Change UK spends £1000s on ads to remain – in the UK

Five ads put out with same mistake

The SKWAWKBOX was the first publication to highlight Change UK’s (CUK) huge spending on Facebook and Twitter advertising – and the banning of some of its ads by Twitter for breaching online standards.

Hilariously, it has now emerged that thousands of that spending went on five Facebook ads telling potential voters to support the party in order to remain – in the UK.

The five ads, all targeted at London voters, were revealed by the ‘i’ online to have cost a minimum of £1,300, but the spending could have been as high as £3,495.

In spite of its heavy spending, polling suggests that the party will not win any European Parliament seats.

This issue is not CUK’s first Facebook mishap. Its inaugural Facebook Live broadcast went out sideways.


Rumours that CUK is planning to change its name to ‘Change EU’ or hopes to merge with the SNP are not in circulation but would be entirely understandable.

The entire ‘TIG/CUK’ misadventure has been an astonishing embarrassment.

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  1. They probably got confused and thought the TV rerun of the 1949 Ealing comedy ” Passport to Pimlico” was a documentary ! I really did LOL!

  2. “Mike! Chris! Have you finished that Tweet yet? We have to get it sent before Twitter closes for the night!”
    Nearly done, Boss.
    “Checked for spelling? We can’t afford any more mistakes.”
    Yes. Boss, we’re finished.
    “Well, send it then! There’s no time to lose!”

    1. David

      You should’ve ended that with “Now has anyone got a stamp?” 😆

  3. Unless of course CUK know of a plot to remove Londinium for the rest of the UK, seeing as all their ads were all targeted at london voters…

    (Tbh, london may as well be another planet, rather than another country)

    1. Then a planet I would like to live on. 2017 election result for London Labour 54% Tories 31%. United we stand,divided we fall.

      1. ”Then a planet I would like to live on”

        Really, Jim?


        ‘As someone who lives in a London borough numbered among the poorest in the country I am sad to read the comments in the article by Rachael’

        For context, Rachael tweeted:

        ‘As a pragmatic Remainer, I fucking cringe every time I see or hear mega-rich Liberal Londonistas telling us a 2nd referendum will solve all of our problems. ‘

        So Jim, it could well be the case that your 54% labour in London could well be split by the EU schism. And don’t forget 3 london constituencies are held by them pro remain weirdos of cuk…Ok, they might (probably) not win any seats but in a london-only election they could well take a significant bite out of that 54%…

  4. Sorry to intrude and piss on the pansies of self-righteousness. But who now gives a flying f. about Change UK?

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