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GE now almost certain. Johnson wants it for the 52%; Swinson for the 48%. Corbyn will fight it for the 99%

General election now looks almost certain, in spite of Johnson’s speech screw-up – but only one party leader wants to fight for all but the so-called ‘elite’
Jeremy Corbyn – for the many

In spite of Boris Johnson’s complete failure this evening to deliver the threat he had called a televised speech especially to deliver, a general election now looks almost inevitable. Johnson’s bluff will be called by MPs this week – and like any weak man he will follow through to save face.

In a week in which many parents barely scraped the pennies together to pay for school uniforms and send their children back to school hoping for their first decent meal in weeks, ordinary people will see many MPs squabbling among themselves while millions struggle.

This election will be about real life.

The simple reality will be that Boris wants a general election for – at most – the 52%

Jo Swinson and her fellow centrists will go into the general election claiming to represent the 48%.

Only Jeremy Corbyn and Labour will be fighting this election for the 99%.

For the poor. For the hungry. For the hard-pressed. For the underpaid. For the disabled, for the vulnerable.

For the huge numbers of homeless people and the millions in destitution because of government policies, cuts and conscious cruelty. For the students, for the sick and frail and for those who fight to make them well or keep them safe and comfortable.

For our servicemen and women, for our police, our veterans, our doctors, nurses, paramedics and all the undervalued millions exploited by the Tories and the system they represent.

For you and for me – and our children, parents, grandparents, neighbours, friends.

For the many and not the few.

For them – for us – Labour and Corbyn are the hope and promise of real change. For them, Corbyn, Labour and their supporters will fight this election – against all the corrupt power of the Establishment and its media.

And for them – for us – he can, must, will win. Corbyn and Labour are ready – this was some of them out in pouring rain to hear him issue the rallying cry tonight in Salford:

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  1. Very well said. This could be the last stand of the capitalist media-and its state slave.

  2. Well written.

    Deeping social divisions, rising anger, abuse and number of extremists, verses unity, corporation and tolerance.

  3. Yes Corbyn will be fighting for the 99% . What a good way of highlighting exactly what this farcical Brexit is about …ignoring or obscuring at best the very real divisions , inequality and poverty that we are having to put up with.

  4. Gauke just said on Newsnight that parliament has to take back control – from ‘BloJob and the Brexiteers’ though, not from the EU.
    You couldn’t fucking make it up.

    1. Parliament,our last stop for the only small bit of democracy we have,is gradually because of the culture of elitism becoming more like an extension of the TORY party,,jerremy likes to get out amongst the people while most of our parliamentarian s like to rot away inside their palace and revel in the exclusive private mens club.We really do need to get out of Westminster and the establishment poison of living in London.The last bastion of democracy the palace of Westminster may damage your health and sanity…..Time for walkeys mps and get out of Westminster!

  5. It’s the playwrights I feel sorry for – all this brexshit is ripe for farce and the Whitehall Theatre is no more.

    1. Good question, Baz, and it’s worth repeating:

      How many trigger ballots have been held thus far? My suspicion is that we are going to end up in the same situation as 2017, where the NEC determined that there is no time for re-selection processes to run their course, so sitting MPs must remain in their seats. And the danger is that we are going to have these right-wingers de-campaigning JC because they will rather have anyone but Corbyn as PM. Or, if, against their expectations, JC’s Labour wins, they will forever be an obstacle with their neo-liberal economics soulmates in parliament to implementation of democratic socialist policies.

  6. Charles Walker, Tory chair of the procedures committee, thinks Parliament taking over the order paper to prevent BloJob becoming dictator is undemocratic – because it could lead to some of his best mates in the party losing their comfy sinecures.
    You couldn’t fucking make it up.

    1. We tried to reform parliament in 1605…It didn’t work then and it will never work untill we move parliament out of London and make it more accessible to the general public……The key is scrutiny and who better than joe public?

  7. It looks like de ppifel Johnson has got a puppy to keep her indoors happy.. Who’s going to feed the cat 🐱,and who’s going to take the dog for a walk… I am not convinced that a man thats made the country a laughing stock abroad.. Can he be trusted with either a cat 🐱 …a 🐕 or the country …..Whats Betty going to think when she heard Bozzo has been entrusted with her beloved animals…..She might have to Rowe back on her treacherous prerogative…..Come on betty give the peasants a chance…regards your tallness…joe public!

    1. Joe, I’ve researched the question and that’s not a cat or a puppy on his head, it’s a Peruvian guinea pig.
      I’ve seen pictures and there’s no doubt.

  8. No socialist analysis! It is the capitalist system which divides society into rich and poor. EU law (along with the laws of other supranational regimes) have been designed to guarantee the judicially-protected constitutional protection of capitalism. Democratic socialists need to discard the constitutional protection of capitalism before they can replace capitalism with a system of democratic socialism – a new economic system which alone can ensure the triumph of the 99 per cent over the 1 per cent.

    See Costas Lapavitsas’ excellent new analysis on “Moving Towards Socialism”:

    1. A great article from Costas Lapavitsas – though sobering in its implications for a hoped for Labour victory .

      Unfortunately, despite the fluffed speech , Johnson and Cummings gameplan is so far on track – with an endless set of bogus big spending promises delivered in the last few weeks to undermine our Labour Election promises, and Johnson able to pose as “the champion of the popular democratic 2016 Referendum Leave vote victors”- against the manoeuvring Remainer political elite”. Bollocks of course – but a powerful snap election narrative.

  9. Despite what Danny and Skwawky say, the only way the vast majority of British people will benefit is if remain in the EU and have a Corbyn Labour Government. If we leave the EU a future Labour government will be hamstrung by having to replace all the trade the Tories will have destroyed. We will be so tied up in even getting back to where we are now that we can forget for at least a decade making any improvement on today’s situation.

    1. It’s worse than that, Jack.

      The economy of the UK is incredibly unbalanced (as well as socially unbalanced – the two are connected). There is a massive job of redirection and reconstruction to do, and it can’t be done in five minutes whilst having the ball and chain of Brexit impoverishment around the ankle makes the process even more difficult. That constraint is far more significant than present EU law.

      The ERG’s Brexit fixation is quite simple : the economy and the plebs can go hang as long as the funny (unproductive) rentier money keeps rolling in for their 1%. All else is delusion.

  10. The War Criminal thinks we should not fall into Cummings and his glove puppets GE trap, methinks we know why
    A GE before 31st brings in Brexit party who will decimate Tory vote and give the rest of us a clear choice between No Deal and something sensible,
    It also clears path for 2nd referendum but only if Labour win , FPTP should finish the job
    Welcome back Scotland into the Labour fold, normal service resumed, more Panda’s than Tories

  11. Jack , lets just deal with the present situation of getting a GE under a united Leaver and Remainer pact which appears to have happened , thankfully, spontaneously , rather than revert back to partisan positions playing the game of the Powerful Elite who do not have our interests at heart , divide and conquered or unity is strength and success.

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