Embarrassment for right as Streatham celebrates Umunna departure and elects left exec

CLP responds to Umunna quitting by electing left-wing candidates to run the local party – with some embarrassing results for right-wing figures
Seismic shock for the Labour right in Streatham

Streatham constituency Labour party’s (CLP) annual general meeting last night was a triumph for the party’s left, with all but one of the key ‘executive committee’ roles won by the left slate.

It was also an embarrassing night for certain notable figures from the right of the party.

Among the losing candidates were Matt Pound – who works for right-wing pressure group Labour First as an organiser responsible for preventing left wins – and Marianna Masters, a frequent name on right-wing slates for Labour’s National Executive Committee.

A Streatham member told the SKWAWKBOX:

It was a triumph for democracy. We beat the odds against the full resources of Labour First and a raft of Progress heavyweights. This was one of the last big bastions of Blairite power so this will send shockwaves through the organised right Establishment.

We’ve been organised for years, but the big difference was the move to all-member meetings, as the right couldn’t lock out grassroots democratic forces in the way they always had before.

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SKWAWKBOX comment:

Right-wing members in Streatham tried to prevent the switch to all-member meetings in January by threatening that then-Labour MP Chuka Umunna would “leave Labour and start his own party” if it went through. The threat – which Umunna failed to deny at the time – turned out to be accurate, but not much of a threat as the change was voted through anyway.

Now Labour’s grassroots in Streatham is preparing the party to move on – and for the fight to select a good left candidate to replace Umunna in Parliament in the next election.

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  1. TIG have applied to be a political party “in order to stand in any future European election” under the name “Change UK – The Independent Group.”
    Their very own personal EU career backstops?

  2. TIG are v eager to fight the European elections to secure salaries and a platform as they appreciate they would be very lucky to secure backing in a General Election.

  3. This was on the cards ever since the CLP supported All member meetings. Chuka saw this coming which is why he resigned and joined the Funny Tingers. If he had remained he would almost certainly been deselected.

    1. In Ealing Southall there aren’t members only decisions but wee stitches up by a few who are very careful to keep their meetings secret. It’s a pity as the sitting Labour MP, V Sharma has gone a bit OTT and says racism was the cause of his 71-15 defeat by a CLC Committee, where 8 members are white, chiefly, he says from Muslims and Sikhs who apparently don’t like the fact he’s Hindu. Nothing like a bit of Sectarianism to distract attention from your own failings Mr S! People objected to him because of his reknowned laziness, his voting with the Tories over Heathrow expansion as well as his disdain for Corbyn and not wanting a GE. He’s more Tory than Labour and in a constituency that has one of the biggest Labour majorities in the country that seems very strange. Do we need racial tensions raising in West London? Sharma is very short sighted to run this sort of campaign but at the moment it’s not clear how the voters can get rid of him.

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