Stormzy calls Rees-Mogg ‘an actual piece of s**t’ over Grenfell victim-blaming, demands resignation

Grime star Stormzy has not minced words in his reaction to Tory Jacob Rees-Mogg’s comments suggesting that the deaths of Grenfell Tower victims were because they lacked ‘common sense’ – and Rees-Mogg’s weasel, self-contradicting ‘apology’.

The musician, who has been a consistent supporter of Grenfell survivors and families, put out a series of tweets in response – with the first calling the Boris Johnson ally “an actual piece of s**t” as he demanded Rees-Mogg’s resignation:

Watch Rees-Mogg’s insult to Grenfell survivors – and his attempt to weasel out of blame by claiming he meant the opposite – here.

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  1. Sorry but they don’t resign anymore in our unelected no costitution archaic Royal prerogative democracy.. Ask the unelected privey council “Who runs Britain” and all you will get is a public school boys 😏 smirk!

  2. Jacob Rees Mogg repeated exactly what I said when I heard that the Grenfell residents complied with the order to remain in the blazing inferno. They were too trusting. When I was a child we were advised @ school that when the ‘nuclear bomb’ was dropped we should stay in our homes. I often wondered why until I eventually realised that it made it easier to to identify the corpses; the roads would be kept clear & any public panic kept to a minimum..

    The racism is laced with class discrimination but not in the disgusting way that Doreen Lawrence suggested. It is not the ‘Firefighters’ who should face accusations of racism, it is the ‘untouchables’ who have callously designed a system that killed so many, They will remain invisible.

    1. “Grenfell residents … were too trusting.”

      No. They trusted what was believed to be the best solution in what would always be an intractable situation. Firefighters acted on the same basis – they’re not simply dupes.

      That the analysis was wrong is simply a fact – it was in this situation not the best solution. But that’s hindsight,.Your parallel with the ‘Protect and Survive’ nonsense is nonsense itself, and always looking for evil intent is naive.

      Whether the construction flaws should have been forseen and acted upon is another issue, and there are indeed major issues concerning cost-related skimping etc. – i.e money and profit. But don’t try to reduce it all to simplicities.

      Occam’s razor again.

      1. Always looking for evil would have saved their lives. A simple truth is the alarm was raised @ 0054. The ‘Stay Put Advice’ was abandoned by the Senior Officers of the LFB @ 0247. The residents had 2 hours to walk out of the building. You trust any system & it will screw you; Society is not designed to serve the interests of the poor. Why is the plastic cladding still on so many ‘high rise’ flats?

      2. This would then become Stormzy’s razor The philosophy of a grime wordsmith! Joke. Who Stormzy bro? The ‘untouchables’ will remain invisible………save your anger & point your finger in the right direction…..if you can?

  3. Stormzy my old Gran had a saying ” what do you expect from a pig but a grunt”
    This sums up Jacob Rees Mogg and his vile comment about the Grenfell tragedy exactly.

  4. Mogg is very insensitive, and un-respectable for Grenfell people. Instead criticising the Grenfell people, Mogg should have asked the question Danielle Amara Cotton whose inflexibility should be questioned not the residents who were killed. Her level of well-paid job, she must have been demanded some certain intelligence and flexibility not the residence who were killed. Mogg redirected the target from Ms Cotton to the residents who were killed is far too strange and do not make sense or his words are based on his view and thoughts are very deep rooted among the conservative, the racism and class discrimination.

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