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Corbyn and Thornberry sail through reselection meetings

Shadow Cabinet was put up for reselection first among Labour MPs. Party leader and Shadow Foreign Secretary easily won reselection on Tuesday night
Jeremy Corbyn

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry cruised through reselection ‘trigger‘ meetings in their Islington constituencies. According to local sources, hardly anyone registered a vote saying they wished to run a selection contest.

Right-wing Labour MPs complaining about possible deselection should remind themselves that the Shadow Cabinet underwent the process first.

But members who do want to change their sitting MP need to push hard for their local trigger votes to take place without delay, as a general election will end the window for them to happen – and some CLPs seem to be trying to slip through the process without fully informing all members of their opportunity to vote.

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  1. Thornbury….wouldn’t sail through any selection mtg I attended, Thornbury needs to curb her leadership ambitions and stop making too many unscripted comments……A sharp operator and a big Question mark over her loyalty.With beggars can’t be choosers,she’s useful and a very good talker,but defiantly ambitious !. Shows the lack of true socialist in our PLP and just how out of touch they are with our massive and potentially powerful membership

    1. Ideally from a democratic point of view NO-ONE would sail through a reselection. A rigourous contested selection would alone show MPs that power lies with the Party – not with the PLP – and help curb the arrogance of the Labour parliamentarians. We should be a party ruled by the many not the few. So I think Skwarkie is wrong to celebrate even the “right” people (in his view!) getting an easy ride.

      1. By “sailed through” SKWAWKBOX meant that so few members wanted Corbyn or Thornberry deselected that a show of hands would have been conclusive.
        “Easy ride” is your expression, deliberately chosen to suggest graft operated in the process, you blindingly obvious milky tory.

    2. I reckon I’ll trust the local CLP to make a balanced judgment – as with Corbyn.

      I’ve always backed a reselection process, and was always subject to it back in the day, but the idea that it’s a magical solution to tensions in the Party and necessarily free from manipulation is living in La La Land.

    3. Quite correct, Joseph OKEEFE, Thornberry’s re-selectionis nothing to celebrate. Thornberry (Lady Nugee) is a total opportunist – who has already stabbed Jeremy in the back repeatedly over Remain and second Referendum over recent months . No friend of the working class or any sort of socialist is our Lady Nugee – just another cynical career politician. Her carefully crafted applause-maximising speech at 2018 Conference was one of the most cynical I heard – little more than a long series of name-checking of Left Wing heroes and heroic events, from the Tolpuddle Martyrs, to the International Brigade, to the more recent Anti Nazi League , and the Grunwicks Dispute, the 1984 Miners Strike, etc , etc. One thing is certain, Thornberry herself was at NONE of the more recent iconic Left Wing events ! Of course our gullible Conference attenders lapped it up !

  2. Any Labour MP who is a member of the LFI, the JLM or the Tribune Group and signed the petition against Chris Williamson, should face serious scrutiny when up for reselection. If their record shows “a pattern of behaviour” unsupportive of Jeremy Corbyn, deselection is warranted.

    1. Jack….I would use a broad church minus approach,and dump all outside body’s just to “catch all” situations…..The unions would be exempt of course….but we need to look at democratizing the block vote So much too be done in democratizing the Labour party….?

      1. More important to have a high threshold for votes cast as a percentage of the membership.

  3. What about the rest of the Shadow cabinet, has any of them been deselected?

  4. Heard on Twitter yesterday from a Councillor that deselection had been suspended due to imminent GE. Has anyone else heard this?

    1. Email from Jenny, yesterday said the CLPs have until tomorrow to make their choices .A vain hope that labour whips would suspend some of the nasty MPs and leave the door open for a socialist selection has just evaporated .Instead they procedurally deselect Chris Williamson. Poor show .

    2. I wont bet against it. Once more, the right will have outflanked the left again. I think we have to give it to the right – they are more organized and better at playing factional politics than the left. Understandably so, given the fact that they have been embedded within party machinery and devising party rules since the Blair/Brown years, something us on the left have spectacularly failed to do since Corbyn came to power. So Corbyn is like a horse in a span of oxen – mismatch. Add to that, mass expulsions/exclusions/smears of left members. And we, the members, will be obligated to hit campaign trail on behalf of these candidates knowing fully well that they are opposed to the party leader. That completes the dire situation we on the left find ourselves in.

      1. The hard reality is that this shitfest of Brexit has cut across internal Party issues to the benefit of existing PLP members. Constituency parties need to be blunt about the consequences of future actions.

        As to Chris Williamson – a campaign is needed to overturn the procedurally corrupt suspension. Difficult decisions for his constituency party.

      2. As an afterthought – perhaps this is another reason for heading off a precipitate election.

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