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Stephen Twigg latest to step down at next election

West Derby MP says he will not stand for re-election

Stephen Twigg, MP for West Derby in Liverpool, has become the latest to indicate he will not stand at the next general election, in response to the start of Labour’s ‘trigger’ process.

So far, five MPs have decided not to stand. Those who indicate they wish to stand will face potential trigger votes from local members to decide whether they want to initiate a selection contest.

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  1. Hoey, Pound, Twigg.

    I wonder, will my MP, Blairite and sigaTory of the anti-Williamson re-instatement statement, Chris Matheson, join them?

    Come on, Chris, you can do it!

    1. I presume that you were going to put ‘signatory’ but your predictive text iimproved it for you!

      1. No predictive about it this time. I just can’t resist a open goal! 😀

    2. I would remind you that pound is not a blairite and very much a loss for Labour,Too much an individual and an mp who understood the life of the working classes.Such people do not last long in the political jungle. A great loss two the party but age dictates and stephen has my heartfelt best wishes for the future…….avoid the elephants graveyard……..The Lords

  2. Matheson’s a fellow Evertonian IIRC; but that’s all I can say in his favour, Don’t know much else about him tbh, although I’ll take your word for it @timfrom.

    I’m still waiting on news of (ill)eagle (a) from a couple of labour members, including one high-profile one here in Wallaby. As yet, I’ve heard nowt despite being promised to hear before the rest do. 😕

    1. Still heard nowt abar (ill)eagle.

      I dunno…The promises politicians make.

    2. EvrtonianllRC, don’t know what it is comrade. My gran swore by Gentian Violet or Cousin’s Talc. Good post and a speedy recovery.

  3. They prefer to jump before they are pushed. That alone is a good reason for trigger ballots.

  4. Word to the wise. There will be all sorts of shenanigans happening. If your CLP will be undergoing selection process because of the trigger rules please remember ballot papers are the key. Ask a trusted union organization to accept the ballots into their safe, instead of them going to Regional Office.

    1. Ellie gates.. Probable the most important warning today shenanigans at the CL P you have been warned regarding selection process

  5. They the traitors have no choice ,they must carry on or be buried by themselves… Simple. Swimming against the tide!

  6. Stephen did give us one of the most joyous moments in political history the night he downed Portillo but sadly he became another also ran for the establishment

    1. Tim you are wrong ,never a more individual mp than Stephen pound .His whole life has been a blatent ignoring of conventional wisdom and snobbery. He has done much behind the scenes you will never know about in the death wish post of NIrland.Establishment is not stephan and you will never hear the good this man has done because he as always been anti establishment,but a true eccentric.of the first order!I think the sinking of portillo would mean little to stephan and he will remember that many of us are grateful for the work that he has done in combating the cancer of Ulster unionist and loyalist extremists..With the border contention we desperately need people like steven who actualy understand NIrland and could and should be recognised for the work on…….not the lords or establishment knighthood.,the mans better than that,. !

  7. Deadline day approaches and still not many willing to throw away the can LFI ?They think they can win the argument and even the bought and paid for will Struggle against the membership.,but we desperately need to remove this cancer inside the Labour party.

  8. So made up Kate Hoey has decided to step down. I’m sure all of you will agree on here that she has not represented the 70% who voted Remain in her constituency. Good riddance.

  9. no joe …..Is that all you can say regarding a ground breaking mp ,an ulster protestant who tried to breakaway from her background but failed .Brexit is that your narrow way of looking at life,or just the topic bought and paid for…..good night joe at least you try!

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