Orthodox Jewish union issues letter of strong support for Diane Abbott

UOHC’s formal letter thanks Abbott for the ‘time and trouble’ she ‘generously’ takes to help

In what appears to be an unprecedented move, the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations [UOHC] has issued a strongly-worded statement of support for Shadow Home Secretary and Hackney North & Stoke Newington Labour MP Diane Abbott.

Founded in the 1920s and with its headquarters in Hackney, the UOHC is the umbrella body representing the interests of strictly orthodox [“charedi”] Jews in the UK.

In a letter to Ms Abbott the UOHC Rabbinate refutes suggestions that she has not “wholeheartedly” opposed antisemitism:

We are aware that you often spend much time and trouble to assist constituents and others with their personal and other problems, and that the ethnicity and religion etc., of those that you assist makes not an iota of difference to the assistance that you generously provide.  We hope and trust that you will continue your battle against racism, and your other endeavours for the general population of this country for many years.

Welcoming and commenting on the letter Shraga Stern, a leading activist in Hackney’s charedi community, recalled that when Jeremy Corbyn signed an Early Day Motion in 2010 calling on the British government to help in the resettlement of Yemeni Jews, Ms Abbott had “without hesitation” added her support to the motion.

Stern continued:

While it is sad that the UOHC letter had to be written at all, I am delighted at this instance of public Jewish support for Ms Abbott, whom I regard as a true friend of the Jewish people.

The letter follows attacks on Abbott for not intervening when her constituency party passed a motion denying Labour is ‘institutionally antisemitic’, with some Jewish members reportedly leaving the meeting in tears. Most media have failed to report that the motion itself was brought – and supported – by Jewish members of the party. The criticisms have also displayed ignorance or cynicism – because under Labour’s rules, MPs have no authority to ‘intervene’ and prevent a motion from being discussed or balloted.

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  1. Lets see how long we have to wait for this letter to be published by the MSM.

    1. On what is perhaps a connected point, the Guardian has managed to cover the whole of Jackie Walker’s hounding, from suspension to expulsion without ever mentioning that she is Jewish.

  2. Diane Abbott is a fantastic MP. She spends a lot of her time helping her constituents to sort out their problems. This is one of the many reasons why her constituents love her.

  3. Skwawkbox has of course drawn attention to the fact that over the years Jeremy has signed many EDMs relating to the Jewish community, both in the UK and in other countries, but I don’t recall having heard about any of those who appear to have suddenly become concerned about anti-semitism during the course of the past three-and-a-half years signing any of them. Very odd that!

  4. It is to their eternal shame that the Jewish Community who support Labour are never mentioned by MSM
    Never mind have both sides of the community debate the issue of AS, JLM and others refuse to share a platform with JVL
    Good news is its patently transparent to anyone with a smart phone and Google
    Now why is there no debate on Jackie Walker decision,
    methinks certain parties are going into shut down mode in the lead up to GE
    Attack is best form of defence and get your retaliation in first,
    JLM took about 5 seconds to say ‘to little to late’
    Safest country in Europe for the Jewish community thanks to JC and Labour movement
    0.0023% members kicked out of 550,000 = 17 least Anti Semitic party this side of the Rio Grande and the other side
    From Cable Street to Downing Street

    1. Interesting point about ‘shut down mode’ Doug.
      I think that it’s a sign of how worried the JLM/BoD side of the community are that any time that the other side of the debate gets any sort of publicity, the JLM/BoD et al side goes into attack mode – ‘they didn’t actually sign that’; ‘they’ve been misled’; ‘They’re (as per David Baddiel’s sarcastic quote) the wrong sort of jews’; ‘there aren’t as many of them as of us’; ‘they’re self hating’
      And even (and quite appallingly) in Jackie Walker’s case ‘They’re not really jewish’
      Deep fears of being found out as not really representing the ‘Jewish Community’ but only a particular part of it.
      …..and it’s a sign of the times that I’ve had to ponder over the wording of this short post, wondering whether it could be quoted out of context by those who pore over all the posts in social media.

      1. Your final comment is interesting, Simon. It’s worth thinking about guarding against intemperate comments that could be genuinely misintrepreted. But bending over backwards to placate the Lobby hasn’t done the Party much good. By definition the implacable and dishonest can’t be placated.

        Let’s face it, apologists for what is happeniing in Palestine – ethnic cleansing and the supremacy of an apartheid state aren’t on the same side as rational decency.

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