Corbyn is filling the Brexit sanity gap. Show support – use these banners on your social media

Images by grassroots activists show solidarity with Corbyn’s and Labour’s ‘sensible Brexit’ position

Grassroots activists have created three images for use by Labour supporters to promote and show solidarity with Labour’s Brexit position, which Jeremy Corbyn won this week against opposition from both the party’s right and some on its left. The stance means that Labour fills a yawning ‘sanity gap‘ in the UK’s Brexit politics.

In spite of the clarity and simplicity of the position, centrist MPs are already attacking it, while the media play their usual routine of acting as if it’s complex and unclear when it is anything but.

If you want to counter that disinformation and to show your support for Corbyn’s and Labour’s position – negotiate a sensible Brexit deal and then let the people decide – use one of these graphics as your social media banner image. They are in different formats to accommodate different platforms and devices:

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  1. ” negotiate a sensible Brexit deal and then let the people decide ”

    On what exactly? Labour’s deal or Remain? What are LP policies for remaining in the EU, LP has to say what they are if Remain is on any LP ballot… termed ‘let the people decide’ till they get it right. Cynical politics from LP, not telling the whole story ie. read the small print more closely than the headlines which is the fruit and veg of deceptive politics. Depressing indeed.

    1. A very good while back, I posted that I would feel the least sympathy for those who forced Corbyn into a Brino position, that once established would then become their argument for ‘may as well’ campaign for remain.

      The trouble is, Starmer’s view of a Labour Brexit was perhaps always conceived as damage limitation (a custom’s union, etc. etc.) and all that is “sensible” about Labour’s position risks looking like nothing more than that. It would be good to know if Starmer has anything to say, anything at all, about how a Labour Brexit positively addresses at least some of the wishes of those who voted leave.

      1. The ‘wishes’ of Leavers have as much substance as those directed at the tooth fairy. You can’t govern a country on flatulence.

  2. The problem with “Corbyn filling the sanity gap” is that this second referendum would offer the electorate a choice between neoliberalism and neoliberalism.

    Remaining an EU member state dooms us to making privatisation permanent and neoliberal supervision of British state subsidies to industry.

    On the other hand, any “sensible Labour deal” or tweaked Withdrawal Agreement would also curse us with the same privatisation and the same monitoring and neoliberal control of state subsidies as if we remained a member state. We now know this definitively because of yesterday’s resolution passed by the European Parliament by a massive majority. It states that the EU’s “level playing field” provisions on state aids and liberalisation must be applied to ANY deal with the UK (see para 18 thereof). (The EP’s approval is required to validate any deal with the UK.)

    The significance of the second referendum’s “choice between neoliberalism and neoliberalism” becomes readily apparent when one considers today’s controversy about rewriting Clause IV(4) and reintroducing the pre-Blair commitment to an economy based on public ownership. Such a general socialisation of the economy would be legally impermissible under BOTH EU membership AND any withdrawal agreement. So Labour would be enshrining Party aims which it would be overtly unlawful to carry out.

    1. Do get your head in gear. Brexiteers are the ones who will vote for neoliberalism – it’s in their DNA – which is why they back the Tories and that policy of the extreme right.

      In summary : Brexit = bug-eyed Neoliberalism.

    2. Sadly, Danny, most posters on here, particularly the paid trolls like RH, with his utter non sequitur slogan ‘reply’ to your detailed post about a new European Parliament resolution of much significance for any Labour Brexit deal, and most of our Labour activist pro EU types, are simply not interested in facts.

      The Left Liberal members are probably perfectly happy to revert to our original 1918 Clause Four, with all that radical stuff about common ownership – whilst equally determined to stay within the very EU Single Market rules that make nationalisation on any scale impossible ! And the claimed ‘Corbyn sanity solution’ has nothing to offer to solve this problem but verbal trickery . Some members who think this nonsense meets our 2017 commitment to respect the Referendum result may be fooled, but most of our Brexit supporting working class voters wanting a real end to EU control of our economic policy and specifically freedom of movement, wont be so gullible.

      1. Yawn.

        The continual “paid trolls” fantasy once again amply demonstrates the depth of the puddle that is Ha’Penny’s perception and thinking.

  3. I note that the banners are selective, rather than reflecting what Corbyn actually said.

    Nice try. But a bit crap.

  4. Nice to see someone though doing somthing positive for the election that Will make an impact..Sometimes supporting Labour is a bit like supporting Bolton wanderers,we are let down a lot but get there in the end.. Anyone for cricket…?

  5. Yes Neo-Liberal nationalist Tories would go for a No Deal probably as a bluff to lead to a hard Brexit thus aligning with nationalists in the USA via Trump to give our NHS to private US healthcare companies, so vote Johnson Tory and NHS bills coming your way!
    Then Lib Undemocrats with 3% of MP’s lecturing 17.4m Leave voters and probably a few million Remain democrats who accept the democratic result.
    Posting on here is like Groundhog Day but at least JC will offer a Better Brexit v Remain and you can all fight you corners.
    I will join the Labour Better Brexit Campaign and we will intellectually (as left wing democratic socialists) crush the niave, poorly read, uncritical thinking, eulogisers of the Neo- Liberal EC (4 freedoms of Neo-Liberal capitalism with crumbs for working people for which you are so grateful).
    Brilliant piece in the latest New Left Review by Wolfgang Streekt for those prepared to engage with socialist analysis – it is argued the EC Social Chapter 1972 was the Pro-Capitalist EC elites response to 1968 and union militancy, they for a short while copied some of Germany’s corporatism, giving some workers a say on workers councils “If you share power, you keep power.”
    I’ll argue the line as reported by Sckwawky here and hopefully it will resonate.
    When I was at the bus stop the evening after the Referendum Result and working class people were pleased and said “Now let’s get Labour in!” I just wish I was back there with them to explain Labour’s position now.
    Socialist Labour’s activists may win the day for Labour or the Right wing and niave may snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
    Support JC and read the brilliant Wolfgang Streeckt in New Left Review.

    1. The problem is that the strategic mistakes were made way back when Labour fell into the trap set by the Tories that led to the referendum, and gave the media propaganda political legs.

      Of course, the local Wolfies pursued their alliance with the extreme right of the Tory Party (a not unusual aspect of the Loopy Left) – but the main mistake was giving right wing populism respectability with all the crap about ‘respecting’ the fantasies of the minority who were Brexiteers, with opinions formed in the Sun, Mail and Torygraph etc. Then the stumbling rush to Article 50.

      I reckon the latest position is now about as good as it gets, even though the idea of Brexit has been exposed as totally absurd over the course of the last three years. The promise of a referendum, with no whipping on advocacy – as happened under Wilson – is sensible, even if the media try to demonstrate otherwise. Labour has a coherent position, which in effect says :’ this is the best Brexit you’re going to get, but you have the option of the better ‘Remain’.

      As SparkyBadger says : “Brexit – Any Brexit – will damage the U.K.”

      If anyone hasn’t grasped that by now, they’re a bit slow on the uptake. But that’s where you get to when you ask a stupid question of a n ill-informed public by means of a shambolic – even bent – referendum process in a society where the media is in the solid control of the right,

      But that’s where we are, and the only way out is by the same means.

  6. From the off I have called the result of the referendum undemocratic because of lies, dodgy money, Cambridge Analytica, Farage, Banks and best of all – it was a device to paper over the cracks in the Tory Party – A TORY BREXIT.
    The Labour Party was a party of REMAIN – we should STILL be a party of Remain.
    Brexit – Any Brexit – will damage the U.K..
    If anyone would like to shut this remainer up it’s very simple.
    Name one benefit, to the normal everyday Brit that we would gain from leaving the EU

    1. Ability to forward plan the entry of labour into the UK, hence ending the current wage-reducing capitalist dream state of unlimited labour supply ? The ability for a Labour government to re-nationalise key utilities and services ? The ability of a Labour goverent to breech EU fiscal rules to boost economic activity ? The ability to deploy investment banks to fund regional development ?/ And on it goes, laddie. The Single Market rules preclude most of our 2017 Manifesto promises . Do a bit of reading Sparky Badger before spewing out your ignorant Remainer tosh. Have a look at the copious articles on The Full Brexit website for more detail.

  7. The notion of delivering a ‘sensible Brexit’ based on the political whim of any one party is extremely dangerous. Stella Creasy previously postulated a Citizen’s Assembly as a means to move forward from the voting stalemate in the house. Here a Citizen’s Assembly could ensure an open, informed and democratic way forward in identifying what a ‘sensible Brexit’ should look like.

    1. What smug middle class Guardianista dreamworld do these proposers of the completely non constitutional nonsense of “Citizen’s Assemblies” inhabit ? Apart from the utter lack of any democratic credibility for such a body, it is testament to the arrogant Remainer bubble that people like ‘mightyantar’ live in (” my dear absolutely no-one with any culture I ever meet supports Leave – not at my dinner parties anyway”‘), that it never occurs to them that a truly randomly selected group of UK citizens could just as easily hold VERY non-Guardianista views on issues like Brexit. But then the gameplan would of course be to ensure that ‘the right sort of random selection of citizens’ was appointed to such a bogus gimmick body .

      A General Election is the way to break the current deadlock, dopey. But the likes of Stella Creasy and most of the PLP Right are terrified Labour , led by Corbyn, would WIN !

      1. This is about what happens AFTER Labour win a general election, AFTER we have had a 2nd referendum and AFTER the vote comes in to to leave with a ‘sensible Brexit’. That is when a Citizen’s Assembly can determine what a ‘sensible Brexit’ actually means rather than repeating the process of Labour negotiating a deal that can’t be delivered because there is no massive majority in parliament to deliver it.

    2. Mightyanter…At first it seems a sensible suggestion,but in practice people like Tom Watson would swing it is way with infiltration and intimidation…its a shame but the country is not democratic enough to have elected assembly’s,but constructive suggestions should always be listened to because at the moment we are seeing democracy turned on its head..!

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