Video: Tory MP – Rees-Mogg would have survived Grenfell because he’s cleverer and a leader

MP intensifies outrage with radio interview agreeing Jacob Rees-Mogg meant that he would have survived through superior intellect – and that he’s right
Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen

A Conservative MP has fanned the flames of outrage over Jacob Rees-Mogg’s suggestion that victims of the Grenfell blaze would have had survived if they had the same common sense as Rees-Mogg – by agreeing with him.

Rees-Mogg issued an apology that had further angered Grenfell survivors and families because it claimed he had meant the opposite of what he actually said.

However, Andrew Bridgen told the BBC that Rees-Mogg had indeed meant that he would have survived because he was ‘cleverer’ – and agreed with him, saying that “Jacob’s” intelligence is what makes him a figure of authority:

One relative of a resident of a neighbouring tower told the SKWAWKBOX that hearing Bridgen’s words had made him so angry that he shook as he listened:

The word ‘anger’ doesn’t do justice to how folk will be feeling listening to this. He’s saying those people died because they weren’t as smart as his Tory pal.

Andrew Bridgen was contacted for comment.

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  1. You’d want to state unbelievable. But with this shitstorm of a government I’m not surprised at all.

    I do hope these ‘ gifts’ benefit Labour in the way they should !

  2. Two lead Brexiteers display the puddle- like depth of their combined brainpower.

    Not worth the outrage – it’s better to laugh at the patent idiocy.

    1. Why do you mention Brexit in regard to these Tories.Are you suggesting that Remain Tories are somehow better?

  3. I think this is a really clear example of how Tories really think. There’s no point in being outraged — it should be welcomed as a window into their mindset. They believe they have the right to run the country because they are more favoured, more intelligent, have more social authority. But it is Labour that have the moral upper hand here.

    1. Tory entitlement in a nut-shell. It would be seen as the self-delusion it clearly is but for the BBC and its relentless wykehamist ‘jolly good chap’ bias.

  4. ‘Bridgen like Rees-Mugg a Barbarian.
    (Like the Gower Goebells).
    Nationalists, insensitive & unfeeling.
    Right Wing political morons since 2008 “Haven’t a clue what to do.”
    Buying time, with quantitive easing.
    But I from poverty and social housing know what to do.
    Vote for Jeremy Corbyn with a transformative programme for the many not the few.
    The old order Neo-Liberalism is dying.
    But the new cannot yet be born.
    Perhaps we are all being tested.
    And only the stars will ride the storm.’
    Crush the politically dim bourgeois Right Wing Barbarian legal capitalist thieves!

  5. And the Tory party launched their election on the night of Nov 5th,and the sleepy town of Lewes in Sussex carry on their pope burning bonfie of secatarian hate,next door in edenbridge Jeremy Corbyns effigy is burnt…all good 👍 fun and whitewashed every year by the BBC as a lovely fun night….we do not forget and ian paisley and his jirah chapel still flourishes in the sleepy town of Lewes whilst bigotry and hatred are promoted as a cultural event.Maybe I am off message but for me Nov 5th will always be the start of the evil that stalked my wife and family and eventually led to my leaving the country…Lewes!nov 5th

  6. And on another topic momentum contact me on a more regular basis than the Labour party asking for donations and help canvassing in targeted seats,all very well organised and much appreciated.The momentum members are dedicated and professional and the organisation second to none.The only problem I see is what happens to momentum when Corbyn has gone.?…Lansman has already flexed his muscle on the NEC and momentum approved candidates.What happens to a powerful and well funded organisation controlled by a minor kingmaker and owned by a single fiefdom controller john lansman.How much power should any affiliate have inside the Labour party and why so many?….trouble for the future and a cuckoo in the nest.!

  7. I’ll treasure those few seconds of audio, thanks SKWAWKBOX!
    The words themselves are banal – it’s the sound picture of relief and gratitude turning into recognition of imminent doom that makes it a miniature classic.
    From the excitedly relieved “That’s what he meant to say-that’s what he meant to sayandthat’s…” to the despairing sigh and pause before his next utterance took only a few seconds.
    There was more eloquence in that sigh and pause than in anything he’s ever said in the HoC.
    “But we want very clever people running the country don’t we, Evan?” was an abject plea to a firing squad for mercy.

    Given the number of likely contenders this year I want it understood that Bridgen’s only my provisional nominee for the 2019 Portillo Moment Awards.

  8. Swansong for the chop would make my day….the traitors informers and collaborators are the enemy of any revolution,and people like swansong are more dangerous than any Tory for the socialist revival.!

  9. It would seem that Andrew Bridgen has ‘stitched up’ Jacob Rees Mogg just before filleting him like a kipper.

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