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Video: Tory flooding non-response shows contempt for north as Corbyn speaks out after Doncaster visit

Labour leader: would be national emergency if happened in Surrey

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has spoken out after a visit to flood-hit Doncaster to describe the government’s response as a clear example of the north-south divide and the Tories’ contempt for northern communities.

Corbyn tweeted about how different the government’s response would have been had the floods struck a southern Tory town instead of a northern Labour community:

Corbyn urged Boris Johnson to convene a meeting of the government’s emergency ‘COBRA’ committee – and eventually Johnson complied. A meeting will finally be held tomorrow, days after the floods hit.


Boris Johnson has handled the flooding tragedy appallingly. After years of Tory cuts to flood defences; he declared the flooding was not an emergency – then trivialised the death of a flooding victim by posing with a mop in a widely-derided PR stunt.

His belated calling of a COBRA meeting cannot disguise the fact that there has been only one leader on duty in this emergency.

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  1. “…only one leader on duty in this emergency.”

    Jeremy Corbyn, true Prime Minister of the UK.

    Now let’s give him the official title and a residence in 10 Downing Street!

    JC4PM by Christmas

  2. The county town of Lewes with a population of 15000people was flooded in two thousand,.The town was given full national coerage on tv and money was spent to make sure the local residents and celeberitys that live there never got their feet wet again..This Sussex town is notorious world wide for burning an effigy of the pope,and festooning the main shopping centre in No popery here signs..This little gem of a town is as far away from the North as you can get without driving into the sea,but it helps because its took the BBC especially nearly 50years to even mention the North in a National weather forcast.let alone any government to spend money on flood defence..I am still waiting for this evil little town to suffer after the flood. Petulance and fire 🔥being has they enjoy fire so much.and burning my effigy and gypsy effigys has enemys of Lewes.,plus national hate figures seems to help when flooding happens..six months and millions spent .Leeds shefield Hebden bridge…sabden in Lancashire and all round the North and what happens…..nothing,or make do and mend and save up for a rainy day.Whats Big Benn done for his northern constituency,whilst spending most of his time in Westminster plotting against Cornyn with his supporters,…floods in North are the least concern when worrying about being leader of the Labour party after the 12 th of December.

  3. Ps Benn and his supporters will be devastated after the 12th and Jeremy Corbyn strolls into Downing street and becomes the first socialist Labour PM in history…

    1. Yeah, you don’t need to have ever seen a mop & bucket before to figure out that you twist the mop in the colander to wring it out.
      You only have to look at the two things together and it’s obvious.
      Reason he couldn’t do it isn’t his privileged upbringing – he’s just thick.
      When I used to smoke I’d laugh at cigarette lighters having printed instruction labels on them – but I was wrong to think instructions were unnecessary.
      Without them BloJob would set fire to himself.
      Come to think of it I might send him whisky, cigars and a nice lighter for christmas… 🙂

    2. His incompetence is simply par for every race he’s run.

      My grouse is the very nature of these bloody transparent publicity stunts. Who the f. is impressed by some Westminster bubblette incompetently pretending to do something ‘to help’ – leave it to Countryfile’s posturing presenters.

  4. Many of those look like New Builds! Who Surveyed, Who gave the Green Light and Who Built! This and the Blair Government has been about backhanders at any cost! Conservatism Screwing over The People for 40+ YEARS! MUST END NOW!
    Those People must be Re-homed it is not going to become less of an emergency only worse every year! You can not build on a Floodplain and expect No Flooding Disaster, Just as you can’t use Flammable Cladding and Expect no Fire Disaster!

  5. Tory flood action = Dither and Delay ! Johnsons gonna regret those words as his election strapline !!

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