‘FibDems’ – LibDems caught making false criminal allegations in campaign leaflet

LibDems in Labour-dominated Liverpool tell residents police are investigating fraud allegations against Labour councillors. Police say they’ve had no such complaints – and a string of complaints about LibDem behaviour follows as they try to justify their leaflet

A major row has broken out in Liverpool between Labour supporters and LibDem councillors, after a LibDem leaflet making false allegations was circulated to residents.

The leaflet claims that police are investigating fraud allegations against Labour councillors – and not only that, but that they are considering prosecutions.

However, there appears to be no truth at all to the claim, as local Walton CLP (constituency Labour party) pointed out after speaking to the police:

When leader of the LibDem group on the council attempted to defend the claims with a topping of further smears, Walton’s response highlighted a list of unsavoury behaviour by the people spreading the claims together with the LibDem councillor:

The online behaviour included use of appalling racist language – and ‘spurious’ allegations against a local ‘Community Interest Company’, leading to the publishing of a woman’s address so others could ‘lash them out’:

Walton went on to highlight a social media post by one of those making the false allegations that threatened ‘war’ in a council ward – and a complaint letter from an elderly volunteer alleging that the LibDem councillor named in the leaflet had given the resident’s address to her associate, leading to ‘threatening late-night visits’:

Cllr Davies – at the time a Labour councillor – resigned from the Labour Party before the party’s investigation was completed, evidently to be welcomed with open arms by the LibDems:

Walton’s thread concluded with a correct welcome for scrutiny of elected representatives:

Merseyside Police confirmed to the SKWAWKBOX that it conducted an investigation into December 2018 allegations relating to ‘online payments’, but that no criminal offence had been committed.

However, ‘online payments’ do not seem to relate to the LibDems’ claims in the leaflet regarding ‘grant applications’ – and there is certainly nothing to justify the leaflet’s claim of “Now that the police [are] considering prosecutions“.

The SKWAWKBOX contacted Cllr Davies about Walton CLP’s allegations. In response, she referred to the concluded police investigation and claimed that Liverpool City Council had “made sweeping changes in the way that they give grants through Ward funding mechanisms in response to the evidence that I gave them about abuses in North Liverpool“.

Cllr Davies was then asked what evidence she had that any changes were ‘in response’ to her allegations, why the police investigation appeared to be about matters unrelated to the accusations made in the LibDem leaflet – and why the leaflet claimed police are ‘considering prosecutions’ when this is not the case and by her own admission Merseyside Police had not told her this. She did not respond by the time of publication.

Cllr Kemp had not responded to a request for comment by the time of publication.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Responses to the Walton thread included references to the “FibDems”. The SKWAWKBOX has been unable to find anything in relation to the leaflet’s claims to contradict that assessment.

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  1. Some suggest some Lib Dems can be a nasty piece of work?
    Fake community politics, bombarding communities with leaflets claiming credit for everything under the sun; in effect conning people into thinking they work hard for the community?
    Yet of course with the Tories they are the co-authors of Austerity, giving tax cuts for millionaires and big business corporations THEM but Austerity for working people US!
    With the Tories the Lib Dems also changed local govt funding so instead of councils getting money based on NEED and population size they made it on population size only resulting in Northern Labour Councils losing £6.9b and Tory Southern Councils gaining £3.5b!
    The Lib Dimwits also voted with the Tories in Coalition to give tax cuts of £145n to Hedge Funds and Hedge Funds donated £50m to the Tories!
    In Coalition the Lib Dems with the Tories also voted to get rid of migration adjustment funds for Councils which contributed to some having negative feelings re the EC.
    The Lib Dem fingerprints are all over the new Housing and Planning Bill which some call ‘A Developers Charter’ and some argue took democratic powers away from councils and a say for local people but in localities the Lib Dems blame Labour Councils re Planning – the recipients of their joint policies!
    I never know if they are just politically ignorant or are just political opportunists?
    They claim to be hot on litter but perhaps the Tory 2ndXI rubbish need to be in the dustbin of history?
    I sometimes pass them when they are having their meetings, it’s held in one of the few remaining old telephone boxes where I live!
    I remember a student protest years ago re the Tory/Lib Dem Tuition Fee increases and were some of the funniest posters I’ve seen such as ‘Lib Demo Twats!’

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