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Hoey to stand down at next election

Vauxhall MP has declined to stand for re-election
Kate Hoey

Labour MP Kate Hoey has announced that she does not wish to stand for election again. The Vauxhall MP, who has been a prominent supporter of Brexit, tweeted the news this afternoon, along with a copy of her notification to the Labour Party:

Labour’s deadline for MPs to indicate their intentions, under the ‘trigger’ process begun last month, expires today.

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  1. A wise decision from a long standing but increasingly controversial member of the PLP. It’s time for some new blood that is more in-touch with the current membership.

  2. I’m afraid someone who takes to the water with Faridge (the man now famous only for showing his arse to the European Parliament and organising to become our US ambassador) rather undermines any internationalist credentials. However her voting record generally is far more honourable than many Labour MPs. When one reads this it’s a litany of shame of the anti-socialist and retrogressive measures which Labour MPs have supported:

    1. “I’m afraid someone who takes to the water with Faridge rather undermines any … [other] … credentials.”

      Precisely. There are limits to acceptable behaviour, even interpreted fairly generously.

  3. I was always puzzled why she joined the Labour party.She could have shown the way for working class protestants in Northern dump the support for the bigoted right wing Ulster unionist party,but if anything she became even more of a pronounced bigot and would have been more at home in the DUP… Shame really another missed oportunity in the life of a bigot.

  4. Someone said this week was going to be tough for Labour but I must say old chap at least it’s got off to a jolly good start.
    And I wrote a little ditty for Kate and her co unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable:
    ‘I had a funny dream last night.
    Foxes got control, ran the country rather well.
    But passed a law so they could hunt Tories.
    And did Kate & those Tories run like hell!’

  5. I was hoping for a splash of Angela Eagle’s rare courage.

    But after she emailed her dwindling bunch of supporters last week, carefully omitting every one of the thousand+ left wingers, the penny dropped…

    … it wasn’t to be.

  6. Apologise again for my spelling commers and punctuation.I am an old man but I can still learn a trick or two from you experienced bloggers.

  7. A decent enough Labour MP in her day but sadly towards the end she made the mistake of keeping the worst sort of company. The “ends” never justfies the “means” Kate. You should have known that so its best you go while the rest of your reputation remains intact

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