Labour’s Euro Parliament selections – Scotland and English regions

The SKWAWKBOX earlier revealed Labour’s candidate lists for London and the West Midlands in next month’s European Parliament elections.

The lists for the other English regions are shown below. Incumbent candidates who wish to contest the election are automatically given the top slots, so new candidates are shown below with numbers starting at the first position after relevant incumbents.

The elections will be run on a proportional representation basis, so candidates higher in each list have a better chance of a seat:


2 Chris Vince
3 Sharon Taylor
4 Alvin Shum
5 Anna Smith
6 Adam Scott
7 Javeria Hussain

North West

4 Erica Lewis
5 David Brennan
6 Claire Cozler
7 Saf Ismail
8 Yvonne Tennant


2 Jayne Baxter
3 Craig Miller
4 Amy Lee Fraioli
5 Callum O’Dwyer
6 Angela Bretherton

East Midlands

2 Leonie Mathers
3 Tony Tinley
4 Nicolle Ndiweni
5 Gary Godden

North East

3 Clare Penny- Evans

South West

2 Andrew Adonis
3 Jayne Kirkham
4 Neil Guild
5 Yvonne Atkinson
6 Sadik Al Hassan

Welsh selections are far more problematic and will be addressed in a separate article.

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  1. Awful to fall into divisive talk I know. But I would like to know do they support Jeremy Corbyn and are they remain or leave . I bet my last fiver everyone will say they want reform which will be a porky

      1. And,that, Danny – is self-serving, total bollocks.

        I think the claim that the Lexit position by definition backs right-wing neioliberalism is a far more justifiable claim.

      2. And that, Danny, is utter bollocks.

        It is far more sustainable to claim that Leavers surreptitiously support extrreme right-wing, neoliberal deregulation. That has a factual base.

      3. Danny’s entirely correct, but: ‘It’s all self-serving, total bollocks’ RH says – And yet rh goes totally against the age-old adage of: ‘Clean up your own affairs before you try & clean up anyone else’s.’

        The EU has just as many (if not, then a myriad more) self-serving shitehawks as the UK government. It’s naught but another layer of shitty corruption taking it’s slice before the ordinary joe get what’s his.

        The only ones willing to reform the EU are the shysters already there – and even then they’ll only ‘reform’ for their own purposes.

        So, in your infinite wisdom, rh, please enlighten us as to who are the ‘self-serving’ , hmmm? The evidence doesn’t point Danny, or myself…

  2. This is a time when I heartily endorse the ‘Vote none of the above’ mantra.

    Futile exercise and a total waste of public monies; serving no other purpose than to license another few snouts in the trough for zero dividend.

    1. TBH Toffee I,ve come to the same conclusion ,bloody awful situation that the NEC and Party apparatus appears to be forcing people into. As with the Welsh Labour choices it’s very concerning to see how many right wingers are coming through rather than proper left wingers .
      It makes me wonder if we ever get the chance of mandatory reselection that it will be somehow frustrated by the choices being limited to just right winger MPs never mind these MEPs.
      Despite JC,s best efforts it appears that the party is still not democratized yet.

      1. The simple question that will leave you in no doubt what they’re about is to ask them just what good do they think they’ll do in the limited time they’ll be in Brussels?**

        Those that say anything other than ‘Nothing much’ or ‘No good whatsoever’ are the ones that aren’t worth a balloon.

        …So that’s the bleedin’ lot of them, in essence.

        **For the ‘incumbents’ the question’ll be: ‘What good have you done in your last term in Brussels; and if you think you’ve done any good why does the UK want out?”

  3. Who are the people in number 1 positions? Why does it start at 2? Some unknown geniusses in No.1 positions?

  4. Who are these people; who proposed them; who & what do they represent; why are they in politics & what are their personal beliefs……….& are they Socialists…………….& do they support Jeremy Corbyn? Have I forgotten anything?

  5. “Have I forgotten anything?”

    Yes – the fundamental nature of the Labour Party as a serious political coalition with a broad base – aiming at power.

    1. “Broad base.” “Aiming at power.”
      That’s Blairspeak for “Labour has to be 80% Tory to win an election.”

      Nice finally to know where you stand.

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