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The govt’s Scottish court wording that ‘obliges’ Johnson to seek and agree Brexit extension

Document submitted by government’s barrister to Court of Sessions contains triple confirmation

News has broken this afternoon that the government told the Court of Sessions in Scotland, during its failed attempt there to contest the claim that Boris Johnson’s suspension of Parliament, that the Tories’ own barrister submitted a document to the court confirming that Boris Johnson is obliged to request – and accept – a Brexit extension from the EU if no withdrawal agreement is reached by 19 October.

The full wording of the relevant section of that document reveals that the government’s legal team confirmed no fewer than three times Johnson has been planning – and is obliged – to do so:

Johnson has, of course, been publicly insisting that he has no such intention – and indeed that he would prefer to be ‘dead in a ditch’.


Johnson’s innate dishonesty has been exposed by the government’s own attempts to defend his actions. Leave voters now know his bluster has been nothing but Tory posturing for political gain.

The only hope for the UK’s huge ‘sane middle‘ is a Corbyn-led Labour government – on Brexit and in every other area.

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  1. Boris Johnson – his word is his bond. LoL He wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up and bit him on the backside

  2. Do we really expect anything else from Johnson and his TORY regime that have blood on their hands of the innocent and vulnerable….I spit on the graves of these degenerates and their supporters.

  3. I wonder how the BBC etc will present,or will they do the usual and ignore it?

  4. His word is NOT his bond – even when it forms a HMG commitment given to the Court of Sessions. His economy with the truth to the Head of State proves this.

    Trump, Erdogan, Orban, Bolsonaro, Prayuth Chan-ocha, Netanyahu – these are his models and he knows i) how to lie, and ii) how to not honour his word.

    Jeremy Corbyn looks more prime ministerial by the second.

  5. Yet why should Leave voters vote “sane middle” Labour? To be given a choice between BRINO (the Theresa May Deal with some cosmetic tweaks) and Remain negates the EU Referendum that we’ve already had.

    Both options in the Second Referendum would outlaw the radical extension of public ownership which is the absolute pivot of democratic socialism. It’s therefore a rigged Second Referendum, a choice between Neoliberalism and Neoliberalism.

    1. Bollocks a loony left brexit bankrupts the country the same as the fascist hard right Brexit. Besides if the tories are in charge when we brexit then there will be no GE and Tories misrule for another 2-3yrs unless they go full far right and don’t bother with anymore elections due to state of emergency.

      1. That about sums it up. The extremes bend round and meet in a fog of illusion. Tories/Lexitories – just a distinction between clockwise and anti-clockwise.

        Poor old Danny has grasped that the EU has neoliberal economic policies – as he so frequently and obsessively reminds us.

        What he hasn’t grasped is that it’s largely irrelevant to the ‘Remain’ argument, since all agreements will be negotiated within that framework. There is no New Jerusalem beckoning.

  6. Is THIS another stitch-up by the right!:

    ‘DEEP SHAME’ FOR LABOUR Hard-left Corbynistas mount bid to oust Jewish Labour MP Dame Louise Ellman

    HARD-LEFT activists have mounted a bid to try to oust Jewish Labour MP Dame Louise Ellman – on the holiest day in the Jewish calendar.

    NB Not quite sure how widely it’s been reported, but I think it’s getting quite a lot of coverage, including the Jewish newspapers of course!

      1. Another alert : “Bad News for Labour” by Greg Philo et al. is now out. It is a must read for anyone who wants a clear and comprehensive academic analysis of the whole ‘antisemitism’ scam.

  7. Dannys beliefs on Europe should not be written off by insults such as bollocks or ilussions.Anyone who understands socialism would realise that the views of Danny and many loyal socialist Labour party members should not be written off as irrelevant.Tony Benn and Jeremy Corbyn supported that view.Times change and the Labour government will take priority over the brexit debate.But Dannys veiws have reasoned argument behind them and are that…..not bollocks or illusions show some respect comrades.!

    1. Joseph & Danny, as ever, WELL SAID!!! We all have different views. We can all learn from others, even from opponents. Views supported by sound thought & evidence are best.

      We are not perfect, so if we must resort to personal insults, then direct them to the ToriesUnLibUnDemsCoyledThornyTwatsonMendaciousBliarsCampbellendsAllaJohnson… many to choose.

      Then we should focus on encouraging those here, who are desperate to see our country change direction and even transform the world… but lets focus on our home first♏️♦️♦️♦️

  8. Ps on a complicated side isue.,but connected with deals with the USA Sky news reports of US wife of embassy employee flees Britain using diplomatic immunity from prosecution for killing motorcyclist in a traffic accident. The USA citizen was on the wrong side of the road when pulling out. And Boris Dr piffel wants an exclusive trade deal with a country that treats our laws with such contempt..?.Some deal?

    1. ps, counter to oft expressed opinion, i do not believe Piffel has, nor EVER had any intention of leaving the EU in ANY meaningful way. De Piffel / Piffle… same noughts, johnsons are EPIC addicts of europhillia.

      Tis as challenging for johnsons to cease being rabid europhiles as Gove found it hard to stop commiting a crime by abusing cocaine, as he admitted on the MSM his words: “on several occasions” “in his thirties”. Yes, imagine some poor black or white man admitting that. During his cocaine use, the Michael was demanding that teachers who used drugs should be banned!!! So one rule for some and all that… Speaking of which…join the dots and you will find the same Police leader who oversaw the dreadful botched operation leading to the murder of young John Charles De Menez on the underground at Stockwell, is the same police leader… now even more senior, involved in Tom Watson’s life wrecking poor judgement re: Carl Beech, and IS THE SAME, Police leader i heard say to Ferrari on LBC that she “personally looked into” the Gove cocaine confession, and “found there was no case to answer”. Even Ferrari seemed dumbfounded at that!!! Quite an astonishing pattern of behaviour & poor judgment from those employed to maintain law and order. No???

      I wonder if said police superior has looked into Cameron & his wife’s again open admission that they were dope heads??? I’v heard black men on the radio saying they have been imprisoned for less. And in a Home Office report, it is stayed that stop & search finds more dope on people who are not black. So here’s a thought why not implement stop and search throughout Canary Wharf offices, all the banks and law firms. At the same tine do stop and search throughout parliament starting with the Tories. And search all their town and country homes. If the authorities were serious about law and order those groups and their haunts should be the focus of rigorous clear out of reprobates and drug addled reprobates…. But i digress!!! Only meant to say that on 1st November we will be still in the EU as we are or shackled with a considerable heavier rough industry decimating yoke.

      Piffel’s charade was always to nurture grassroots support and now to get a chorus of the chatterati = the few. Then it is win win for him, ie “the establishment is stopping me delivering what you voted for”. NB Kenneth Clarke etc, won’t get the ire of the electorate. Jeremy will get the blame not those, even here, who for some odd reason are convinced their will, trumps the decision of the many. The many who based their vote on their own lived experience.

      EU membership has diverged far from the original prospectus put to the electorate in the 70’s. And EU membership has not served the many well.

      We should have left the Tories with their own quarrel while getting fully prepared to implement Labour policies♏️♦️♦️♦️

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