Brilliant 17-sec video shows Corbyn’s key new policies BBC won’t mention

Labour conference showcased outstanding new policies – but BBC ignored in favour of regurgitated Tory attack lines

An outstanding – and very short – video by Labour activist Dev Raval aims to correct the latest gross BBC bias.

In a speech described even by critics as Corbyn’s ‘greatest ever’, the Labour leader announced a string – though still just a small subset – of Labour’s radical new policies that the party will offer to the public in the next general election.

And the BBC duly ignored them all in its main early evening news broadcast – and focused instead on tired attacks recycled direct from Tory HQ.

But Raval’s short, punchy video is an opportunity for Labour supporters to redress the balance and get the information out their to their friends, families and contacts in an eminently shareable and digestible way:

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    1. Drug patents expire, just as rail franchises do. Not a difficult decision. Not revolutionary in any degree.

      1. Lovett

        Oh, so you don’t want it if it’s not your version of “revolutionary” then? We’ll mark your card accordingly you miserable twat.

        The Koch-heads have a new friend…

    2. Jeremy also implied that NHS financial arrangements with big pharma would change – I hope he means that the new arrangements will reflect the fact that scientists are educated by the state, not the drug companies that only exist because of the state’s existence.

      1. ” scientists are educated by the state”; “drug companies …only exist because of the state’s existence.

        An wider important point – Tory policies have consistently undermined what should be a self-evident reciprocal relationship, from making education an individual good that has, therefore, to be paid for, to under-taxing business in the race to the bottom, with Brexit as the latest manifestation.

        More public direct ownership may be a small part of the solution in certain instances, but its that overall relationship and pattern of responsibility and dispersal of capital that are the central issues.

        A key related issue is the rebuilding of the country’s technological and research base which is currently being damaged by disruption of necessary networks by the Brexit farce.

    3. Astonishing that didn’t make headlines screeching, How are we going to pay for it? That’s their answer/question, to anything, no matter how sensible and life improving the proposal might be. Don’t people realise that the Tapeworms are sharpening their knives for the GE. Keep smiling, justice is just around the corner.

  1. “Not revolutionary” perhaps but a policy people will relate to, as are most I read when the list was first published.
    Never been the biggest fan of leaflets until now – the full list of Labour’s transformative policies should go through EVERY letterbox.
    Some people will have doubts or objections so we need to refer them IN LARGE PRINT to a new, easy-to-find website – searchable by policy name exactly as in the leaflet – where every single policy’s rationale and costing is explained.
    Because different policies will appeal to and be doubted by different people and they’re all entitled to an explanation of our reasoning.

  2. I applaud the announcement of a state-owned manufacturer for “generic” drugs, but it should be noted that it’s the extortionate prices charged by Big Pharma for their new, still “on patent”, drugs that makes up by far the largest part of the NHS drug bill, so getting cheaper “generic” drugs will only have a marginal effect on the total drug bill.

  3. Many of the big pharma companys manufacture shortages to boost the prices.From my own personal needs this year and last year despite extensive searches around the UK I could not find a Epipen for extreme allergies to cheese and bread sources..We went through a cruel and greedy famine of the life saving Epipen.The average price across the world was tripled for a time and many people faced a desperate situation and lives were sacrificed to the greed of big pharma.Britian already pays for research into drugs medicine etc,so Corbyns ideas not only make sense from a business plan,but will save lives.and money for the NHS.

  4. On my (speed) reading of the relevant Commission Decision, provision of medicaments is not exempt from the EU rules on state aids. So the normal state aids rule would prevail: that they will be unlawful (and must be repaid) if they distort competition in the single market. Competing drugs firms trigger the enforcement process by complaining about the government’s state aids to this new company. So I cannot see it getting off the ground so long as we are in the EU/EEA/single market.

    1. Quite true, Danny. But unfortunately no one is listening on either wings of our Party. You will just be accused of ‘shitting in our Labour custard’ (to quote a recent charming ‘rebuttal’ of one of your posts) in bringing up these rather serious facts. The Corbynistas just want to spend a month or so more wallowing in the feelgood delusion that our big promises on a huge range of Labour policy are deliverable within the straightjacket of the EU (or indeed under a Labour ‘deal’ brokered by Remainers like Starmer, which will undoubtedly lock us firmly into the Single Market rules even after supposedly ‘Leaving’ !) .

      Unfortunately this comfy post Conference euphoria delusion that ‘everything’s sorted’ will last precisely up to the Exit Poll on Election night, when an electoral catastrophe for our Party sadly awaits, as our Leave-supporting working class heartland voters deliver their brutal ballot box riposte to Labour’s unprincipled manoeuvring on Brexit over the last three years.

      Anyone interested in facts, not illusions, might usefully read this :

      1. Bad Danny Penny
        I voted leave and will vote leave again, lost count of the number of times I have said
        We do not have a manifesto unless we leave
        Also made the point that we are safer outside when next crash hits, which by my calculations should have happened in 2008,
        But to get to where we want to be, I would not be starting from here,
        Finally I have no time for No Deal or No Brexit, you are peas in the same extremist pod, Labourbrexit for the 99% will do me fine

      2. The final word. What Doug said.

        Bad Danny Penny. Like it. I’ll raise you a cockwombles tagged on the end! 😀

  5. Geoffrey Cox has just been doing a chilling impression of Mussolini in the House just now.

    Watch that man. He’s dangerous.

    1. timfrom 25/09/2019 at 12:40 pm

      As several MPs said “” not a trace of humility”” – but then what would we expect from a tory barrister .

    2. He confirmed the unsurprising tactic that the Tories will use : the ‘Peeple Swill’ rubbish. Totally predictable – it’s all the Tories have left.

      Of course, one response would be to give in to the Tories as the arch-Lexiteers recommend in the vain hope that you can out-Brexit them. And there is no doubt that there is election fodder around that will continue to support the Liar PM whilst complaining about the lack of integrity of parliament – without a jot of comprehension. After three years, they still haven’t a clue what this is actually all about, and are not going to suddenly see the light.

      So Labour is wasting its time trying for that conservative ‘Doh!’ vote.

      … which means an effective counter-strategy to harness the Remain and uncommitted voters, with the Leavers who actually have some perception.

      There – the second referendum strategy does indeed seems to be the best bet, with a ramping up of the actual facts about Brexit and its intention amongst the New Populists.

      One thing is for sure : rushing to the Tories’ much desired GE needs to be batted off – that’s *their* game.

  6. Forgot to mention fuckwits policy of
    Relying on Labour leavers to vote Tory or Brexshit, see Peterborough
    Other numbnuts relying on Labour remainiacs voting Libdum
    See JSwinson/Austerity/Chuckup
    The great thing about GE under FPTP is people dont fuck about
    Still praying Fromage fights a north east seat

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