Labour suspends selections to focus resource on triggers

Push to complete trigger ballots before general election called

The Labour Party has suspended ongoing selection processes across the country, with emails going to members of CLPs currently selecting for vacancies to inform them.

Labour sources say that the suspension is to focus resources on the party’s ‘trigger ballot’ process in seats with Labour MPs, in an attempt to complete them before a general election is called.

The decision may mean that if a general election is called before the suspended process can be resumed, campaign timescales will require the shortlisting of candidates by the NEC from which members will select their final candidate.

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  1. Well..why am I underwhelmed by that decision on how not to run a modern democratic party…..And Chris Williamson dare I ask?

  2. Does this decision make sense?
    I am struggling to find a reason why CLPs continuing to select PPCs would have any impact on CLPs who are going through a trigger ballot process.

    1. You and me both.

      I’ve been led to understand this is something to do with some rule about having the trigger ballots first to enable sitting tenants who fail to get reselected in the trigger ballots round to then be considered for the selection process in CLP’s which have not yet got a candidate.

      However, the only rule in the 2019 rule book which contains anything like the two stage process described in the paragraph above is that which relates exclusively to changed Constituency boundaries from the Boundary Commission Review.

      Seeing as this has not gone through Parliament the rule in question, and the specific context based process contained within that rule, is redundant and therefore is no longer a process within the rules.

      This rule (Appendix 3) does however begin with a preface in capitals about the NEC publishing new procedures in line with the selection rules passed at the 2018 Conference.

      I will have to check my legacy paperwork from 2018 Conference on that point because no one I know has seen a copy of the legendary published new procedures.

      1. Thank God there are people like you around to do the digging. Good luck!

    2. It is to do with having the staff to ensure oversight. From this it seems that the Labour Party has not reached sufficiently maturity for the centre to relax their oversight of what CLP do.

      1. And isn’t this an important part of the Corbyn project?

  3. The most obvious way to be democratic AND timely is online – with a streamlined version of today’s system mothballed as backup.
    Should have been done three years ago right after the failed coup in my opinion.
    There are probably many better ways of organising the party than what we currently don’t have – online isn’t the only option.
    I can’t think of another way though that’s capable of extending democracy at the same time as cutting our response time down from a year (Conference) to a day.
    We live in a fast-changing world that’s getting faster all the time.

    When careful consideration of a conundrum like Brexit is touted by fools and journalists as “dithering” the people may turn to “strong men” – idiot windbags cloaked in a rehearsed air of confidence who’ll decide the fate of nations on a whim or on the catchiest focus-grouped soundbite – effete dilettantes like Johnson, Trump, Farage, Mussolini, Hitler or any other loudmouthed, blustering, Faux-Churchillian, Thatcher-channelling piss-weak Tory you care to name.

    The populist desire “to be done with Brexit whatever the cost” may be closer to threatening the peace than I think is yet recognised.

    1. “The most obvious way to be democratic AND timely is online”

      … except that a lot of people still are not comfortable with the online world.

      I do, however, agree with youcomment :

      “The populist desire “to be done with Brexit whatever the cost” may be closer to threatening the peace than I think is yet recognised.”

      Fostering this attitude and creating a lumpen electorate is a well-known rightist device for generating compliance. As has been a tactic of the Leave campaign and its captive pressfrom the start.

      … until the consequences come home to roost.

  4. There are a lot of members unhappy that the selection process has been halted in such an arbitrary way

    Chaos reigns over Labour parliamentary selections

    Chaos has descended on Labour’s parliamentary candidate selection process for vacant seats – leaving party activists, applicants and members of the ruling body confused as to what is happening next……..

    …………Matthew Shannon, secretary of a local party branch in Nottingham East, similarly tweeted: “All branches have already made their nominations, so it’s hard to justify not at least letting the process reach the shortlist stage. The last candidate imposed on Nottingham East was Chris Leslie, so I’m surprised the NEC don’t see how much bad feeling we would have over this.”…………

  5. Enough is enough from the NEC….not fit for purpose and certainly should not be involved in rule changes at the eleventh hour to disrupt Really couldn’t make it up this fred karno circus.What’s next locking Corbyn out of HQ?

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