Adonis to suspend peerage for Euro seat

Peer Andrew Adonis listed for south-west Labour region in European Parliament elections – but will have to suspend his peerage if successful
Andrew Adonis

Europhile Andrew Adonis has been included on Labour’s south-west regional list of candidates in next month’s European Parliament elections – but parliamentary rules prohibit him from remaining as a peer while he serves as an elected member.

Adonis told the SKWAWKBOX:

I am so excited to be fighting for Labour in the South West in these elections. It is absolutely vital that we win and show that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party is the only alternative to a ruinous hard Tory Brexit. If I win I will immediately suspend my membership of the House of Lords in line with the rules and recent precedent.

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    1. Please put your brain into gear, campaigning against the Labour Party isn’t going to help get Labour into office.

      1. Best thing to help get Labour into office is not to have Lord Adonis but to RESPECT THE REFERENDUM RESULT as per the Labour Party manifesto.

        Down with pro-privatisation, pro-concentration camp, racist EU!

      2. I expect you’ve read the European Socialist Group manifesto, that Labour signed up to a while back? No? Perhaps you should ?

      3. Yeah but who’s arsed about europe? We’re out of it soon.

        So why give that bulbous-nosed spanner another bumper paypacket and pension ffs? £300 per day not enough for him?

        He’s aleady bollocksed the economy with his HS2 train set.

      4. No one gives a toss about EU elections except the greasy candidates booking their ride on the gravy train.

    2. Toss pots like Adonis got us where we are today.

      This is the chap who started off tuition fees and then got on his soap box that they were wrong.

      Labour MEP list is rammed with remainer types. No thanks!

      1. I couldn’t give a flying f. about Adonis; to me he was particularly the originator of the disastrous academy idea. And I don’t rate his idea of ‘suspending’ a peerage ; he should simply renounce it.

        But all this ranting nonsense doesn’t say anything about the EU issue – except that, as we know, Brexiteers live in a world of non-argument where a repetitive rant passes as a point of view.

        “Labour MEP list is rammed with remainer types.”

        … as it should be, given the overwhelming nature of the views of Party members and voters. That’s representation.

  1. Should have to give up the title to contend.

    Vote for Farage is the way forward.

    1) Remainiacs such as Adonis fail to get elected.

    2) Tories implode over Farage.

    Tin foil hat dream time…

    3) Corbyn wins GE shortly after, and nationalises as much as possible.

    1. This just shows how close some so called socialists are to right wing groupings. If you are representing this point of view and persuade others to act likewise, then you will help establish ultra right wing groups in position of power. And that is really scary!

      1. Indeed, Sabine. Ever since Stalin got into bed with Hitler and we had the ‘Cultural Revolution’, Pol Pot’s ‘socialism’ and North Korea etc., the ‘left/right’ dimension has been inadequate in describing the spectrum of political views – which tend to circularity in terms of the totalitarian dimension.

        Which is why some have adopted a two-dimensional model of politics, with one dimension being a libertarian/totalitarian axis as well as a traditional left/right description.

    2. @SEF

      Explain to me the difference between someone like Adonis, and someone like Farage…

      Because I see no difference. Both are right wing, both are out for themselves. The only difference is that Farage will stop people like Adonis (remainers…) and implode the Tories.

      If Labour wasn’t infested with right wing skid marks, I’d be far more enthusiastic about giving them my vote.

      I didn’t lose Labour, they lost me. They’ve made their choice, they’ve chosen remain (to be fair, plumping for either side isn’t going to pan out well). They could have been honest, and appealed to both sides. However, honesty doesn’t exist in Westminster, does it?

  2. I’m in the South West and I don’t think I can bring myself to vote for Adonis. Nowadays he’s known for being a pro-EU cheerleader against Brexit, but I remember him being wheeled out to blame the unions for any industrial dispute under Blair.

    1. Vote Labour. If you have to vote for Adonis in your regional list then hold your nose and just do it. Its more important that the support for Labour in the UK is shown in this election. Whether people like it or not, this is a referendum on the exit options. Back Labour. The lists are regional and PR, not FPTP, and the likelihood of anyone who isn’t already and MEP being returned is slight.

      1. I held my nose and voted Labour when the aggressively anti-Corbyn Michael Foster was my parliamentary candidate. Never again.

    2. Precisely Dave. Don’t shaft yourself with false hope again.

      Shaft the upper echelons and choose someone else.

      I’m not enthusiastic about backing Farage, but like Galway said, it’s the best way to stop Bliar types AND send the Tories into meltdown.

  3. when he’s not trying to attack corbyn, he’s happy to have labour support…. fuck him off

    1. To be fair to him (if we must, and I’m reluctant to) he does reference JC positively in his statement. Prodigal son? Let’s hope so.
      (Slopes off muttering to himself about false optimism)

  4. Must be reassuring that ‘Adonis’ (love the name), is in sync with all you Remainers & will renounce his peerage like a true socialist…..I’m sorry I’ll read that again……will suspend his peerage so he can return to his cosy nest egg. That’s Blairism for you!

  5. The twats a Blairite to the core , rather spoil the voting slip than vote for him.
    IMO its the only way open to the membership to show they will no longer tolerate being dictated to as to who represents them from on high by the NEC.
    We were denied the opportunity for Mandatory reselection at the last year’s conference thus this is the only way forward.

    1. I think the clue lies in the definition of ‘suspend’

      temporarily prevent from continuing or being in force or effect.

  6. He should have to renounce his peerage if he wants to stand. It is unethical to have both privileges of being an MEP and a Lord when no longer an MEP. The Lords needs changing.

  7. No fan of Adonis – ex SDP, ex LibDem makes him questionable to any leftie – but I don’t think there’s time for a long selection process, especially if they’re mostly untried candidates.
    No guarantees but I think the right thing to do is to try as hard to win as we would if Brexit hadn’t happened.
    Not trying looks weak and if nothing else we might learn where we need to improve our election readiness.

    1. We should be treating both the LA and EU elections as part of the campaign for building up momentum to win a substantial majority at the next GE.
      Success really does breed success and it should not be underestimated the electoral advantage that success gives.

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