Akehurst’s delight: Labour First and its fundraising boast busted

The SKWAWKBOX covered last week Labour First’s (or ‘Labour Friends of Akehurst’, as someone – sadly can’t recall who – brilliantly called them) appointment of the delightful Matt Pound to be their anti-Momentum-auntie.

LF had boasted in an email to supporters that they were within £3,000 of their £40k fundraising target to cover Mr Pound’s salary, from ‘over 450!’ donations). However, the situation looks a little murkier than that claim would indicate.


As a nifty bit of work by the brilliantly-named Prole-Star blog discovered, the distance to their target as of 2pm today – days after their email boast – appears to be a bit bigger than £3k.

About £20k bigger:


As the Prole-Star points out, the problem may be even bigger, as some crowdfunding sites don’t pay out at all unless you reach your target in full.

For the rest of the details, read the excellent Prole-Star article. As for Mr Pound, it’s this blog’s opinion that he should be asking for a pay-rise if his job involves working full-time with Mr Akehurst and his Labour Friends, but as the former employee of two of Labour’s worst MPs he’s presumably used to the stagnant smell of waters that go nowhere.

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