Sick to death of Brexit, want to promote Labour’s outstanding policies? By request, try a ‘201 policies’ T/hoodie

If, like many Labour members and supporters – and members of the general public – you’re sick to death of talk of Brexit and want a government that will actually transform the country, you’ll want voters to know more about Labour’s incredible policy platform than the near-zero they’ll hear from the corporate media.

After publishing details of Labour’s 201 transformative policies, the SKWAWKBOX has received numerous requests to put details on a t-shirt to help raise awareness – so one is now available in various colours on the SKWAWKBOX merchandise site, along with a hoodie version because the cold weather’s coming. Even people who won’t look close enough to read each policy will know Labour offers huge improvements to life in the UK.

If you want to take a look, click here for the t-shirts and here for the hoodies. Prices have been set to the minimum available with the supplier for individual orders, but better pricing can be obtained for bulk orders, should anyone want to place one.

Shipping to UK addresses is free from Teemill for this week only.

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  1. Are you kidding…..should you not have a health warning with every T-shirt.. You may be beaten to death,or only to be worn after unharmed commando training?…or just saying in capitals on the front… Great idea but I’m not that brave…..It might also provoke a massive increase in stop and search amongst BAME people BY the MET police

  2. Defiantly wear one canvassing,but they must be 100% cotton and suit overweight 70 year old with hoody and beergut,with matching rossete of course…ps XXL a must

  3. This is now the established Corbynista line, Brexit a boring irrelevance.

    Shows that

    1. the Corbynistas do not want a public ownership dominated planned economy but merely seek a “nice” capitalism which will somehow mysteriously establish itself when Jeremy is in Number Ten

    2. they are in denial that Brexit will be the pivotal issue of the next general election. They likewise deny the damage that the recently-adopted Blairite policy of a rigged second referendum will do to Labour’s electoral chances (despite Skwarkie going on about this endlessly – before falling uncannily silent the moment Jeremy caved in).

    3. they don’t want to know about the corporate empowerment wrought by EU law and how it will scupper many of the cherished 201 policies particularly those about anti-austerity (which would be ruined by the Free Movement of Capital) and reversing privatisation.

    1. Hi Danny, we may be on the same page ish. Though your point 1. is a generalisation. Others like you & i, do long for JC to promote his sound & long held wish that we should be free of the EU with its manyfold evils incl protectionism.

      Protectionism crushes the materially poorer and exploited countries. Alas, many who feel they are the standard bearers of virtue are ignorant of the EU being at the centre of keeping nations in poverty. The ongoing noise to remain illustrates that clearly, eg “if we leave we will suffer tariffs”. Surely were we not supposed to be promoting free trade ??? And if a rich country like ours cannot cope witn tariffs, then can, Haiti, Chad, Yemen, Mali, Afghanistan etc ever hope to cope. The Remainers fail to see that their arguments to remain are the best arguments to leave to pioneer something new and just and equitable.

      Poor countries do not need aid, they need just trading terms. The EU has militated agains that. And the poor arguments to reverse the Ref Result emphasises the familiar, how ever destructive, can feel safer than change.

      Should free trade not erase dubious dodgy aid and “charity”??? Yet Remainiacs are blind to that while caught up in something like an hysterical fever of We Will Be DOOMED!

      So we need to keep presenting reasoned rebuttals to the constant doomsday predictions. It is as if the people outside the EU like NZ, India, SA, Nigeria, Singapore, South Korea, The Ukraine, Turkey and China are poking rocks to dislodge worms for a sparse meal.

      Yet Danny, it is necessary to accommodate the different speeds and needs of people in order to adopt a different view.

      Maybe we can & must do several key things at the same time. Eg were a proper Brexit to happen on 1st November, and i would be most surprised if it does… but miracles do happen, so, if a MEGA MIRACLE smiles on us, we will still need the 201 policies ready to be implemented.

      So don’t lose heart!!! The T-Shirts & Hoodies will help highlight the policies which i am sure you support. People will not know them if we fail to promote them.♏️♦️♦️♦️

  4. You really are BRILLIANT ➕➕➕ The world needs a trillion more SKWAWKBOXERS‼️‼️‼️ ♏️♦️♦️♦️

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