Former MP Clark placed higher than Momentum’s Parker as Labour’s London Euro slots announced

Momentum founder reported last week to be pressing for prime slot on Labour’s list of Euro election candidates for employee Laura Parker. She has been listed in 4th position
Former Labour MP Katy Clark received the best available list position

Last week, the SKWAWKBOX reported that Momentum founder Jon Lansman was pushing for a prime position for Momentum’s national coordinator Laura Parker in Labour’s list of candidates for May’s European Parliament elections.

The election is run on a proportional representation basis, so candidates higher up each party’s list have the best chance of a Brussels seat and the NEC had decided that any incumbent MEPs who wish to restand will automatically take the top positions.

Labour’s list for London has now been announced. The NEC has announced its London list as:

  1. Claude Moraes (incumbent)
  2. Seb Dance (incumbent)
  3. Katy Clark
  4. Laura Parker

Labour won four places in the last election, but a strong protest vote by Brexit supporters could deprive Parker of a seat. Katy Clark, third on the list, is the former Labour MP entrusted by Corbyn and the NEC with Labour’s recent ‘democracy review’.

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  1. Hmm. Well the Democracy Review’s only significant achievement was in taking the wind out of the then growing reselection storm, so is being placed 3rd for an election previously thought to be more show than content and now a total irrelevance UKIP is expected to grab but will only matter for a short time any way – probably – supposed to be some kind of consolation prize for wasting her time on a PR exercise?

  2. Ok so which one is the Left wing Corbyn supporting non Blairite ( that’ll exclude the two incumbents probably) candidate .

  3. Who is flavour of the month isn’t really the point; the jockeying for elected position is hardly a new phenomenon. I have no direct knowledge of any of the individuals.

    The real issue is how the list is arrived at. When I see “The NEC has announced *its* London list”, I twitch.

    1. That, in essence, is what I am asking for ( not really about flavour of the month ) . from those who may possibly know , like you RH I have no knowledge of the candidates and hence the request for info out on this blog

      1. Their time in Europe might be short but still plenty of troughing can still be done. The secret is to have a nasal inhaler, keeps the pipes clean for the important snuffling to come. Don’t panic. They might burst and nobody will even notice.

      1. ” the only way to challenge the status quo and stand up for socialism is to oppose the EU.” A

        As for all members of the Labour Party, opinion is free.

        … but yours is a small minority view – and your own definition of ‘socialism’ that is not accepted by the majority.

  4. Seb Dance in 2016 … ‘We need a new leader and Owen Smith has shown himself to not only be capable and effective, but – crucially – collegiate. He has shown that he understands the consequences of Brexit but also the need to act quickly and decisively to communicate the risks and challenges to Labour’s heartlands.’

    Just fyi

    1. Excellent thanks syzy…
      Clears things a little knowing that stance by Mr Dance

  5. As far as I remember those Labour MEPs who came top last time are automatically re selected top of the pile which is a disgraceful democratic deficit, members should democratically chose the candidates
    in the order of highest votes received – this is not Bourgeois Socialist China or N.Korea!
    But then again in my humble opinion THESE BLOODY STUPID ELECTIONS SHOULD NOT TAKE PLACE!


    ‘Nuff said.Leavers hate the plebs having a chance to express an opinion.

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