Video: Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘greatest ever speech’ in full

Even opponents have hailed Corbyn’s conference speech – full of hope and groundbreaking policies

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn delivered a brought-forward speech at Labour’s annual conference in Brighton today that even habitual critics in the media have hailed as his greatest ever.

To continual cheers and standing ovations, Corbyn spoke of hope and vision, announced groundbreaking new policies for the NHS, workers, the environment and economy and much more – Labour now offers a package of over two hundred exciting policies to the nation – and found time to take down the unlawful Boris Johnson.

And he appeared more relaxed, confident and Downing-Street-ready than ever, as he prepared to return to Parliament to lead the efforts to sort out the Tories’ chaos and lawlessness.

Below is his landmark speech in full, so Labour members, supporters and others can access it easily and indefinitely:

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  1. This was a great speech but by far the most important moment of it was the nod to a Cuban style approach towards health, medicine and drugs. It gives me great hope for the future of our country and our world.

  2. At 23 seconds, look carefully at Thornberry’s face…

    Big smile, real enthusiasm in cheering. She looks fully behind him. Looks to me that the “divisions” in the party are overblown by our friends in the media…

    As Diane Abbott (I think) said a few days ago, if the labour shadow cabinet discuss on whether they should have cake or biscuit, the press will headline it as yet another Labour split!

  3. An uplifting speech.

    Now I want to see some positive action in Parliament, not a return to the same old unedifying Parliamentary factional wrestling matches. Millions cannot wait with winter on its way.

  4. This is the man we will be BLESSED to have as our next Prime Minister.

    The first non-Child of Thatcher to be PM since 1990.

    BTW – between now and the GE – make sure everyone you know is registered to vote…

  5. Without doubt this was Jeremy”s best speech. Taking on Big Pharma by having our production of key medicines is a great move and will concentrate the minds of those companies that have shafted the NHS for years. This is our time. This is our moment to reinvent what it means to be a decent caring society. Bring it on! So looking forward now to campaigning. JC4PM!

  6. Yes a cracker and what finer Left Wing Democratic Socialist Leader and hopefully Labour PM could we ask for.
    I also enjoyed the Green Deal debate and International Panel.
    Diverse working people of the World unite!

    1. Spend-a-penny and “Danny” must be tearing their hair out. They’ll have hated it!

  7. The only slightly false note was the recorded music – reminded me of Kinnock’s and Blair’s stupid Americanised jamborees.
    Let’s not do that again please – it’s inappropriate for a serious organisation’s public presence and big hall sound/production values just don’t make the grade unedited.

    1. Yes David ..but it was the big ginger head nodding up and down to yes yes ya and the strutting around that realy impressed himself and embarrassed us…Kinnock believing is own publicity and dancing on the grave of socialism.

      1. We should have a whip round for the Kinnochios. I thought he was vile but the rest of them but the rest of them, oh dear. Aalllrighttt! Perhaps a cosmic justice has sentenced us, until we get rid of the backdoor assassins, to eternal damnation. We have a leader who fights for his class , so maybe redemption is just around the corner. What I mean is that no matter the obstacles and ambushes ahead we will endure and win. I know but here comes nursey with the pills. God speed comrades. X

  8. Half a century we have waited and some of our mps are finally realising what the membership of the democratic socialist Labour party have always known.We have a leader that can deliver a Labour government

    1. That reference really scrapes the barrel of nonsense with “Ranting about a “Trump Brexit” clearly has no basis in reality” from some purported fringe ‘member of the Labour Party’

      Anyone who isn’t naive about the reality of international politics knows that Brexit stems from the extreme right neoliberal thrust to Americanise the economy, following the wet dreams of Ayn Rand – a project to make the UK a subject state of the US from a deeply embedded Atlantacisit core project.

      The Remain standpoint isn’t about worship of the current EU – simply a pragmatic recognition of its advantages over the worst of all possible worlds embodied in the underlying reality of Brexit, which is where the true national ‘betrayal’ of the UK lies.

      1. But to be fair to “Danny”, I don’t think any of us really understood politics at the age of 12! 😀

      2. Ayn ( closet) Rand and his chums have looked at us as the 51state. We have done little to disabuse them of that position. Can nobody see that when we stay in our treatment will be awful. Are the yellow jackets invisible. Has the Greek tragedy been forgotten. I dislike the EU but a stitch up with Boris and Nige is terrifying. What to do? Join Lady Pottymouth and Helium Head? I know I’m going to worship that brat from Sweden and the militant climateers who announced yesterday that we’ve go two years. I’m knocking on so I shall spend those days idly watching the world sink or burn or something.

  9. More evidence of mythologising about Brexit comes from new research by Danny Dorling (with a somewhat more credible CV on the issue than just ‘Labour Party member’) :

    ” … most of the UK’s leave votes did come not from the north of England but the south, with the highest numbers in areas populated with affluent older people, such as Hampshire, Cornwall and Devon.

    “The Welsh did not want to quit the EU, but that is one of many false beliefs about Brexit. The biggest is that the pro-leave vote was due to northerners,” he said. “It’s true some northern areas were strongly pro-Brexit, but the population there is too small to swing the vote.

    “The real support for Brexit, in terms of numbers of votes, was in places like Cornwall, which was 57% for leave, Hampshire with 54%, Essex with 62% and Norfolk with 57%. It is those southern English voters that are dragging Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland unwillingly out of Europe.”

    i.e forget the fairy story of the Leave ‘northern heartlands’ so beloved of Lexiteers.

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