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Javid ‘literally scared of Shadow’ – runs from debate as McDonnell says: ’empty chair’ cowardly Chancellor

Chancellor scared of his ‘Shadow’ – McDonnell challenges broadcasters to follow Sky News ’empty chair’ lead
‘Scared of his Shadow’: Sajid Javid

Chancellor Sajid Javid has chickened out of a head-to-head debate with Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, in spite of initially posturing as if he would welcome McDonnell’s invitation to a contest of ideas and credibility.

McDonnell tweeted about the evaporation of Javid’s ‘bluster and bravado’ – and challenged the BBC and other broadcasters to ’empty chair’ the timid Tory:

Last week, Sky’s Kay Burley interviewed an empty chair after Tory chair James Cleverly hid fifteen feet away, when he was booked to try to defend Jacob Rees-Mogg’s appalling Grenfell Tower comments.

A senior Labour source told the SKWAWKBOX:

It’s hilariously pathetic. Javid is literally scared of his shadow.


Given Javid’s determination to stick with his fake claims of Labour spending – so wild even the BBC has denounced them – it’s no surprise he’s scared to debate. The Shadow has far more substance than the Tory.

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  1. I doubt the BBC the Tory party propaganda machine,will empty chair any member of the Establishment party…..and we pay for that and are seeing our money wasted on cheap ignorent poorly researched propoganda and that applies to most of the other low quality veiwing.
    Get rid a.s.a.p even if we win the election.Definitely not fit for purpose and may damage your health.!This vile propaganda machine even push the Tory party propaganda across the world service that I used to veiw on BBC Asia from Singapore.Now even radio 4 is full of the same Tripe and I am going deaf anyway.We don’t need the BBC anymore the internet makes the Establishment propaganda machine redundent

    1. “We don’t need the BBC anymore”

      Yes. Public ownership is such a bad thing – as the Tories well know! πŸ™‚

      Actually, we desperately need the BBC – but a properly functioning one in the News and Current Affairs area, which has been taken over by political bias engineered by government.

      But the BBC as a whole beyond that area is the only real source of output that isn’t subject to the downward pressure on quality and variety inherent in commercial broadcasting.

      And no, the internet’s fakery isn’t a substitute.

      Be careful what you wish for.

      1. R You may be correct in your accessing the BBC if run correctly could be an asset,and I would not argue against that..IT will never happen though with a culture of establishment deeply held inside the BBC. IT could take years to clearout the BBC and radio ,and quite frankly I don’t think with the commitments the Labour party have made we havnt the time or the money to fritter away on a potential enemy within of a Labour administration.Far better to flog it off and help those who desperately need the Labour government,not parasites with little or no the BBC being run for the public..We should throw the BBC and radio to the free market where they can compete with their brilliant journalism and outstanding talent…NOT…just junk the BBC!

      2. Joseph. You are letting the News and Current Affairs output as of now dominate your whole horizon. Abandoning the BBC to commercial interests would just be doing the Tories’ job.

        Let’s face it – the population of this country needs and deserves an alternative to the pap that is already pumped out to excess by commercial interests, even if it isn’t perfect. Or do we just give up and let the collective brain rot in the sewage of anti-social meeja and advertisements?

  2. My only objection to the empty chair idea is that, as in the case of Mr Cleverly, the chair would be likely to do a better job than Mr Javid.

  3. Rotten chancellor but not a bad Uncle Fester impression.
    I don’t think it’s good enough to commute his sentence to life imprisonment though πŸ™‚

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