Worried May reinstates 2 MPs suspended for sex allegations to vote for her

The meeting of Tory MPs to decide the fate of Theresa May is just moments away – it’s scheduled to start at 5pm – and it seems Theresa May and her whips are worried that the vote will be tight.

Tight enough for them to restore the Tory whip to two MPs who have been suspended for months over allegations of sexual misconduct.

Burton MP Andrew Griffiths resigned from the front bench and was suspended in July, after admitting sending thousands of sexually explicit texts to much younger women. He has said that he intends to vote for Theresa May.

Dover MP Charlie Elphicke was suspended late last year over alleged sexual offences involving two female members of his staff. He has tweeted about his reinstatement:

May is still expected to win, but all the signs are that she does not think it will be comfortable – especially after reports that as many as five Cabinet ministers, who have said they will support her, intend to vote against her in the secret ballot.

The reinstatements have a side-effect of raising the number of votes she needs to survive from 158 to 159, as she requires more than half of Tory MPs and the suspended pair were technically independents until today.

In May, the Tories reinstated a councillor suspended for sharing a racist joke in order to take control of Pendle council – even though a council investigator’s report concluded that her claim she had shared it accidentally was not credible.

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  1. There you go all you Tory voting women out there this is what your glorious PM thinks of you and your gender.Lets bring back those sexual perverts suspended from your own party just to ensure the survival of Treezzah .
    She is shitting all over her own backyard and YOU


  2. This again shows how morally and criminally corrupt she is. But then that is in true tory fashion.

  3. Oh the fetid aroma of her signature perfume,…… Sheer Desperation by House of May’s Dictatorship and Power label…..
    The woman (a disgrace to women mind) has no morals, no respect for anyone, anything, or the country. She is a craven, deluded, narcissistic, arrogant, danger to the very heart of our society.
    If she’s willing to go to such lengths to maintain her death grip on the House, with no care as to the damage she is causing, then I firmly believe her mental health needs serious examination and she needs to be sectioned.

  4. There is an open letter collecting signatures on 38Degrees

    If tens of thousands of us sign an open letter to Andrea Leadsom, asking her to investigate and explain this decision, it could stop it from happening again. Will you join me and add your name to the open letter?

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