Poll: should Tom Watson resign over role in false abuse allegations?

Calls for Watson to resign for promoting allegations of convicted fraudster Carl Beech after retired judge’s comments

A damning report by a retired judge is expected to conclude that Tom Watson played a pivotal role in the Metropolitan Police’s decision to pursue paedophilia allegations made by Carl Beech, who was jailed in July on twelve counts of perverting the course of justice and one of fraud for his false accusations.

Watson has attempted to minimise his part in the process, with local witnesses disputing his version of events. With the judge’s findings believed to be damning, Beech’s victims are expected to call for his resignation.

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35 responses to “Poll: should Tom Watson resign over role in false abuse allegations?

  1. Haven’t comrades noticed by now that he ALWAYS brazens out calls to quit?

    It rather indicates the Left’s lack of seriousness that no-one ever stands against him and gives party members a democratic choice.

    • Problem seems to be that it is the PLP that have to nominate someone. Sadly too many of them are condoning his very damaging behaviiur

    • Once he was democratically elected by the members, he’s there for the time being! Let’s hope this is the jemmy to wedge him out!!

  2. This is a ridiculous article. ‘Should Watson Resign’?
    Dont you understand? (Of course you do) Watson will never resign. Calls to quit are a waste of time. You know it (annonymous author). We all know it. The Nonce Finder General is in place until the cows come home. That is why this article and its silly questionaire is an embarassment to the authour and this website.
    The only way Labour rid themselves of Tom Watson is to deselect or he loses his seat.
    Of course he should have been removed (as deputy) ages ago, but thats the problem. Labour’s hopeless leader is just not up to the job of leading.
    We are crashing out of EU regardless of Tory party splits, but because there is no effective opposition at Westminster.
    Refusal to print this comment will confirm the blind denial of reality and the certainty the downfall continues..

    • There is no effective opposition in the country because our news media belongs to the same class as the ruling party – particularly the BBC as it’s the only outlet with a significant audience. Changing leaders would not make a speck of difference to whether the Tories are held to account. The press has effectively given them carte blanche, whether implementing economic ideas discredited in the 1930s, economically murdering 130,000 Britons, implementing policies of ethnic cleansing, or parliamentary coups. It seems disingenuous to blindly deny reality and blame LOTO. Imagine Laura Pidcock as LOTO. Would that make a huge difference? Imagine the BBC represented the interests of the general populace rather than the neoliberal ruling class. Would that make a difference? The Tories would have been out years ago.

      As we discuss this, the most effective journalist and publisher in the world remains in solitary confinement as a political prisoner of the Tories, at the behest of war criminals, while the corporate media who profited from his work publish smears about LOTO and prop up the Tory regime. “Labour’s hopeless leader” — what a joke

      • I’d prefer the BBC to be neutral rather than justly accused of bias by the Tories.
        Unfortunately Corbyn also has Blair’s Thatcherite parachutists on his back like the scorpion on the frog.
        Without Corbyn they’d sink without trace like Chuka – yet the morons try to drag him under at every opportunity.

      • I dont blame Corbyn. Although I have never met him I like him. He seems like a decent man. But he is not a leader.
        I blame The Labour Party for its on going travails. Its not JCs fault he cant lead. Leaderership skills are possessed only by a few. He has none. It is not in his nature. He cant deal with conflict of any kind. The whole world knows it.
        He should never been elected in the first place. Remember he was put on the ballot paper back in 2015 by default. That is comical in itself, looking from where i am standing. How can a political party seriously claim to run a country if it cant run itself?
        And dont blame the media for Labour’s woes. Labour has handled it before. Remember Alistair Cambell.
        Thats an unpalatble truth about leadership. The really good leaders require opponents and fellow members to respect, maybe even fear them. Look how Boris Johnson is laying it out to wobbly Tory MPs. Back me or your gone.
        Corbyn cant even sort out the agent provocateur, that is his own deputy.

      • And where are you standing in fact, Richard MacKinnon?
        You claim Corbyn’s a “hopeless leader” and that he’s only there because of a fluke – but he’s overcome coup attempts, the excoriation of the whole MSM including the BBC (arguably the most effective organ of propaganda in history), attacks on his character by the Tories, Israel and the right wing of Labour – for FOUR YEARS.
        His presence has energised the young, doubled membership and made the party solvent again.
        He’s done all this without so much as raising his voice yet you want him replaced by someone better.


      • Brad bell.. Some good points,but Laura piddock wouldnt be running around to every available news outlets giving credibility to every attack on the Labour party and our leader.You need to understand that when Watson speaks he’s speaking for the Labour party and we voted him in?.. He has single handed done more damage than any individual I can think of to the Labour party. The scandal is why he has not been challenged by any mp?

    • Richard MacKinnon.. This ridiculous article as you call it .. ,reminds everyone ,including mps who read these columns that Watson’s still in there attacking the Labour party on the eve of an ..election!What’s wrong with that.Hopefully some of our gutless mps will give us the answer to why they have not challenged Watson. Its becoming one of life’s mystery

    • Richard MacKinnon

      Your comment is one big hostage to fortune and you will get reminded of it when the time is right.

      Brad Bell is quite correct. While the public remain in credulous awe of the BBC and the MSM, it makes no difference who the Labour leader is if they’re Socialist. They’ll always get it in the arse. Which is why Corbyn promised the BBC he’d be coming for them if he gets in.

      David McNiven@3.31pm is also correct. Corbyn has already proved himself a brilliant leader by his survival in the face of all that has been thrown at him.

      Who could’ve done any better in the circumstances? The Brexit bores on here are always reluctant to answer that one cos constructive criticism isn’t their bag, man. They’re just into shit-flinging.

    • You think the leader is useless! The biggest membership ever and rising, the great result under the circumstances in 2017? The circumstances being the absolute trashing by the BBC, Sky, every paper bar the Mirror? All have billionaire owners, the BBC run by a panel of ex Eton, all terrified of his manifesto to raise their taxes by 5p in the £ and close offshore accounts! Use your loaf! The young adore him, they sing his name at festivals, in Universities,at rallies! He works harder than anyone else in the whole of the commons! Anyone with an once of nous knows he’s far from bloody useless!

      • I remembered him during our battles with NF, BUT and their weird stormtrooper Nicky Crane. He never bottled it and was a true socialist. Proud to be a comrade then and now. Who else have we got? Have faith dress warmly and be polite when you are campaigning. Bring it on! Best wishes and stock up on the espresso.

  3. I want him out because he’s a disloyal twat and a half-Tory with unfailingly piss-poor judgement – but I’ve read insufficient information to know whether he misused his office in this case or not – the fact that he constantly does so elsewhere isn’t proof he did here.
    I’d vote for an enquiry but not a witch hunt so I’m not voting, sorry.

    • Fair point. No virtue in demanding proper process only when it suits : it strengthens the case of the fakes.

      Also, I note “A damning report by a retired judge *is expected* …”

      A case of premature speculation? Timing is all.

    • ps obviously if criminal charges such as misconduct in a public office follow then he should certainly resign – and no nonsense about Labour paying his legal bills – if the evidence is clear the honourable thing to do is plead guilty.
      If he’s brought the party into disrepute in this or anything else then he should resign – I think he’s guilty of that but I’m betting the NCC would let him skate.

      • David.. Watson has an exempt get out of jail card,or the NCC would have thrown him out a long time ago.He could have been nailed on any number of charges against the Labour party and the leadership.. Goldon child ….for many

      • Some people are responsible for bringing humanity into disrepute!

  4. No. He should not resign over the allegations because there is something very fishy when the estdt wants a pro-estdt figure to resign. There are quite a few suggesting that the victim/accuser/perpetrator here has been punished publically in order that any real victims who come forward are ignored.
    He should resign because the members want him because he works against the Labour Party NOT because the esdt want him to!

    • He should resign because of what he is. He c.f.once me of some earlier TH barons. On to victory!

  5. As veronica57livecouk said – Plus….

    I’m far from satisifed that beech’s conviction (for the apparent lying) is sound, so in this case – and ONLY this case – I’ll give fatberg the benefit of the doubt.

    But there is NO doubt about any of the other gripes made against watson. He should be punted for each & every one of them – individually, as well.

    • In fact, scrub what I said earlier – the gobshite’s a gobshite; incapable of holding his own piss.

      Therefore he should be sacked rather than allowed to resign.

    • I am not convinced by the Beech fit up. Maybe the only thing I am willing to listen to from him(Watson) and that is because of the way the Establishment rallied around and mobilised against him. It makes me question the need for such a belligerent attitude. You think that such treatment would give him the ability to adopt an empathetic view of the underdog. Time will tell. Get on the doorbell brothers and sisters, this is an extremely important GE. Best wishes to you all.

  6. Of course its nonsence to vote him out on the paedophile inquiry,just because he targeted the wrong cranks… But I voted him out anyway.. Basically when it comes to this particular treacherous dog. I would treat him like I would a paedophile and wipe them from the planet…

  7. David McNiven 03/09/2019 at 3:31 pm ·
    “……….you want him replaced by someone better.” No I dont.
    JC is the democratically elected leader of the Labour Party. (twice).
    He is the members choice. He rightly deserves his chance.
    My point is he is not a leader. That is my observation.
    I agree he gets a bad press. And yes the accusations are unfair and unfounded. But where is the defence. Where are the counter attacks.
    So I ask myself,
    Why is Tom Watson still deputy? Why is he still a member?
    The BBC? a ‘state broadcaster’ with far over reaching influence on our culture, the nations politics religion, and sport? licence fee revenues alone 4.5 billion per year? What would priviisation of the BBC raise 100 billion? 200? At least a threat of privitisation would put it in its place.
    Anti semitism? Is there? or is there not possibly a darker more profound explanation: could it be that the allegations of anti semitism are levelled at Corbyn to deflect criticism away from the state of Israel and their ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people?
    I reiterate my objectivity. I am only pointing out that I see a complete lack of leadership and I therefore conclude that I can see no possibilty of a Labour government under its present leader.

    • So you “see a complete lack of leadership [and] no possibility of a Labour government under its present leader” yet you don’t want him replaced.
      No contradiction there, then.

      I and others have advocated informing the BBC that they’re on thin ice with the next Labour government – and challenging the Israel lobby on their tissue-thin or blatantly faked-up AS claims.
      I and others have linked to Al Jazeera’s “The Lobby” on many, many occasions here and elsewhere – so your question and your suspicions of conspiracy are somewhat redundant in this forum.
      Many of us might question tactics but feel we have probably the best Labour leader ever and choose to give him the benefit of any doubt and the consideration not to criticise him publicly.

    • Jeremy Coryn might not satisfy your definition of a leader Richard MacKinnon, but his lack of dicator instincts convinces most of the 59% of Labour members that voted for him that they made a great choice.

      He is a wonderful Leader of the Opposition and will be the most productive Prime Minister this country could have.

      Statesmanship and leadership – stronger for being so natural to him.

    • Wow just wow??? What is it you want them?? Another Blair , he looked like a leader, acted like a leader, is that what you’re saying? That went well didn’t it? Was Cameron a good leader? Confident, blustering, cocky, that went well too! Thatcher, sarcastic, mouthy cocky confident, that went well. You don’t have to look mouthy and cocky and loud to be a good leader! A labour leader should be exactly what Corbyn is, for the 99%, for the workers, for the NHS, for the children, for the old, the mentally challenged, and many things more! He’s more than that in fact, he’s experienced and kind and caring! Name me anyone who could replace him with the respect he has all over the country and in every age group!

      • You’ve hit upon an important point, pat.

        Blair got the public to regard slickness as the mark of statesmanship. An extension of show business, even. Shallow, opportunist and self-serving. This is what attracted all these career politicians to Labour like flies to shit and this is why we need Corbyn.

        He’s the only one who’s going to eradicate all that shit, because he embodies the opposite.

  8. Tom Watson is hardly an effective member of Labour. I’d rather he were not one of our MPs. I see him as a disloyal, self-serving and duplicitous.

    He certainly should NOT be Deputy Leader today – and I feel wretched to have voted for him back in 2015.

    Could he really have been a better candidate than Stella Creasey, Ben Bradshaw, Caroline Flint or Angela Eagle?

    Maybe that’s the point. The largest political party in Europe HAS to have better than him (and them, the other candidates).

    Rejoin and rejuvenate – Labour needs its people back

      • do hou mean angela E, Ben B, Nen B and Stella Creasey? They were the “alternatives” when Watson stood as Dep Leader, not my suggested replacements.

        We need better candidates than any/all the 2015 alternatives, democratic socialists not third-way conservatives ,

  9. TWatson’s resignation has been called for, for one duplicitous reason or another, almost constantly over the last couple of years.

    There has been poll after Twitter storm. And yet he’s the stain on the floor that just can’t be shifted.

    Does he think he serves the Establishment’s purpose better where he is…?

  10. See what the report concludes. I would support his resignation or his dismissal based on his disloyalty to the Labour Party.

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