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Video: Corbyn calls on Johnson to resign after Supreme Court decision

Labour leader prepared to govern

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has issued a video calling on Boris Johnson to resign over his unlawful and dishonest proroguing of Parliament, after the Supreme Court ruling this morning overturned Johnson’s action.

The video shows Corbyn informing delegates at Labour’s conference of the decision – and condemning Johnson’s ‘contempt for democracy’:

Corbyn has brought forward his closing speech to conference to 4pm today so that he can return to Parliament to lead Labour’s response. Deputy leader Tom Watson’s speech scheduled for this afternoon has been cancelled.

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    1. Jeremy Corbyn: “You know what? I don’t think he’s fit to be Prime Minister!”

      No shit, Sherlock 🙂

  1. Cummings glove puppet , you have to laugh
    Talking in New York about US trade deal
    Why is the US military banned from buying tape measures from us
    What is it you Americans have against British rulers

    1. He’s probably getting a bollocking from Steve Bannon as we speak!

      “The corporations are VERY disappointed in you, both of you!”

    1. Presumably he thinks he knows better than the 11 law lord each of whom has spent a lifetime practising and interpreting the law, making legal judgements ,hearing appeals etc. This is typical and highlights the arrogance and privilege of the man (and his supporters )

    2. I haven’t the knowledge or experience to judge. Johnson is at the UN. That’s another entity that is morphing into something ‘new’. One thing is for sure, it doesn’t stop wars, egregious sanctions or illegal dirty ‘regime change’ operations that have and are killing millions, destroying lives and whole countries.

      I don’t like the way politics is creeping into legal systems, science, free speech and other aspects of our lives.

  2. When theres no rules and only convention and no constitution,we will not get Johnson to resign.Probably better for Labour if this discredited nightmare stays for a General election

    1. It wont make any difference, UK doesn’t even abide by international laws and conventions, it is one of a cabal of rogue states on the international stage. US has a written constitution which is being ignored smashed into smithereens by successive presidents. Btw, that US constitution to this day hasn’t abolished slavery… in prisons.

      1. Maria nobody would seriously argue against a constitution that gave powers to the people.Its a start not perfection but affords protection against dictatorship or Tyrant..All modern civilized countrys have adopted it and I cannot see any socialist objections to a system that affords the final say to an elected parliament.Surely you are not suggesting that this fiasco should be left in position because it is easier to maintain the status quo establishment rule

      2. ” I cannot see any socialist objections to a system that affords the final say to an elected parliament.”

        Can’t you?

        Then I think you need to do a bit more thinking, Butch.

        Can I suggest ‘The Rule of Law’ by Tom Bingham as a bit of essential background reading?

      3. RH, why not just make your argument and credit it to Bingham?
        Otherwise you come across as trying to prove your erudition by proxy.

  3. I suppose we expect the LOTO to demand instant resignation and when he did it to TMay about article50 it probably had the intended effect (to show that the tohriehs are so useless they cant even brexit sensibly) , BUT ACTUALLY it’s not really wanted yet.

    * we need to get to the next ONS quarter summary statement – when they’ll probab;ly say we in RECESSION (2 quarters of no growth or shrinkage in GDP); and
    * we want to see the wretched PM FAIL to manage the backlash in parliament and the country – let the boris idolisers see what an incompetent shirker he actually is.

    Even the blindest, stupidist, DM-reading leaver will have to admit that a brexit from Boris just HAS to be a grade 2 second-rate failure.

    1. “Even the blindest, stupidist, DM-reading leaver will have to admit that a brexit from Boris just HAS to be a grade 2 second-rate failure.”

      It doesn’t work like that, qwertboi. In rough figures, (see the YouGov poll on this issue), you can depend on about 30% not knowing whether it’s shit, shave or breakfast time. It’s just one of those problems of democracy, and why populism gives rise to dodgy results.

      1. yeah, but the question yougov put was “… do you agree or disagree with the ruling” and – let’s be honest – most people try to resist accepting bad news, so they probably mistook ‘agreement’ for ‘approval’

        But yes, they can delude themselves all they like… oh, yes, they’re mostly pro-Boris Conservatives…. they obsessively do.

  4. With everybody’s mind concentrated on the Supreme Court decision I hope Johnson is not let off the hook about the public money awarded his female friend when he was mayor of London – he has a lot of questions to answer about that one and must be made to give an account of himself.

  5. SKWAKEBOX: “Corbyn has brought forward his closing speech to conference to 4pm today so that he can return to Parliament to lead Labour’s response. Deputy leader Tom Watson’s speech scheduled for this afternoon has been cancelled.”

    You wait for a sign that G*d would much rather we had a a Labour Govt. than the reckless right wing idiots that currenly mis-rule, and three come along together:

    + Composite 14
    + Supreme court judgement
    + Tom Watson’s speech to Labour conference gets cancelled.

      1. Can’t be arsed doing it on the phone and my tethering facility is down – but if I could I’d post the gif of foghorn leghorn whacking the mutt’s arse with a fence-post.
        Loved that one for years.

  6. ? Hold opposition parties’ feet to fire = VONC > Undertaking to be a caretaker government solely for the implementation of a new negotiation > To be put to referendum > New Election. ????

    Lots of things to go belly up – but one possible scenario

    Before No Deal is off the table, need to see how Cummings glove puppet reacts on 19th October
    Having dodged bullet from remainiacs this week do not snatch defeat from jaws of victory by calling vonc that will only unify cheap and nasty Tory party,
    Known knowns
    Nothing has changed for their strategy, SC decision plays into game plan, look at us we have done everything to get Brexit through, only to be denied by revokers,
    We want them to go into GE with No Deal as their manifesto commitment and LibDums as party of Revoke
    Hang fire, steady as she goes, kick back and enjoy schadenfreude of lunatics on both sides,
    Do not give any of them the lickings of a dog,
    Set date for setting date of GE, once the extension is agreed
    Invoice in post

  8. It seems Labour won’t call a Vote of No Confidence, they’re too anxious to keep us in the utterly neoliberal EU.

    1. Danny 24/09/2019 at 4:58 pm

      Good, it’s what the vast majority of Labour’s supporters want.

      1. So the rest of the country can go and get fucked. Serve them right for having an opinion and showing it with their vote.

      2. Aidey Aitchdee 24/09/2019 at 7:29 pm

        Not at all, Labour are the only party who are welcoming your input.

    2. Duh! Because they don’t trust Boris not to try and pull a fast one! When that possibility has passed, then they will. As you well know.

      Your faith in Boris is utterly bizarre!

  9. Good call JC but intetesting some of media say opposition leaders call for Johnson to resign but don’t mention the MAIN opposition leader JC doing so!
    Just read some cracking information in Wolfgang Streekt’s brilliant book ‘How Capitalism Will End’ which could help us to nail the Neo-Liberal Tories and Neo-Liberal Lib Dems.
    When Tory/Lib Dem Austerity began this Neo-Liberal Coalition intitially cut Corporation Tax TO PROTECT Big Business Corporations from Austerity.
    But as Streekt argues the Corporations saved paying billions in tax which could have been used to benefit US – our welbeing as citizens but with this money they could now buy Govt Bonds which now paid THEM interest!
    It is also argued that to make up for this lost tax from the Corporations the Tories and Lib Dems put up VAT so we all paid for Corporation Tax cuts through this indirect tax and some argue VAT impacts the hardest on the poor – SO WE HAVE ALL BEEN ECONOMICALLY SCREWED BY THIS TORY & LIB DEM NEO-LIBERAL TRIPLE WHAMMY!
    Time to get the Right Wing Blue & Yellow Neo-Liberals Out and JC in!

  10. I suspect we are going into an election arguing brexit….its getting tired and worn and its time to drop the argument and abide by the conference decision Their is more than single issue politics in the Labour manifesto for rebuilding Britain’s future,we need to open a dialogue on abolition of private education The welfare of the elderly(me),the national health,pensions,state industry,the finance Industry, social security system and payments ….The rebuilding of neglected public services and how we finance and operate them..We are more than brexit and lets concentrate on the above….six hundred and seventy four pound and sixty four pence per month is my state pension….We have to live off that amount is it enough for two frugal people?,this I am using as an example of real elderly people who have to live off and is considered by our worthy mps adequate?.I have no idea anymore of what is adequate and what is poverty money.What do you think should we be grateful?

    1. Single person state pension is roughly £130 week, double for couples, where one person has gaps in contributions, you can apply for credits to fill gaps,
      Where there is a shortfall you can apply for pension credit, which is the one that is under claimed by about £3 billion
      There are a lot of online benefit calculators, start with Citizens Advice, if you qualify you can get advice over the phone on what to do next
      Dont quote me on any of this, long time since I was an adviser!

      1. “Double for couples” wasn’t my understanding – heard many complaints about it not being the case.
        That’s the full extent of my ‘expertise’ on pensions though ☺

      2. Yes Doug but my wifes a waspy,and I am a few years older.Why should we have to beg for a decent pension.Many of my friends have non UK pensions that are more realistic.and provide a decent living standard…We obviously do not exist off 674 pounds per month and whilst playing the capitalist system we made enough in business to live and not have to ask for a top up.But we were lucky enough not to be depend on the promises of the goverment.Their are many out there who suffer in silence and hug a cup of tea ☕ whilst they suffer in silence.Luck should not come into it and the Uk system of rich pensioners living on a state pension and people living like Lords on our social security system is a filthy disgusting lie and the Torys know it and half the working class fall for the bile peddled by the BBC and others..I have a lot of stored up fury that motivates me to want to rid our country of the Tory party and our collaborators within that support that wicked system of establishment oppression..For the many not the few regards comrades on a historic day!

  11. “six hundred and seventy four pound and sixty four pence per month is my state pension….We have to live off that amount is it enough for two frugal people?”

    Absolutely not.

    Which is why Brexit *has* to be binned – and quickly – in order to have the resources and the focus to begin to deal with other issues.

    Getting out of the EU will just be the start of years more of irrelevant, wasted opportunity costs

    1. Thanks for answering the Question RH,but I was trying to start a debate using my own pension…outside of the brexit debate.IT looks like l failed miserably on that..Still another day and another hot bowl of soup and rice for breakfast.They say that the change in diet helps weight loss and speeds up the metabolism….but it doesnt help the anger for the injustices all around us…regards

  12. Staggering the extent to which people don’t understand how right wing populism works. The MSM don’t with their it’s a very bad day for the government narrative. Neither do the majority of Conference delegates with the story that the SC judgment ‘electrified’ Conference. The manner of the judgment – the diamond encrusted spider ffs – the unanimous decision, the it’s so bad narrative are all perfect for the Bannon playbook. Johnson will milk this with the people v the establishment line. Johnson has been empowered today. Scary how people just don’t get it.

      1. C’mon Danny – A mainstay of the leave campaign was: ‘To make sure we have control of our own laws…’

        …Well this is an example of it.

      2. Danny 24/09/2019 at 7:29 pm

        Your chosen source ‘Spiked’ relies on some rather dubious funding

        A joint investigation between DeSmog UK and The Guardian revealed that Spiked US Inc. has received funding from the Charles Koch Foundation.Reporter George Monbiot suggested that this was due to the online magazine’s attacks on left-wing politics, its support of hard right or far right figures, and the many articles it publishes by writers supported by the Institute for Economic Affairs and the Koch funded Cato Institute.

      3. – which they do.

        Johnson was dodging proper politics – which is constrained by law.

      4. SteveH

        I’ve been using the Koch-head pejorative in reference to this for a while now. Do keep up!

      5. But if you hurry, Danny, you can catch Spiked editor Brendan O’Neill reviewing the papers on Sky News at 11.30..

  13. The publicly owned generic drug company would undoubtedly need state aid from the UK government. This would be the target of complaints from other drug companies headquartered in other EU Member States. They would argue that these state aids distort the single market.

    So, a THIRD Labour policy decided this week which is contrary to EU law (along with abolition of private schools and insourcing of privately provided NHS services).

    1. And you give a toss about upholding EU law? Or was that as close to complimenting Corbyn as you’re prepared to go?!

    2. Danny have you thought that the world and political thinking moves on and nothing is off the table.Capitalism is not the only way for Europe We can negotiate and a Labour government will do that.We fought a war to end the continual wars of power and greed inside Europe..Many of our generation didnt fight but our fathers and granfathers did and my brothers and sisters hid unde the table when the bombs dropped.We rebuilt the country under a Labour government and we will again.

  14. There are some folk on here who insist on shitting in our custard,
    When it has by any measurement been a good couple of days for what we all hold dear,
    A new old Labour government

    1. Yeah the stronger Corbyn looks, the higher the troll count gets.

      The cockwombles are getting nervous!

  15. I’m currently amusing (or in Johnson’s case being gobsmacked!) myself with clips of replies to press. I’ll add one and perhaps just one other in a second comment via same twitter account because I like it.

    Johnson, a clip courtesy of Sky that omits to highlight Johnson’s major gaffe. I thought Johnson was good at history, perhaps his recent memory is starting to fail or was it nerves?


  16. Labour First are circulating the following motion to CLPs. It will be intriguing to see if there are many takers.

    “This CLP condemns the undemocratic attempt by Jon Lansman at Labour’s NEC to abolish the democratically elected position of deputy leader. This divisive move damaged party unity and the party’s reputation at our vital pre-general election conference. We call upon Jon Lansman to apologise to Jeremy Corbyn and Tom Watson.”

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