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As Campbell wants to go back to this, Corbyn tweet ragging Branson goes viral

Former Blair adviser pines for ‘Old-New Labour’ while Corbyn shows why Labour now frightens Establishment and excites voters

Expelled former Blair hatchet-man Alastair Campbell has taken to the airwaves to attack Labour ‘outriders’, after claiming he’s ‘given up on’ Labour and doesn’t want to be a member any more. Labour sources say that in fact he was told two weeks ago, after legal advice to the party, that he wasn’t getting back in – just like he knew before it happened, in spite of the Establishment’s supposed ‘shock’, that his support for the LibDems was likely to result in his expulsion.

But this morning there has been a prime example of the stark difference between the ‘old-New Labour’ Campbell seems to pine for and the Labour Party under Corbyn that so frightens the ‘powers that be’.

This morning, after tycoon Richard Branson tweeted about what makes happiness and “the satisfaction that comes from making a positive difference”, Corbyn was prompted to respond with a cutting reference to the fact that Branson’s health company sued the NHS for an estimated £2 million for not awarding Virgin a contract:

The tweet instantly went viral, with thousands of retweets and twenty thousand likes in its first hour.

By contrast, the Labour Party Alastair Campbell longs to get back had a rather cosier relationship with the billionaire:

Its not too difficult to see why a country so thoroughly sick of ‘business as usual’ politics is less keen on a return to the bad old days than Mr Campbell – even leaving out reference to illegal wars, ‘sexed up dossiers’, meetings on yachts with Russian oligarchs and other minor details.

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  1. First it was the amazon birthday card, now this!

    Keep ’em coming, Jeremy 🙂

  2. Well at least he’s gone now. Let’s hope Mandelson and Blair follow suit. They’re going to try and make as much out of this as possible with the MSM but people are just fed up with their lies and deceit.

    1. Alaister Campbell needs to realise its not the 1990s and the spin and the smears that worked then won’t work now. People can see right through them and right through him.
      Campbell r made an announcement on national TV that he had voted for the Lib Dems in the full knowledge that this announcement would lead to his expulsion from the party under our constitution.
      He was duly expelled and this opened the door to others who drew comparisons with the swiftness of his auto expulsion with our failure (under Iain McNichol) to deal with Anti semetism complaints. Naturally McNichol’s name wasn’t mentioned and the usual suspects used Campbell’s expulsion to have yet another go at Jeremy and Jennie.
      The usual suspects who aspire to taking over the party are clearly as thick as the proverbial 2 short planks if they think we were taken in by any of it.
      In relation to Campbell not wanting to be in the party now ,well he isn’t , he’s out on his ear where he should have been long ago.

    1. She’s “disappointed” the slimy liability has gone, yet she bangs on about the “broad church”, the classic New Labour alibi for treachery, its church being too broad for its roof!

  3. There’s a few names that when they are part of an article you know it’s mendacious spin. Streeting, Phillips, Watson, Campbell, Gaping, Chuka, any Lib Dem, Mann, anyone prepared to prop up the conservatives oh and that busted flush Hodge.

    The disconnect seems to be their lack of grasp that their time has been and gone. Labour is on its last notice with the electorate that are left of centre.

    Every saga of this tediously transparent amateur hour anti left movement that ultimately denies the voter any kind of influence over the future of the country just marks their card further.

    For a figure of ridicule such as Campbell to be given such airtime merely belies the topsy turvy world in which they live and they believe the rest of us are prepared to follow.

    The problem is if they somehow force the left out, or otherwise cause a sellout then Labour will be finished as a political force and the Green Party, whose importance is growing as a left leaning environmentalist movement as the world hots up and the special pleading of the political.clads fades into irrelevance. That is, unless Lucas can avoid the stain of making cause with Swinson.

    However we know.that the aim of the rump of the PLP is to frustrate the left in and out of government so if they pull the pin on Corbyn before an election great. So long and no thanks for all the PPI.

    So bye Campbell. Fade out. Your time is done no matter which way you turn or what you try.

    1. New Labour and the MSM had a deeply symbiotic relationship, so the departure of its linchpin MUST be mourned!

      And the funeral foisted on the public!

  4. Oh diddums Campbell! Chucked out of the Labour Party but for the wrong reasons. Should have gone for the antisemitic portrayal of Michael Howard as Fagin and a flying pig and also of course for the dodgy dossier spreading the big lie which Goebbels would have been proud of that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Good riddance but needs to be joined by Blair, Hodge, Streeting and the other Blairites and Centrist remnants. Ohh Jeremy Corbyn!

  5. What a condescending twat Branson utterly lacks any self awareness and demonstrates how the “elite” live in complete bubble world of their own . What a fuck-whit idiot , god how I hope Labour guts him and his private hospitals and brings em back into public ownership with F.A compensation …

  6. the country was screaming out for clear red water,
    Boris takes cheap and nasties off a cliff,
    who you gonna call

  7. Good that Campbell has gone. Saves us the trouble of deselecting him.

    Jez’s comment to Branson is an absolute gem. Like a diamond, it is both brilliant and cutting, searing through Branson’s bullshit, exposing the cold, hard, calculating capitalist he really is.

    JC4PM – and soon. Perhaps then those like Branson who have relentlessly leeched from the public purse from day one of privatisation will get their just desserts and be sent packing into their holes like the rats they are.

    1. I don’t think Campbell’s ever held any elected office we could deselect him from – if he had I’d agree with you 100% 🙂
      The gall of Branson posturing like a pound shop Carnegie with one face while the other sues the NHS.

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