Poll: would LibDems prop up Tories again?

LibDem leader Jo Swinson reported to be in discussions with Boris Johnson. Would she agree coalition or pact to keep Tories in power?
Jo Swinson

LibDem leader Jo Swinson is reported to have held a ‘series’ of phone calls with Tory PM Boris Johnson this month, raising fears that the LibDems are so desperate to avoid a Corbyn government that they might again prop up the Tories and prolong the austerity-inflicted misery of millions in this country.

In spite of Johnson’s clear push toward a no-deal Brexit, the LibDems’ collapse in 2015 because of their participation in coalition with David Cameron’s conservatives and the United Nations’ condemnation of Tory-inflicted poverty and suffering, do you think Swinson would take them into another ‘ConDem’ pact?

The poll will close at 4pm on 28 August and results will be published shortly afterward. Please vote and share.

Answer order has been randomised.

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  1. From what they’ve been saying recently and the fact their quite prepared to trash our constitution and ignore millions of voters from the last election who used their vote to back Labour. So, it’s not unreasonable to think the LibDems and their leader Jo Swinson are about as undemocratic as is gets and certainly it looks like they would be happy for Johnson to take our country out of the EU without a deal in the hope of propping-up the Tories again with their vile austerity.

  2. Almost certainly the libs would prop up any Tory government,its a little bit like asking does a dog bark!…….And they have become even more desperate under swansong…..What,other purpose is a lib…….. Hopefully they are not given the chance?….That might bring us into relying on the support of our treacherous PLP……we turned the other cheek too often now we go into a general election asking the country to trust us when we dont command the support of half the PLP?

  3. The Liberal Party has been propping up the Tories since 1914. There have been moments-the Grimond years for example- when the Tories have had no need of them, though if you look back you will discover that Eden, Macmillan and Churchill were all backed by National Liberal MPs. But whenever the Tories have needed them the Liberals- the polar opposite to socialists- have been ready to serve. And they are very economical whores too, because austerity, anti-trade unionism, imperialism etc are things that they do for love.

    1. Gabriel pepper……I have never met a lib in the Home counties that hated Torys…….Why do you think swansong is the leader,but I must admit I have never socialised with them…..I am a bit like piddock I don’t have lib friends,she doesn’t have tory friends……The libs are like our own backstabbing mps corrosive and dangerous…..maybe they’re just nice north of Watford?

  4. Surprise, surprise Boris is a coward

    Boris Johnson pulled interview after criticism by head of news, says Channel 4
    Broadcaster says team flew to Biarritz but were denied access over Dorothy Byrne’s comments
    Channel 4 News has said that Downing Street froze it out of a planned interview at the G7 summit because of criticism of Boris Johnson by the channel’s head of news, who had described him as a “known liar” and a “coward”.
    According to the editor of Channel 4 News, Ben de Pear, a team of journalists had flown to Biarritz after being invited but Downing Street advisers then said Dorothy Byrne’s criticism of the prime minister had resulted in access being denied.

    1. It’s not so much ‘cowardice as an egotistical, calculating, devious and lying personality doing what comes naturally.

    2. Acting and looking more like Trunt every day.

      Given that he and his lying, cowardly party rely completely on MSM backing it’s a bit rich him complaining about them criticising him for what he sees as part of his endearing boyish quirkiness.

  5. Harriet Harman says she would be happy to lead a government of national unity!Deliberately trying to sabotage a possible Labour government?.. What does one have to do nowadays if you are right wing and hellbent on destroying the Labour party……NEC…is becoming an abbreviation for Neo Elite conservative,that tramples the membership and throws under the bus our best and most loyal socialists…

    1. I haven’t caught the latest on this front; but it’s a basic requirement of belonging to a party to fend off such a question with a statement that says it’s irrelevant, since it’s the Leader of the Opposition who has first call on the role of government after of vote of no confidence.

      Any other answer clearly lies outside the bounds of expected loyalty and party discipline.

  6. This is criminal. NO party should be able to just walk into Downing street without a general election. This is getting right out of hand, totally undemocratic.

    1. It’s always been the case. The Prime Minister, unlike a President, is never elected to the role (except by the relevant Party.

      The recent problem has been the excess of PMs who were not party leaders at the time of the previous general election (3 out of 4) since Brown took over from Blair.

      1. RH…….We know the cause ?……And the solution would be a true democracy….Republics and a written constitution based on the french model…..would be good,but I am sure the people will have to learn the hard way as per usual…Just watch Bozzo this next few weeks show us all what can be done when we have an all powerful establishment and a compliant head of state using the nuke option of the royal prerogative….I think it’s a wake up call for democracy that no government has the guts to take on……even Jeremy Corbyn would be reluctant and I can understand that…..Such a shambles for the 21st century?

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