Video: 2,000+ young people on Brighton climate march sing ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’

A mass march of young people engaged in a ‘climate strike’ in Brighton have brought the town centre to a halt to raise awareness of the vital issue of climate change – and made it clear who is their political hero

A large march by young people in Brighton suggests that the media’s constant smears and attacks on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn are proving ineffective in reducing the overwhelming support he enjoys among younger voters.

A video posted to Twitter by writer Callum Cant shows a lively march loudly singing the ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ chant made famous during the 2017 general election campaign:

A ringtone featuring the very first instance of the chant can be downloaded for free here and the Stormzy Glastonbury version here.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Just as in pre-general election 2017, the media onslaught against Corbyn now is continuous. And as in post-general election 2017, the enthusiasm of these young people suggests the media have not learned many lessons.

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  1. There in broad daylight the mortal peril of the Tory Party is laid bare for all to see. As their voter base – already old – ages and departs, there will be no replacements.

    Their future hangs by the thinnest of threads that gets thinner daily.

    1. I agree. However, not all people over a certain age vote Tory. Many of us are left wing and always have been.

      We will be right there, alongside the young, batting for Labour and Jezza.

  2. Marvellous show of solidarity by our young people. Wonderful too that they show support for Jezza despite the “generation gap” (He will be 70 this May). Just goes to show that those who try to sow discord between younger and older people are basically….just fcuked! The true division in society is not age, not race, not gender or sexuality, it is class. The division between the many and the exploitative few. motivated by profit, who care nothing for the planet and the overwhelming majority of people who live on it.

    Hope that most of them are old enough to vote come the next GE. They could well be the key group of voters who will take Labour over the finishing line to form the next Government.

  3. Don’t suppose this got any coverage by any of the MSM? The march, that is, let alone them singing “Oh, Jeremy Corbyn”!

  4. ….so let me rain on the parade; this school strike is sinister & b4 any accusations, let me explain why. The topic of climate change is most dear to my heart, but having spent a great deal of time in schools & colleges, as a pupil; student; teacher & lecturer I dislike encouraging young people to skip school for whatever reason, albeit cheap holidays or in support of the ‘pet projects’ of their teachers. Why not march on weekends?
    I listened intensely, both to what the pupils were saying, but also how it was said. It appeared that all youngsters’ comments were carefully scripted by their teachers & repeated parrot fashion. Some dangerous ideologies promoted about how older generations have let young people down.
    The function of education is to encourage students to ask questions, not simply follow the preferred ideologies of their tutors, however laudable

  5. Brings a tear to your eye and offers hope! But then I heard about a Constituency Labour Party near me whose branch chairs had ruled out in 3 wards resolutions supporting ‘A Person Who Cannot be Named’ before the actual letter/email from the GS had actually arrived!
    Apparently one Right Wing Chair even quoted from what was yet to arrive!
    See how the Right Wing in Labour in this case usurp the power of the CLP Secretary
    and crush the democratic rights of members at particular moments in time?
    But these officers with their magical powers of reading letters/official emails before they actually arrive, I too have magic powers; I see ‘The Person Who Cannot Be Named’ as Deputy Leader or Joint Deputy Leader with a Pro-JC woman at their CLP Annual Dinner within a few years Ha! Ha!
    Solidarity with the young, they give us hope, and solidarity with diverse citizens here and in every country of the World too. X

  6. Oh and in solidarity with the young have adapted a song by ELO:
    ‘Hold on tight to your dreams.
    Oh Jeremy Corbyn !
    Hold on tight to your dreams.
    Oh Jeremy Corbyn!
    When you need a shoulder to cry on.
    When you need someone to rely on.
    Holc on tight to your dreams,
    Oh Jeremy Corbyn!
    Next verse French and ‘Oui Jeremy Corbyn!’ Ha! Ha!
    All together now!

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