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Watson fails to mention leader’s ‘stop no-deal’ letter – two days after saying Corbyn must work with LibDems

Watson silent on social media about Corbyn’s letter to MPs on plan to prevent no-deal Brexit
Tom Watson

On Tuesday, Labour’s notional deputy leader Tom Watson was pictured meeting LibDem leader Jo Swinson to discuss cooperation to prevent a no-deal Brexit. Both Watson and Swinson say they oppose a no-deal Brexit and want a new referendum – with Swinson even saying she will “do whatever it takes to stop Brexit” altogether.

Watson said that Corbyn must work work the LibDems to prevent a no-deal scenario:

Last night, Corbyn outmanoeuvred Swinson and other centrists by sending a letter to MPs of various parties inviting them to work with him on a vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson’s government, in return for a general election and a Labour pledge to include a new public vote with a remain option in its manifesto.

Swinson promptly made a mockery of her ‘whatever it takes’ claim by rejecting the offer – but as of the time of writing, Watson’s social media feed has made no mention of his leader’s offer to do what Watson had just said he should:

Watson’s Twitter feed this afternoon – no mention of Corbyn’s letter.

The SKWAWKBOX has also been unable to find any statement by Watson to other media mentioning Corbyn’s letter.

Tom Watson’s office was not answering the phone this afternoon when the SKWAWKBOX attempted to contact him for comment.


Jeremy Corbyn called Tom Watson’s and Jo Swinson’s bluff with his strategic decision to offer MPs a chance to cooperate. In its wake, both have disgraced themselves and their motives have been exposed.

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  1. Judge a person by the friends that they keep?……To think many of us including me voted for this snake……Why’s Watson still here?

  2. Well that really doesn’t surprise me at all. Now we can claim categorically that the only remit Mr Watson has, along with Mr Umuna, Ms Hodge et al, is to get Corbyn ousted and get rid of members in droves. Sad what it’s come to. They are the reason we are in this mess, well they helped a great deal.

    1. … but the big change is a strategy that actually combats that nexus instead simply complaining..

      1. Totally agree RH , a welcome change from JC instead of taking hits as a punch bag and hits the bastards where it hurts

  3. Yep bears shit in woods and pigs stink , now how is that crowdfunder going for George Galloway challenge to Twatson , I hope well and he wins , job done .The irony we could have an expelled independent MP replacing the Labour MP , who happens to the Deputy Leader , and said Independent supports the Leader and Party more … just bizarre !!

    1. I hope George Galloway does not get the chance to stand against Watson because either
      1) Watson is deselected or
      2)Watson has the whip withdrawn over the VONC issues.
      I hope the same will apply to all the other Labour in Name only MPs so that we will see the back of them too

      1. I agree Smartboy and that would be the ideal solution 1 or 2 , but its very unlikely to happen i feel.

  4. Fat yokel swinson says that ‘Most MP’s don’t want Corbyn…..’

    For those that distrust MP’s of any persuasion, this is a massive pointer as to what you should hanker for.

    Mind you, wide-faced yokel swinson also uses the blood-boiling phrase ‘heart of hearts’ For that alone, her huge arse should be continually booted. (Oh and having ‘respect’ for ‘paedogate’ harman)

    1. “fat yokel” really??? I’m no admirer of Swinson but (a) that’s body and class shaming and should not be present in any socialist discourse and (b) utterly untrue.

      Attack the lib dem leader for being morally and politically bankrupt and working hand and glove with someone of such poor judgement as Tom, but not that.

      1. Get a life, David. swinson’s neither svelte nor ‘scouse’

        Never laughed at the terms used for boris? JRM? watson? pickles? widdicombe?

        Never used them terms yourself? Don’t think ed balls is a colossal weirdo?

        No? Then it’s a pity you shit lad, or else they’d stick you in the waxworks or the window in Lewis’s

        If they annoy me, they’re fair game. I really couldn’t give a shite what the professionally offended on behalf of other s think.

      2. I think the best rebuttal is just to highlight your toxic reply.

        Well done.

      3. Oh I profusely apologise for calling the fat yokel a fat yokel.

        And there was me thinking what was wholly unfair and unsavoury was swinson’s voting record which left people in abject penury or with increased tuition debts all for a fucking five pence plastic bag tax.

        Voted with the toerags more times than most toerags makand you complain about the fat yokel being called such?

        Made life even more miserable for the most unfortunate but she doesn’t deserve being called for what she is?

        Yeah, alright then.

    2. You won’t defeat the opposition by crawling into the gutter to insult them. You just make yourself look ignorant, literally and metaphorically.

      1. You reckon?

        Worked for trump. Worked for bozo. Yeah, they look ignorant – that much I don’t deny – but who’s running their respective countries?

        Take a look at swindle’s voting record and tell me I got no right to call her. Made my quality of life (For one) a shitload poorer (Not that it was spiffing anyway) and somewhat harder for the likes of me to better ourselves.

        Just like a certain mad arl’ bastard called thatcher from the past…You tellin’ me you never had a term for thatcher? Didn’t rejoice at the arl bitch’s demise?

        Save your holier than thou bollocks for someone who might give a f**k.

        Cos I don’t.

        swinson took most of what little I had from me; that makes her a fair target for my wrath. And I’ll neither retract nor recant.

  5. I voted twice for Jeremy in the hope that he would be better than the capitalist politicians; instead he wants to lead them in this Quisling Establishmentarian government jam-packed with Neoliberals. Electoral disaster! Good job if LibDems have vetoed!

    1. Delusion. A pretty good imitation of ‘electoral disaster’ has been the scenario for some two years, if you’ve been awake and looking at the indicators.

      Which in any world but a fantasy one indicates the need for a new approach/initiative.

  6. Perhaps JC has played a blinder! Temp PM, Brief Extension to Article 50, General Election, Hopefully Labour wins, Labour gets a Better Brexit Deal and puts this to the public but with an option to Remain too.
    The initial losers would be the No Dealers but as someone who reluctantly voted Remain (as a last chance to EC wide break the Neo-Liberal Chain) I would be confident in backing Labour’s Better Brexit Deal this time so what’s up with the Neo-Liberal Remainer Centrists, afraid of putting their perpective to the test? Deal or No Deal!
    Solidarity to Socialists!

  7. JC needs to play a hard game here. For the VONC there must be a three line whip and the threat of having the whip withdrawn for anyone who votes with the Tories.

    1. I also think that there needs to be consideration of how to make wider Party support visible now that policy is more unambiguously lined up with what is known of that support.

      A major flaw in strategy since Corbyn’s re-election has been the disconnect with that wider support, which has given the PLP fakes room to play.

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