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As SKWAWKBOX said it would, Labour trigger process began today as MPs asked to confirm intention to stand

MPs asked to confirm whether they wish to stand at next general election, with deadline 8 July

In spite of the usual doubts expressed by centrists and so-called ‘mainstream’ media, the SKWAWKBOX’s exclusive three and a half weeks ago, that Labour members were imminently to be given the opportunity to decide whom they want to represent them in the next general election (GE), has been proven correct.

The party has begun the first phase of the ‘trigger’ process today, by asking its MPs to indicate by 8 July whether they wish to stand again, as Labour continues to prepare for the general election that could be called any time from this summer.

An email sent to all MPs today states:

The party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) July meeting will take place shortly afterward, so it is likely that the 8 July deadline is to allow NEC members to agree a timetable for constituency parties (CLPs) to decide whether they wish to hold a selection process or retain incumbents unchallenged.

Under Labour’s new rules agreed last September, only one in three of a CLP’s member branches (or affiliate branches separately) needs to vote for a selection process for it to be ‘triggered’. Incumbent MPs who wish to continue to stand will automatically be included in the final shortlist of candidates for members to vote on, on an OMOV (one member, one vote) basis.

A Labour Party spokesperson said:

Ahead of a possible general election, Labour will begin a reselection process of MPs. We are preparing for a general election, whenever it comes.

Under longstanding Labour Party rules, reselection processes are held within every Labour-held constituency in between each general election. The process isn’t new.”

A definitive guide to the process for members can be found here.


Labour members who wish to change their MP should start organising now – as should those who wish to keep their current MP, as both left and right of the party will no doubt be working to increase their representation and remove candidates they consider unsatisfactory.

The ‘mainstream’ media will, of course, be doing everything they can to cast the process as disunity and in-fighting. Labour members and supporters should make sure that this process is seen for what it is: an expression of the democracy and member-empowerment that makes Labour the force it now is.

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    1. YEP, a BIG issue. One of our very best Labour MPs could well be ruled out as a candidate for his own seat because of a media/Labour Right blatant stitch up. The NEC and its disciplinary processes needs to get that baseless smear-based suspension investigated and discounted without delay. Or how many more of the actually rather worryingly small band of solid Jeremy-supporting socialist MPs in the PLP will also be similarly nobbled by sundry smears in the next month or so ?

      1. Absolute must that Chris Williamson is re-instated. NEC must not over react to fake smears intended to thwart this democratic initiative.

      2. By comparison last year the government admitted torture of people-of-colour had gone on under the Blair regime – something that was expanded on by the Parliamentary Securities committee. Surely any former minster with ‘Collective Cabinet Responsibility’ for this should be deselected. One of the victims of Margaret Hodge et al – Fatimah Bouchar – was pregnant when she was kidnapped for rendition. This goes way beyond any of the unsubstantiated A-S accusations but sadly victims of colour are treated less seriously.

    1. This is specifically for CLPs with a Labour MP, but if CLPs without one haven’t already selected their candidate they’ll be able to do so.

  1. It is an honour to represent working people as a Labour MP and I would argue we need decent socialists who will back JC to the hilt!
    Existing Labour MPs do not have a job for life and if they wish to stand again should be prepared to put their political record up against new potential genuine socialist stars.
    I would encourage left wing democratic socialists to vote for left wing democratic socialists.

  2. ANd Skwawkbox is sooo right , the MSM bullshit has already started , over on the Graun headlines ” Contentious new rules means party’s MPs must navigate trigger-ballot process”
    Fuck off Graun theres nothing contentious on this democratic process decided by US the membership , fucking arse wipe of a rag ! Makes me boiling mad .
    Apologies for the rant .

    If those MPs are good enough they will win their opportunity to represent the constituency , if not then someone better will win , simple .

  3. Off topic

    Earlier today on Politics Live on BBC2 Jo Coburn was excitedly promising an announcement tomorrow by the Labour party indicating a shift towards an official Remain position on Brexit.

    So expect massive disappointment and cries of fudging when it doesn’t happen!

    1. Well, we already have the Shadow Chancellor’s speech to contend with, namely he wishes to stop Brexit at any cost, that’s before we look at the straight jacket he wishes to impose on himself as far as fiscal and monetary policy go, far from challenging the prevailing socioeconomic model that’s caused great harm these past 40 years, it seems he happy to live within its framework. I won’t even start on why its counterproductive to keep harking on about growth, given perpetual growth ain’t possible, as our degrading ecology is testifying for.

      Still, lets just go down the same economic path we’ve followed for 40 years, remain part of the EU and witness the death throes of our ecosystem, I mean, its not as if any of us should care, or even dare to challenge such recklessness.

      1. Completely off subject but – The ONS have highlighted some worrying trends in your neck of the woods.
        The relationship between suicide and deprivation in Wales
        As with many causes of death, in Wales rates of suicide are higher in the most deprived local areas when compared to the least deprived local areas. Since 2010 to 2012, rate of suicide has always been statistically higher in the most deprived local areas of Wales compared to the least deprived areas, with the suicide rate for the most deprived areas (15.4 deaths per 100,000) being nearly double that in the least deprived areas (8.6 deaths per 100,000 people) for the latest period.

  4. Its usually TWatson making the announcements on policy Does Coburn realise how important a man mr Watson is. ,so he’s telling everyone.?

    1. Maybe Coburn has aspirations of challenging TWatson in a Deputy Leadership contest, one that would be as ghastly as watching the Tory Leadership non-Contest.

  5. 172 MPs were involved in the chicken coup and not one of the can be entirely trusted! Members must take this in to consideration when considering wether to be deselect them.

  6. And when an MP turns rogue, what powers do we have to get rid of them
    For most of us it’s a long walk off a short plank
    If Labour are largest party after next GE, then need to deal with cockwombles

  7. Lets hope J Phillips, orrible Mann, Wes Screeching, Hoey, Smeeth and all the other tory plants don’t open their mail for a few weeks

  8. “Under longstanding Labour Party rules, reselection processes are held within every Labour-held constituency in between each general election. The process isn’t new.”

    Well – apart from some change in the mechanism, it isn’t new.

    So – worth remembering that a lot of constituencies have their MPs *despite* a reselection process.

  9. Let me get this right. The trigger process starts now but could take quite a while to follow through. In the meantime, a no-confidence motion could be brought forward. Is it possible that any mp’s voting for the Tories could upset their local constituencies to such an extent that they may be deselected. Is this a good way to persuade some mp’s to get on board and make sure the blues get kicked out.

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