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Breaking: Watson hammered as Beech found guilty of abuse invention

Watson ‘gave oxygen’ to false claims and exercised ‘spectacularly bad judgment’ in ‘crude dog whistle’ behaviour

Tom Watson has been hammered in public by one of the victims of false allegations of sexual harassment by Carl Beech. Beech was convicted today on twelve counts of perverting the course of justice and one of fraud.

Watson had already been criticised by a witness to IICSA, the child sexual abuse inquiry, by one witness who spoke to him about allegations. Peter McKelvie said:

Tom Watson ‘mixed up’ his facts and made exaggerated claims about a ‘powerful paedophile network’ linked to Downing Street… I would never have wanted Tom Watson to do a PMQ as a tactic until he heard the whole story.

Now former MP Harvey Proctor, one of the victims of Beech’s accusations, has laid into Watson for his part in a ‘truly digraceful chapter’, saying that Watson ‘gave oxygen’ to the false claims and continuing:

The Metropolitan Police were lapdogs to Mr Watson’s crude dog whistle. It’s time for the torchlight to take a closer look at Mr Watson.

It is now beyond doubt that all of these allegations could never have been true and only someone with spectacular bad judgment could think that they might be.

It is time for an apology from him to me and everyone named or implicated in this truly disgraceful chapter in the history of British policing, which was allowed to happen because of internal failings at the highest level within the Metropolitan Police Service.

Tom Watson continues to try to insert himself into the Labour Party’s disciplinary processes and was recently heavily criticised by Labour officials and members for his attacks on party general secretary Jennie Formby.

Formby, who is undergoing chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer, had provided Watson and the rest of the Shadow Cabinet with information about the party’s response to the EHRC investigation into handling of antisemitism complaints. Watson was silent during the session, but then publicly attacked Formby in the media for supposedly failing to provide him with information.

He was also accused of breaching the 2010 Equality Act in his ‘bullying’ of Formby, who as a cancer sufferer qualifies for protection under the Act as a disabled person.

Mr Watson has been contacted for comment.

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  1. And let’s not forget Tom boy’s previous:

    Watson was campaign chair for Labour in the Birmingham Hodge Hill by-election in July 2004. The campaign drew criticism for its dirty tactics, particularly a Labour leaflet proclaiming “Labour is on your side – the Lib Dems are on the side of failed asylum seekers”

    “Tom Watson (Labour politician)” on @Wikipedia:

  2. Even that nasty piece of work procter can’t believe the depths watson will plumb to promote himself and his idea of justice.Frightening really to think we have unleashed him on the public and Corbyn NEC time for removing him and quickly!

    1. Watson needs to be suspended immediately and the whip removed. He shouldn’t be allowed to tough this out. I wouldn’t be surprised if litigation followed after this judgement.

  3. This libellous excuse for a human being should be thrown out of the Party forthwith, he has not so much brought the Party into disrepute as dragged it whimpering into the sewer.
    Unfortunately he appears to have powerful protectors. The Independent, very unusually, is not allowing comment on the Carl Beech trial, despite the fact that it is no longer sub judice.

  4. I’ve been rolling about laughing… Watson has started a funding campaign, against Galloway’s challenge, with the strap line… “Say no to the politics of hate”.

    Watson is the plotter in chief of hate, backstabbing, lies and smear.

    1. George would slaughter Watson in a debate if Watson dared turn up, hope it’s live streamed!

      1. Hope George challenges Twatson to debate and if no show , then empty chair him , even better !!

      2. George will not be allowed a debate and Watson would not be available…..but most of all Labour party members are in a Very difficult situation….in twatsons constituency……?

      3. FFS ! OK, Galloway is a persuasive speaker and debater, that much is true. All con men have the gift of the gab. But it never ceases to amaze me that so many on the Left still worship the very ground that that utter scoundrel, George Galloway, walks on .

    2. Lol jpenny, get a life will you and take your nasty, slanderous chips with you.

      Btw, I am not sure I would describe myself as ‘on the left’ either.

  5. The condemnation of watson coming from harvey proctor carries no weight with me. I remain totally unmoved by his protests and bleating. Might as well come from margaret hodge for all I care.

    Had it been the trial judge castigating watson it would’ve carried a lot more gravitas.

    Nevertheless, it didn’t surprise me at all to see that the tables were turned and the accusations went a full 180 degrees back towards to the accuser….And this time they stuck.

    Well, they HAD to…

    watson would be the very last person on earth I’d confide in. He is utterly fucking useless…

    Every bit as useless as tess may who ‘lost’ 114 files into sexual abuse in Westminster.

    So it’s no wonder to see beech get found guilty. Is he a liar? I honestly don’t know. I have my doubts if I’m honest. I DO know that some people within the Westminster clique – alive or dead – are ‘untouchable’

    1. When a totally innocent person such as Harvey Proctor loses his job and the tied accommodation that goes with it , when he is accused of disgusting crimes he did not commit and his character is torn to shreds in the media this is very wrong and differences in his and our political opinion, class access to the establishment /old boy network does not make it right.
      General Brammeld’s home was raided by police while he was “having breakfast” with his wife who has dementia . Unfortunately I have experience of dementia patients and he was probably helping to feed her. The poor woman must have been terrified as well as robbed of her privacy and dignity in her own home.
      I have posted about Leon Brittan earlier. He was dying of cancer when he was hounded by the police and MSM and publicly denounced as evil by Tom Watson.
      I think Cliff Richard was one of the accused as well. We all know what happened to him and saw the terrible physical toll it took on him
      These are only the cases that I know the details of but there were many more innocent people both living and dead who were accused and hounded and whose families suffered at the hands of liar and fantasist Carl Beech otherwise known as Nick who was backed to the hilt by Tom Watson.
      Tom clearly does not believe in innocent until proven guilty and now wants to bring in auto expulsion in our party in cases where there is apparent evidence of anti semetism – no due process ,just the accusation or appearance of guilt and you ‘re out.
      He has learned nothing and apart from a belated apology to Lady Brittan showed no remorse for the hurt and pain he helped inflict on innocent people. Our party has always stood up to injustice and class bigotry and I am truly ashamed that he was elected our deputy leader.
      Time for him to go.

      1. Edit – the General wrongly accused was General Bramall not Brammeld as stated n the post.

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