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Breaking: govt docs show Johnson WILL ask EU for extension if no deal by 19/10

Johnson’s posturing exposed by court documents

Johnson: clown exposed by released government documents

Government documents disclosed as part of the recent prorogation case in the Scottish courts have revealed that Boris Johnson does intend to ask the EU for a Brexit extension, if the UK has not agreed a withdrawal deal by 19 October. Johnson, of course, has been insisting at every opportunity that he will not.

One Labour activist summed up the effect of this revelation in the pithiest terms:


Johnson’s bag of posturing, bluster and hot air has been punctured – not to mention his fundamental dishonesty.

Jeremy Corbyn remains the UK’s only hope for the sane middle – on Brexit and everything else.

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    1. The last one, as he told Mike Pence when he popped intro No 10 to ask “Which ditch, Bitch?”

      “There was a sure way never to see my country lost, and that was to die in the last ditch”. (William of Orange)

  1. The fact that Mr Toad lies through his teeth on a regular basis hardly counts as news.

    What is news is that it is now known that there is a significant number of knuckle-draggers in the populace who couldn’t give a f. about honesty and integrity as a political quality.

    This, despite all the ranting and raging about ‘politicians’ and their deficits – often from the same segment. No wonder the media gets away with blue murder in the honesty stakes.

  2. Makes no difference to his scheme. Asks EU for extension, which has to be approved by all 27 members; Hungary vetoes the extension (Johnson’s crew have already been in contact with Orban). Thus no deal. Benn Act only requires Johnson to ASK for an extension

    1. I believe the extension is all ready agreed just needs uk to request it. The blojo non deal needs agreeing but not even the far right can save that.

  3. Love that picture Squawk box…He’s really got style and the hairs to die for….

  4. Don’t believe them!
    This is the sort of misinformation that the populist- and hard-right use all the time. Trump, Erdogan, Orban, Bolsonaro, Prayuth Chan-ocha, Netanyahu, they all do it.
    It’s a hard right disorientation technique.

  5. Johnson will use whatever trick he can do in a vulnerable democracy with no constitution and a nodding head of state with the powers of god Royal prerogative will strike again and the Big Benn bill swept away!

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