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Breaking: Tory MP Elphicke has whip withdrawn over sexual assault charges

MP was reinstated by government just before crucial May confidence vote

Within the last few minutes, the Tories have withdrawn the Conservative party whip from Charlie Elphicke, the MP reinstated after suspension following a police interview over sexual assault complaints.

Elphicke was reinstated last year, just in time to vote for Theresa May in December’s no-confidence attempt by Brexiteers.

Elphicke has now been charged by police in connection with alleged sexual assaults.

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  1. Sssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhh!!!!

    In other news….errrrmmm….Oh look! A fluffy squirrel!!

      1. I’m sure that the chap’ll be ok but how could he represent his constituents? Surely be had a full enough plate?Regards.

  2. He can still vote…..and still run with the torys…So the aacussed is innocent till proven guilty or not.Well for me the whole bunch of torys are basically criminals and their right wing Labour followers.To be a Tory in Britain today requires a real criminal mentality and a lack of morality……Apart from that they’re ok?

    1. A lot of it is down to ignorance. I know a woman who is still working despite being in her seventies and in bad health. She genuinely needs the money. She votes Tory because she doesn’t know any better, she believes all the trash she reads in the papers and has been reading since Harold Wilson was PM. She is not wicked or criminal just gullible.
      It is people like her who will determine the outcome of the next election.
      We need to show them that Labour’s anti austerity policies are right for the many not the few, that we offer everyone a better country where people don’t have to sleep on the streets visit food banks, aren’t reduced to destitution by welfare cuts etc. We need to win these people over and I believe we can do so because they aren’t bad people just ignorant and gullible as I said.

      1. Smartboy….good that you have respect and compassion,but the old girls playing you..I spent years in Surrey campaigning to get elected in a Tory area and know my Torys inside out.The old one’s are better because I got less F….ing and blinding but they are still rock solid TORY..I made an historic breakthrough 21 years ago with a Labour win because of an influx of people needing skilled jobs and service work at Gatwick don’t waste your time with old torys remember they were young torys once and still peddled their twisted greedy view on the working classes…..Greed is the prime motivator and good old fashioned snobbery of the old Tory……and the new Torys just the same but they want to export it!

      2. Reply to Joseph O’Keefe
        You may be right- attitudes that make people Tories are very deeply ingrained in some people and for many Tory austerity has to directly affect them before they understand how inhumane it is. Yet the person to whom I refer has had some really hard times but still remains a Tory. I put that down to ignorance -what else could it be?
        I have read a lot of your posts and it looks like you had a very bad time politically at the hands of elements in the party but you haven’t let them ( or the Tories) get you down. Its that sort of strength and solidarity which we possess and which the Tories lack that will take Jeremy to No10

    2. You are spot on. They are different. They love acclaim and applause for giving a speech to bomb fellow human beings. Yeah, they are not quite right.

  3. Depending on the outcome of the court case this could have serious repercussions for the Tories given their tiny working majority.

  4. Labour have a smashing candidate Chartlotte Cornell in Dover and Deal who is already well placed to unseat the Tories at the earliest opportunity whoever their candidate might turn out be.

  5. Albert we have a real chance in Kent and East Sussex were we should be picking up seats.maybe the party should move supporters from areas like Surrey to help in parts of kent and east Sussex rather than s.London ?…..sorry Croydon..but the whole region needs to be canvassed properly and you have all the backing and fantastic database and telephone network…plus brilliant party members.

  6. Before shouting too loudly, it might be worth considering consistency – even a Tory is entitled to due process and a proper testing of accusations. This one is at least going to court.

    Consider the next item on Watson and the use of accusations as a political weapon.

    1. Its down to the NEC now to move on Watson,The evidence is enormous against him and even on tv.If they cannot move on at least a couple of charges against him,then the NEC need to take a good long look at what they have become and consider their positions.

    2. A timely reminder,I follow the ideas of Karl Marx,not the humour of Groucho.

  7. My hope is for a by-election and TBH I don’t care who wins so longs as it ain’t Tory , getting Blowjob Johnsons majority down to zero is the game and hence an election ASAP

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