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Never trust a Tory: less than 2 weeks after Johnson’s ‘ban’ on fracking, he’s planning to make it EASIER

‘Ban’ was cover for move to make fracking applications harder to block

Less than two weeks ago, the Tories announced a ‘ban’ on fracking. They were criticised for making false claims because of the general election, when it emerged that it was a temporary moratorium.

Now, even the pretence has been abandoned. The Conservatives have quietly slipped out a document that not only says that:

future applications will be considered on their own merits

in spite of the supposed moratorium, but actually recommends loosening planning restrictions to prevent councils blocking new fracking applications.

You can never, ever, ever trust a Tory.

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  1. KNEW IT…
    Bet the activists on Preston New Road knew it too. Must remember to nip down there with a donation.

    1. David and what about Balcombe village in w.Sussex?….oops forgot cuadrilla pulled out after complaints from the Tory parish council and a nice photo shoot for the green party mp.Anyway why would the torys frack around after a complaint from the parish council and the celebs like ian hislop “have I got news for you” who were brought up there.Fracking not here mate despite having the largest oil and gas reserves being in the home counties.

  2. Look on the bright side : they’re not even clever enough not to piss their pants in a precipitate state of excitement to get the boodle rolling in.

    1. Either that or they think most of us have the memories of goldfish and those that don’t are so sick of Brexit they don’t watch the news anymore.
      Not that it’ll be on the news.
      At this rate ‘Idiocracy’ might just be a Gavin away.

      1. As said, David. But no ‘might be’. It ‘is’. How else do you explain the Tories in power? … and people (as heard this evening) saying:

        “I *trust* (???!!!***) Boris.”

  3. If Johnson gets in again then I am packing up and leaving Britain….oops sorry already done ✔ that ..Okay I will wash my hands ?…And my membership of the Labour party..?.?

  4. The Torys will frack us all if the public are stupid enough to fall for the second car sales job….never mind the quality feel the width… I hope I havnt upset any AS sensitive veiwers on that one.

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