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Video: #BackdoorBoris trends no.1 as cowardly PM dodges boos

Mocking hashtag leads UK social media as Johnson’s disastrous ‘Maybot2’ inaugural tour continues
Boris Johnson in a literal bunker this morning

Unelected new Prime Minister Boris Johnson has trended in top spot today – for reasons he’ll be a lot less than happy about.

Johnson began his tenure this week by embarking on a tour of the Midlands, north and Scotland in what was presumably intended to be a ‘parking tanks on Labour/SNP lawns’ moment.

Instead, Johnson has been forced to skulk in and out of venues because of the hostility of public reaction to his selection by a handful of Tory members. So far, Johnson has:

• been booed in Birmingham
• hidden in a nuclear base north of Glasgow and
• been booed entering Bute house in Edinburgh

So adverse was the reaction today in Edinburgh that Johnson sneaked out the back way to avoid a repeat:

The only known picture of Johnson leaving Bute House – taken by the BBC’s Nick Eardley

But that decision turned out to be yet another mistake – because it gifted social media wits with a hashtag made in heaven: #BackdoorBoris.

The hashtag quickly spread – and quickly climbed the UK’s Twitter trend chart to reach number one:

Johnson has made such a disastrous start – and is running scared of the public to such an extent – that comparisons are being widely drawn with Theresa May’s premiership-defining ‘Maybot’ debacle.


If Johnson thought a bluff manner, some bad jokes and a bit of Latin were going to fool the public as to the gaping flaws in his character and his towering unfitness for the role in which he squats, he is going through a rude awakening.

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  1. Well.. if he’d like to pop into Central Manchester tomorrow, i’d be more than happy to throw something nasty at him! (Hate for Manchester to be left out..) #whathavewedonetodeservethis?

  2. Apart from yourself, SkwaWkbox, where else are comparisons being made with Maybot? I’d like to reference them.

  3. I have asked the BBC to explain why demonstrators in Hong Kong objecting to an extradition bill are described as “pro democracy demonstrators ” but those objecting to the way Johnson has been foisted on the country are simply “demonstrators “.

  4. Years of infidelity have taught Johnson how to make a swift and surreptitious exit from any building #BackdoorBoris

  5. Johnson does not understand the working classes and probably not used to associating with the peasantry as he would perceive anything north of London and Eton.It beggers belief that we are in the 21st century and the British public school system still thrives and the monarchy that appointed Boris!,still exists……One day the public will wake up….but that might take a few more century’s

    1. Oh – don’t get sentimental, Joseph – Boris has plenty of working class supporters. That’s why the Tories are in power – even if not very convincingly. Doziness is class-blind.

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