Video: Umunna owned on Newsnight as ‘no Tory will support Corbyn’ claim busted

Quitter MP caught out on national television

Former Labour/TIG/CUK and now LibDem MP Chuka Umunna was embarrassed on national television last night when his claim – that no Tory MPs would support Jeremy Corbyn’s plan to prevent a Johnson no-deal Brexit – was disproven within seconds of him making it.

Umunna’s face was a picture as presenter Emma Barnett brought ‘something inconvenient’ to his attention:

Umunna either hadn’t done his homework or hoped/assumed no one would bring it up – but Tory MP Dominic Grieve had said he is ‘carefully’ considering Corbyn’s plan.

Umunna’s – and his party’s – desperation to stop Corbyn clearly trumps their much-touted desire to stop a hard Brexit. But he won’t have expected it to be exposed on the normally docile BBC Newsnight.

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    1. Precisely what I was thinking, Toffee!

      What makes him even more annoying is his total lack of self-awareness. He’s a political nobody now and everyone knows his shallow political opportunism, yet he still feels entitled to pursue his delusion cos the MSM still have him on speed-dial cos of his African Prince appeal to the virtue-signalling types who’d rather donate to the poor in Africa than to foodbanks in the UK (ie all the Jo Swinson-admiring, Corbyn-hating women/Centrists). They make me wanna puke!

      1. Why do you have to bring Africa into this? I agree that he is a self serving careerist MP but African prince is just down right offensive and people can donate to any cause they choose. You just sound racist and ignorant

      2. You misunderstand. That was how I heard him once described by an admirer of his. so it’s the way they think. Racist? Ha! You’d denounce me as an anti-semite for criticising Jewish people I should think. This is what we’re up against. The feeble-minded liberal herd mentality.

  1. You know I actually feel sad for this pathetic excuse for an MP , it’s no longer even “sport” to take him down , a 10 yr old could do that with ease . Just a Twat and really we shouldn’t waste a further second on him

  2. He just…. No I don’t have the vocabulary. Has that interviewer got a nice little earner all ready for when she gets the boot. First time that I have seen N.N in years and it was well worth the wait. Thanks.

  3. Not the biggest fan of Emma Barnet but her
    ‘Sorry to shit in your custard’ comment was priceless

  4. Chuka is rivalling Tom as the biggest Twat in Westminster. He is a cringeing embarassment to whatever political grouplet he currently belongs to. He has no political judgement. If he wants to stay on as an MP (bad idea!) he should be advised to keep his mouth firmly shut.

    1. No point in raising Umunna’s profile by mentioning him. He damages himself without any prompting – as in suddenly discovering the ‘antisemitism’ in Labour that he denied the day before.

  5. I wonder if its compulsory for lib dems to acomadate unwanted trash from Labours garbage pile?

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