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South Wales shopper sends message to Johnson in local Asda

Leckwith Asda display less than flattering to new PM

A South Wales shopper (or possibly staff member?) has used a candle display in his or her local Asda store to send a pithy message to new PM Boris Johnson and to voters. It seems s/he is not a fan, as a local resident reported:

It’s not known whether the message is still on show or has since been scrambled by an Asda employee.


Boris Johnson was trending at number one last night with the #BackdoorBoris hashtag, after a cowardly escape from booing Scots via the back door of Bute House in Edinburgh.

Could #BorisIsAKnobInCandles be the next trending hashtag, as people post pictures of their own efforts in local supermarkets? Perhaps doing it in lettered mugs would be even more appropriate…

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  1. boris and jo is a marriage made in heaven for Labour party
    boris is a knob and jo has previous

  2. I have always respected the Welsh for their ability to hit the nail on the head in a few words.

  3. Hmm… a massive arse and some massive candles… if only there were some way to… erm.., combine the two.

  4. Boris is a knob
    Johnson is a p…, er….tool

    I hear he’s gone to Ireland now, and Varadkar is less than impressed.

    It seems that no-one likes our new PM

    Perhaps that is because he is a Tory shit and has no mandate.

    Bugger off Johnson and call a General Election!

    You’re just wasting everyone’s time!

    JC4PM! Who else?

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