work with nose to the ground has merely led you up a blind alley to nowhere. It sometimes pays to look at the overall picture …

        … which is that the strategy of hoping that the fake allegations will go away – simply and beyond contradiction – has not worked.

        Your latest response is entirely muddled and illogical in its attempt to use various snippets of information to stitch together a justification for a non-argument. I honestly can’t extract anything resembling coherence from the tangled thicket leading to a backside up which you disappear.

        I suggest a lie down, and then just read the Cohen article that I cited, followed by a close reading (as opposed to pecking at odd facts) of ‘Bad News for Labour’ – which would never have been written if the strategy that you defend had been successful.

    3. In the run up to the last GE, I sent detailed observations and advice on how to fix. They included STOP the pathetic lack of assertiveness in interviews.
      As JC was locked out of emails and suffered other sabotage from the usual suspects (one now called “Lord”, and as treacherous as before), I sent to multiple recipients AND to other Alternative Media outlets to forward on to JC and “team”.
      I got ONE, standard acknowledgement.

      SUGGESTIONS included:
      1 – DROP the forced and inappropriate laughter. It sounds nervous, false and inconsistent with what is being discussed. Example: Thornbury’s interview re: Trident. The cosy, chummy triumphant gotcha laugh! Oh i’m so jovial, me. And clever! EVEN, when discussing death, destruction – all of us to be made an unrecorded, never to be known vaporised history.
      You must neither hold, let alone showoff, that disdainful attitude that politics is acceptable as a Westminster MSM Lobby group REVOLVING DOORS parlour game. It is NOT‼️‼️‼️
      While the Tories destroy EVERYTHING in our country, save your obscenely out of touch laughter for your private cliques.

      Same note to Gardner, who ALSO said on QT months ago “it’s a game”. The ignored wider electorate outside of London is NOT whistling with you. Nor are they laughing with you McDonnell!!! Truly FOCUS on the burning areas of neglect in the north and the midlands, then you will feel NO need to laugh, giggle nor whistle. We are not all whistling with you. Even us in London are not laughing with you McD.

      2 – I have heard Gardner do better, when pushed hard. Infinitely better! YOU MUST BE YOUR BEST, BARRY!!!
      PRIORITISE and RESPECT the experience, the perspectives of the electorate OUTSIDE of the pockets of privilege in the South and metropolitan areas nationwide.

      3 – A great relief that Jeremy has never indulged in your inappropriate laughter. Yet PLEASE Jeremy, the under energised, over-controlled, over-restrained, barely audible, muffled voice and delivery is TOTALLY counterproductive.
      The three jobbed, the unwell, careers, busy retired, multitasking people miss the message, how ever important. The dial needs to move towards the Jeremy at rallies or outside at the Trump visit.
      We can neither hear nor see ourselves as others see or hear us. So your aids fail you in this regard. Failing you is not polite. It fails all of us. It fails our country. Timidity is useless so i am being clear and bold here.

      We can ALL, DO and BE better!

  2. I have lived most of my life in Surrey and Sussex,I left BOLTON at 15years old.Despite living there I never fully assimilated and even retained a bowton accent.I am still amazed at the bias for the Home counties(the name betrays the intent)..I expect bias from Torys but I am always shocked by the way the Labour party thinks that parachuting candidate’s into Northern constituencys is okay,especially when they leave their family’s and schooling back in the the south…Surely we have a large enough membership to choose good local candidates without impossing strangers without their family support in areas outside the the home counties and London.I don’t know why London dazzles so much and have been pleased to leave the overcrowded commuter belt.Of course it would also help to move the whole of our Westminster centric groupy mps to a modern building in the centre of Britain whilst parliament can be left along with the BBC to the nostalgic tourists

  3. “Sheep farmer shears Johnson” was just repeated on BBC news again a few minutes ago, and the Tory hairdresser was again ignored.
    I guess it must be trending, but I didn’t hear the presenter introduce the piece so could just be my wishful thinking.

  4. Meanwhile – has everyone clocked the BNP-type shite about confiscating the homes of ‘gypsies’ and immigration emerging from the sewer outlet that is Priti Patel’s mouth?

    It’s a good illustration of the *real* nature of the Tory Party now in the charge of the ‘Britannia Unchained/ERG faction.

    1. No, but I did hear Tom Harris on the Today programme yesterday talking about why he could not vote Labour at this general election.

      His main attack on Corbyn seems to be because he did not support a whole string of unnecessary and counterproductive wars in which a lot of innocent people died.

      One that he mentioned was the 1999 bombing of Kosovo. But it is worth bearing in mind that former Labour defence secretary Denis Healey also opposed that one and with very good reason:

    2. One of first things Tory/Lib Dem Coalition do was to cut £36m from the Gypsie/Traceller site fund.
      Then years later got loads of mainly Tory MPs moaning about unofficial sites!
      Some of us have long memories!

  5. Peston is very much a product of the Westminster bubble, promoted for his ability to identify prevailing narratives of the day and go along with them e.g, out ‘special relationship’ with the USA hes basically a conservative (just watch what he focuses on with his tweets) emphatically not a journalist in the Pilger mode

  6. Wouldn’t be a bad idea for Labour to show that clip as part of an election broadcast?
    JC is about action whilst Boris Blusters!

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