Reverting to type: LibDems in electoral pact talks with Tories again

Scottish Tories say talks with LibDems ongoing
A (joke?) ConDem rosette made by BBC presenter Andrew Neil during the coalition govt

The LibDems are again in discussions with the Tories about a potential electoral pact, in spite of Jo Swinson’s public protests about Boris Johnson and his no-deal Brexit.

The Scottish Tories have confirmed the discussions, while the LibDems – called ‘Yellow Tories’ by many on the left -issued a ‘non-denial denial’ that the talks do not amount to a ‘pact’.

As the SKWAWKBOX exclusively reported, Swinson herself has also held a ‘series’ of talks with Johnson, according to Westminster sources.

Swinson also undermined her opposition to a no-deal Brexit in the eyes of many observers when she left London on the morning of the ‘anti-coup’ march this month to spend a weekend at her French holiday home.

94% of SKWAWKBOX readers responded in a recent poll that they believed the LibDems would again prop up the Tories, given the opportunity.

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  1. Can Swansongs lib dems get much lower….I am sure the voters will be impressed not?Time for a trip to the funny farm for this leader?I’m told Harriot and swansong are bestest fwends!

    1. If the LibDems haven’t learned from their last pact with the Devil, they are truly thick. There is only one borderline in the current situation – and they’re going to be on the wrong side of it. Again.

      Actually good news for Labour – but I reckon a lot of genuine Liberals will be furious.

      Swinson truly is gormless from a LD point of view.

  2. In absolutely any election campaign, some space must be given to reminding people just how reactionary the LibDem leadership really is, and that rather than salving their conscience, any voter who gives the LibDems their vote, is, in reality creating space for the Tories.

    1. Former leaders like Paddy Ashdown, Charles Kennedy or Campbell -ming? mog? – at a stage like this in our history would have joined with Labour for a heroic alliance to get rid of the Tories and appalling Brexit.

  3. This is completely unsurprising given the Lib Dems lack of principle and lust for power. The only way they can get anywhere is by hanging on to the coat tails of others and generally they really don’t care whose coat tails they hang on to.
    However I see Jo Swinson is on again about not forming a coalition with a Corbyn led Labour Government. As my old Gran used to say Jo – its manners to wait to be asked!

  4. “Walked out of a Ministerial job. Risked losing the whip. I have one of the safest Conservative seats in the country. [blah self-exculpaTory blah] So I have taken a second look at the Liberal Democrats and I am delighted to be here to embark on this journey at this point in time with you.”
    Translation: “I think there’s an election coming and as an independent I’d have nobody to canvass for me.”
    Sam Gyimah, the man of principle, joins LibDems.

    1. David I know East Surrey,very well and was surprised by him being chosen as a candidate….although not suprised he won.Sir george Gardner who had the next door constituency said that Torys would vote for a donkey in that part of Surrey.You would have to look hard to find a more narrow bigoted constituency than East Surrey voters.Maybe he wasn’t sure of the backing from his constituency.Most of his fellow torys would expect him to be serving the Gin and tonics.not representing them in parliament.I can remember knocking on doors there one old bigot said to me my god have they given you micks the vote,didn’t know you lot could read….why would I vote for an inbred! Thats what East Surrey can be,despite that their are some good and decent people there!

  5. Remember the ” go forth and prepare for government ” But we all know what that means… Delusional doesnt say it all for the lonely waifs and strays dog 🐕 compound?

  6. When Watson sees what happens to the waifs and strays,he’s going to try even more for a coup to replace Corbyn.IT’s make or break at the conference and expect almost anything short of Watson Ben and starmer doing a Ceaser moment and plunging a knife into the back of Corbyn.THEY are lining up the traitors for a coup and plotting in the bars and restaurants around Brighton..God help the Labour party if socialism fails because nobody else will because the money will disappear along with the membership!

  7. Here’s an extract from Jo Swinson’s interview with Andrew Marr.

    “JS: As a Liberal Democrat – I won my seat in 2005 as a Liberal Democrat. The Labour Party had won a majority. It didn’t stop me voting against the Labour government and arguing against them when I thought they were getting things wrong. Of course, if you’re involved in politics you’re there to stand up for what you believe in, for what the people who voted for you believe in, and obviously that will continue.”

    Jo Swinson flashing her ‘integrity’ credentials. Where were they when she was voting for austerity?

  8. So a Party with less than 3% of MPs says when they win they will null and void the votes of 17.4m and possibly alienate a few million Remainers who actually accept the Referendum Result.
    Dangerously delusional and most illiberal Liberal Undemocrats.
    Perhaps the Lib Dems regret voting with the Tories to cut migration funds which would have eased pressure on council services and in Tory/Lib Dem shortsightedness contributed to the conditions for Brexit.
    Perhaps the Lib Dimwit Tory 2nd X1 were most clearly exposed when they voted with the Tories in Coalition to give £145m of tax cuts to Hedge Funds then Hedge Funds gave £50m to the Tories.
    Well you can’t say the Lib Dems don’t have the gall and arrogance.
    Lib Dems – The Irrevlevants!

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