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Ealing North’s Pound to step down at next election

Shadow Northern Ireland minister and Big Ben activist’s decision announced on CLP Twitter
Stephen Pound

Ealing North MP Stephen Pound has decided not to stand at the next general election. His CLP’s Twitter account announced the news:

In 2017, Pound led MPs’ protests against the temporary silencing of Big Ben.

The Labour Party’s deadline for MPs to indicate whether they wish to stand for re-election, under trigger procedures announced last month, expires this evening.

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  1. He will be missed for his compassion and good sense. If only it was the other Ealing MP, Sharma, that was going!

  2. Steven pound…stood by me and offered support and friend ship when faced by threats from every krank in Sussex when I confronted the bonfie boys and Orange men of Sussex who yearly festoon the town of Lewes in Sussex with no popery signs,and anti Catholic graffiti.Just a bit of fun I was told,!They burnt an effigy of me and dragged it through the town and burnt it next to the papal effigy and guy fawkes ..An ordinary citizan in front of 70,000people and I was told just a bit of fun and tradition.That not how my wife and children viewed it,So when people go on about AS ,try the UVF or the orange lodge with threats to kill.Do you wonder why ian paisley used to holiday in lewes.and Loyalist butcher boys use Sussex for safe houses.I have had my rant but real hatred I have experienced,and steven was a real support in times of need..He sorted the bigoted mp l norman baker for me who spread vile rumour and innuendo for opposing Catholic bigotry when I was confronted with it.I left Sussex and now live abroad and return for campains and I have always believed that the only way the country will survive will be for a socialist government……..Sorry if I go on a bit but for me and my family when faced with an impossible situation left the country and I am now an international member of the Labour party for my sins.?

  3. Joseph, I was wondering about your No Popery comments yesterday but now have an answer.
    Sorry to hear that. How often is the response to calling out bigoted behaviour that ‘it’s just a bit of fun’.
    I’m another atheist but bigotry should be opposed whatever one’s own beliefs.

    1. And I thank you for that, If I wasn’t a Catholic I would probably be an Atheist,I attended a local marriage last week at the marie in a charming village in france.The ceremony of my nephew was every bit as good and meaningful as any Catholic Marriage mass..But like .many my nephew finds British culture alian and selfish.At least we have corbyn not macron?

      1. I experienced the Lewes bigotry 30 odd years ago on famed night and was truly shocked and even more that it still prevails. I doubt this haven for Transition is all bad but certainly some crazies in significant numbers are allowed to continue their hatred

    2. Religion is not the reason for the hatred,it only identified the victims of an ancient enemy within,and also the fear of a native rebellion against the establishment..The native Irish fought the British in Ireland when the British were religion is just the excuse for hatred!

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