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Video: Corbyn calls on Johnson to resign after Supreme Court decision

Labour leader prepared to govern

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has issued a video calling on Boris Johnson to resign over his unlawful and dishonest proroguing of Parliament, after the Supreme Court ruling this morning overturned Johnson’s action.

The video shows Corbyn informing delegates at Labour’s conference of the decision – and condemning Johnson’s ‘contempt for democracy’:

Corbyn has brought forward his closing speech to conference to 4pm today so that he can return to Parliament to lead Labour’s response. Deputy leader Tom Watson’s speech scheduled for this afternoon has been cancelled.

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    1. … bit of an indicator of how Watson has become an bit of an obsession – as I’ve noted before!

  1. “CALLS ON WATSON TO RESIGN…” Heh heh heh.
    Simple mistake or wishful thinking – hmmm – you caught it quick though, I’d think I imagined it if I didn’t have the email evidence 🙂

  2. BTW – Still no reporting (that I’ve seen) of the terrorist activity that led to the cancellation of the Waterstone’s book launch.

    Another quite amazing exhibition of double standards.

  3. Meanwhile – and unexpectedly – the 5 Live coverage of the whole Supreme Court business was intelligent and unrushed.

    The clip of Johnson being as big a hypocrite as he is liar was ‘interesting’. But I have no doubt that the duggie brigade wioll still think him supportable whilst banging on about ‘Engerland’s’ traditions and history of supremacy.

    But Simon Mayo (for whom I hold no particular candle) was superb in letting a UKIP MEP of little brain self-destruct – without any of the Humphries-type bullying interventions. Alongside was a European Green MEP who didn’t do much but state the obvious facts of life and add to the discomfiture of Noddy UKIP.

    … but. again, I doubt much impact on the duggie brigade who won’t have grasped the question, let alone the answer.

  4. My juices were flowing – and then…it turned out to be nothing more than a wet dream. I shall have to go back to throwing darts at the portrait of Fatberg Slim that I keep on the back of the kitchen door – oh well…

    1. Given that this sort of poll has limited technical validity, the divisions are clear enough to be significant.

      Clearly Leavers and Conservatives are terminally confused (all in favour of law ‘n’ order and parliamentary sovereignty … or not if the Mail/Sun says so). But we knew that – they form what might be termed the ‘Whethfukawe’ Tribe – waking up every day trying to work out whether it’s shit, shave or breakfast time.

      … which sort of confirms the folly of putting the future of the country in the ghands of the 30% of the country that they represent.

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